Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017 - Trying to figure it all out

It has been almost a week since my last post. I'm still trying to figure things out with the keto way of eating. I don't understand why I have had such a sweet tooth lately. I think a lot is not being consistent with taking the potassium supplement. I was watching a youtube video by Eric Berg just now that was all about potassium. I really think I have to start not only taking the supplement each day but upping my intake amount. I have been around 3900 mg per day, but I think because of the insulin resistance I need to be closer to 5000 mg per day. The recommended amount per day is 4700 mg and I would not be over doing it by no means.

So, how should I do this?

 I plan on upping my dosage by 1/2 a teaspoon per day which would have me supplementing with 2 teaspoons instead of 1.5 teaspoons. I take the Bulk Supplement Potassium Citrate and calculated out the amount per teaspoon. On top of the supplement I will begin eating spinach salads each day with half an avocado. Between the spinach and avocado this should give me around another 1000 mg.

If I go with what I have in my food tracker right now, I will hit around 5025 mg of potassium today. If I stay around this amount for awhile, I will then see if it is really making any difference.

I did notice the other day when I drank an Ultra Monster Energy drink, I slept better. I just saw a video from Dr. Berg about Vitamin B6 as being a key factor in a good night sleep. It so happens the monster drink is chopped full of B Vitamins. Now I do know eating the spinach salad each day will also give me Vitamin B6, but I now don't feel so horrible about drinking the energy drink. I do need to limit my caffeine so I cannot over do it with the energy drinks either.

As for my high functioning depression,

I have seem to have kept it at bay for the most part. There are some days when I feel it creeping back in, but I also have been outside more too and I have read where Vitamin D deficiencies can cause depression. I have been really good at taking my Vitamin D supplement and getting some much needed sunlight. I just think that the winter dark days lasted so much longer this year that the depression hit me harder than normal.

Getting in some workouts

I also will be getting in more workouts from here on out. We found a great deal on a new bike rack for our car that makes bringing my bike into work so much easier for me. I actually have it with me today and will be hitting the double tracks after work today. I set up a page to track my bike mileage for this year. I don't have many, but I hope to get a lot more. I plan (if weather is permitting) to bike 3 times a week. Plus I will be incorporating in 3 strength training workouts per week.

All I know is that things have to change in my life as in I need to eat better and exercise. No one can make the change for me but me!!

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