Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017 - Crashed and Burned

Yesterday I really crashed and burned!! Not taking my supplements for a week really caught up with me, plus not having any vegetables for a few days didn't help. My potassium and magnesium levels were so low that I was tired, cranky, and craved sweets and carbs!!

I caved. Yep, I caved. I had I don't know how many milk chocolate morsels as well as some saltine crackers last night. I will be heading to the grocery store after work today and restocking the fridge with some produce. I will be eating salads each day again. I tell ya the moment you allow your pantry and fridge to get too low is when you cave. Or at least when I cave.

I will be setting myself up for achievements these next few weeks instead of allowing myself to cave again. My plan is to really do a lot of prep work over the weekend and have easy grab and go keto friendly snacks. I will also prep enough salad fixings to get me through the next week and then go by grocery store and restock prior to running out. I really have to accept that eating this way means I must shop weekly

I will receive in my powdered potassium soon too and I think that will keep me on track too. I will post how well it works or doesn't work. I also ordered some more organic multi-vitamins. I had quit using the gummy omega-3 multis because of the 4 grams of carbs in each serving. I probably should have ordered a new omega-3 but my brain isn't working all that well right now and I forgot to.

I did not take my progress picture yesterday just because I really had no energy to even change. I flopped down on the couch and vegged out. I am feeling a little more energetic this morning, but the day has really just begun, so let's hope I stay this way. I did order more Runa Clean Energy drinks. It is a tea that is made with organic plants that give you a natural caffeine boost. They are really refreshing and not sweet.

My coffee maker broke yesterday morning. I have to hold the k cup holder down while it brews. Time to look for a new coffee maker.....

Long weekend this weekend and I am going to enjoy every minute.

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