Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017 - half way through 30 Day Challenge

I am half way through my personal 30 day challenge. I can say that these past few days I have not really tracked anything nor updated my daily challenge page. I have remained keto except I think I have over done it with the calories. Yesterday I had no set meals. I just grazed on nuts and keto bombs. Not a wise choice but it happened. There are no more keto bombs left so I can take back control over that, but there are still nuts and I really need to check myself.

I am currently on a 24 hour fast and am at hour 15. I am sipping on some beef broth with a scoop of collagen peptides right now. I am not really feeling hungry and that is great. I would like to actually push this fast to 36 hours, but I shall see how it goes. If I stay feeling the way I do right now I believe I can do it.

I made myself an electrolyte drink this morning. I had half a teaspoon of potassium citrate, 1/4 teaspoon of Morton Lite Salt, 16 ounces of sparkling water, and 3 squirts of Stur Naturally Skinny Black Cherry water enhancement. I had that around 8 am and I really feel pretty good. I just feel that I am very potassium deficient and need to really up it for a little while. With fasting I know I will not consume enough potassium. I am hoping it curbs my sweet tooth and helps me sleep better which in turn will help my adrenals function better.

As for exercising lately, I haven't done an actual workout. I have just been doing a lot of walking. Sunday we did go to Antelope Island and bike for an hour and then hiked for an hour and half. So plenty of cardio on Sunday. Saturday we just did a lot of walking while we shopped. My plan for today is to either do some weeding or take a quick bike ride after work. It really has to do with how hot it is when I make it home. Too hot and I will be biking. Too breezy and I will be weeding.

I just want something to start working for me. I have not loss any weight these past couple of weeks. I cannot even say I have loss inches since my clothes are fitting the same. I know I am sabotaging myself and I need to stop it.

I have been reading about High-Functioning Depression. I really feel that is what I am suffering and have been suffering for years. I just have to figure it all out and hopefully by regulating my micronutrients I will begin feeling better. I do not have a physical tiredness. I have a mental one. I really have no reason to be feeling this way, but I do. I keep it from my family and friends really damn good. It is a tough mental battle everyday and I know my hormonal imbalance is to blame. I will have another of my electrolyte drinks at lunch today. I will keep a mental record on if it starts clearing up my mental depression. I saw the following saying on Pinterest today about High-Functioning Depression and it really nails how I feel each day:

Sugar Blossoms: Coming Soon, I hope. . .:

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