Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017 - Pushing through the lurking depression

This past weekend I pushed through my lurking depressive feelings and went to the movies as well as a free concert on Hill AFB. We went and watched a movie once that was over we made it back on base in time to listen to the Band Perry do a set. My anxiety was not great, but I pushed through it and my husband and I walked down to the concert area and listened for a bit.

Saturday the daughter and I did some retail therapy. I really cannot call it therapy because I really do not like trying on clothes in department stores. I pushed through some disappointed looks but did end up in a size smaller in shorts. There is a little muffin top but the size 14's would have required a belt. So I will take the muffin top for now. I am also at that in between stage on tops sizes. A large fits but looser than I would like, but the medium fits too tight. These are good things and I will accept that I am losing some inches. I am just not there yet to say I am in a medium top or a size 12 pant. But I am very close.

I decided to stop the intermittent fasting for these next 10 days. I will be drinking a couple of cups of keto coffee each morning and having a really fatty filled lunch. Today's lunch consist of an avocado, boiled egg, couple slices of cloud bread, and buttered beef broth. Dinner will be sausages and broccoli. Hopefully I do not need any snacks to get me through the day.

I had planned on waking up early and doing a workout, but since I hate early morning workouts I easily talked myself out of it. I will be cutting the grass this evening so some activity will be done. I will attempt an early morning workout again tomorrow. Hopefully I push myself out of bed and do it.

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