Progress Pictures

4 Months back on Keto Diet. I am seeing a reduction in inches even if my tape measure is not seeing. I think measuring yourself just isn't accurate either. Plus a lot of inflammation and bloat is gone and these areas I do not measure with measuring tape.

3 Month Comparison. See a big difference from 2-25 to 4-25 as in less bloat and smaller hips.
Keep Ketoing On!!

12 Weeks on Keto Diet - I don't see too much difference from previous month, but not gaining and less inflammation each day!!

8 Weeks back on Keto Diet

One Month Progress of staying around 20 grams of carbs per day and within my calorie range.
Stomach bloat is less and more defined waist line.

4 Weeks back on Keto Diet

May 25, 2016 Progress Pictures
(I have a lot of work to do to get back to where I was in Sep of 2015. And then I have to surpass that, but I will keep doing the work. Sad thing is that in the first picture I am wearing a waist trainer so I have a long ways to go still.)

Sep 13, 2015 Progress Pictures

One month difference in looks since I upped my dosage to 50mcg levothyroxine

Feb 2015
The leggings are not very flattering but it is how I look when I am not wearing spanx!
This picture was taken in June of 2012. I thought I was doing a lot of exercise and eating right. When I saw this picture I just wanted to cry. I had no idea how over weight I had become. The worst part is I was biking, skiing, and hiking constantly along with 4 days a week working out to P90X. I have come to realize that in your 40s 80% of weight loss is in what you eat. My size hasn't changed much since June 2012 in fact it might even be heavier so I have to make the right adjustments to my eating.

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