Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 23 ,2017 - Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

I wasn't going to track my food for the rest of the challenge but decided to put in everything I consumed yesterday during my 20 hour fast. I hit over 20 total carbs!! It is all the fluids. There are hidden carbs in everything!!

No fasting today not even a 16 hour fast. I had butter coffee this morning for breakfast. I had been skipping even creamer in my coffee but decided to do 3 meals today.

I can say the 20 hour fast was not easy yesterday. Funny thing is if I had not planned a fast and had just forgot to bring in a lunch it would have been a normal day. But because I had fasting on my mind my mind took over instead of my actual hunger. I will be trying another 20 hour fast on Thursday and hopefully can push it to 24 hours. I am trying to gradually work myself up to a full 40 hour fast twice a week.

No weight loss from the fast yesterday. I actually went up by .6 pounds. I am not worrying about it. I am sure it is just my body reacting to the fast negatively for a couple of days. I will be trying to keep my carbs below 20 total grams these next two days.

Lunch consisted of deviled eggs and bacon. Yep, no carbs but from the pickles in the eggs. Dinner was cream cheese pancakes. I figure it is just a couple of days with little to no veggies and treat these couple of days like a fat fast.

I cut the grass after work and got plenty of exercise from it.

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