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I am in my mid-forties and have struggled many years with my weight. Recently I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it has been an uphill battle to get my thyroid under control. I had a hysterectomy in my early thirties and now my hormones are so out of balance it isn't funny.

I had been at around 155-165 for most of my thirties and forties. Then in 2014 I tore my ACL and meniscus. I had surgery that June and I gained 10 pounds from the lack of activity during my rehab. Once I gained the extra 10 pounds my thyroid issue surfaced. I have since then gained an additional 10 pounds.

I am unable to do as much as I once could due to the knee surgery. Many days it just has a constant ache. I have adjusted my workouts to accommodate my knee issue.

As of mid-2015 I decided to begin blogging about my issues on this health journey I am partaking. I have considered keeping my blog private as a journal of my struggles and accomplishments. I started thinking that maybe putting out in the public realm my issues and triumphs might help someone who is going through the same things I am. Plus I thought others who have gone through these issues and have come out on the healthier end can give me advice or tell me about their own journey.

I will admit I am a vain person because as a child and young adult I was very thin. So thin that many family members thought of me as sickly. So once I began gaining weight after my last pregnancy and then my hysterectomy, it was a big knock to my vanity. I have always remained active and never let my weight keep me from enjoying life.

I am at a age that I don't care anymore what people think of my looks, but I do want to be healthy so I can enjoy a more active lifestyle. I don't ever expect to be in a bikini again in my lifetime. I don't expect not to always have my stretch marks from my pregnancies, hey they are my life scars of bringing into this world two wonderful people. I am proud of those stretch marks. I just want to be able to mountain bike with my husband and not have to walk my bike majority of the way up the mountain trail. I want to be able to hike a long hike without feeling the aches for many days later. I just want to be healthy and fit in order to enjoy many more years with my husband, children, and future grandchildren.

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