Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 25, 2017 - Ramblings

So it is day 11 of my 30 day challenge. I have not been waking early and walking for the past 2 weeks due to weather. I have been sticking with the Intermittent Fasting. Today I am shooting for a 24 hour fast. At this moment I am at about 14 hours and man am I really having to ride the wave!! I think a lot is that I have not taken any supplements for over a week and my electrolytes are low. I ordered some powder potassium and hope to start implementing a keto friendly electrolyte drink into my daily regiment. The powder will not arrive until Saturday so I will not have it until Tuesday since I will not be in the office until then. If we are out and about in Park City over the weekend I might swing by the office and pick it up.

One way I kinda know my potassium has really plummeted is that I have had sweet cravings really bad these past couple of days. Plus I am feeling pretty weak and unmotivated. I have had no greens this week either. Plus I am very easily irritated. So I am going to push through and take all my supplements today.

Today is also the day I need to take a progress picture. I am thinking I should see some differences but won't know until I take the pictures and view them side by side. This marks 4 full months on keto. I can say I feel better when I stay on program and take my supplements!! I think incorporating the fasting will help me get to goal quicker, but if it doesn't it is still good for me. I really want to hit my goal of 135 pounds or a size 8 by Oct 31st. I just have to keep on going........

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