Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 9, 2017: 10 Weeks on Keto Diet

I am feeling so much better these past few weeks. I am losing slowly but I will take the feeling great over that any day!! My sleep has been wonderful. I am sleeping soundly and waking up with lots of energy. On the weekends I am eating a large breakfast and it has been keeping me going until dinner. The other day my husband was hungry at lunch and grilled some hamburgers. He asked if I wanted one and I at first thought yes because it was around 1 pm and I had not ate since around 9 am. Then I really thought about my hunger level and said no. I was not hungry and not even close to feeling hungry. Now when it hit 6 pm I was hungry. We were at a social event and I settled for a salad with a couple pieces of meat they were serving. I passed on any alcohol and the desert stand. I might have had only 1200 calories or maybe less the whole day and felt perfectly fine.

The fact is I am now having maybe 2 meals per day and staying around 1400 calories total. My macro percentages are about 70% fat, 20% protein & 10% carbs. I'm thinking about reducing my fat to around 60% so I can burn my body fat more efficiently.. Hopefully, soon I have a WHOOSH on the scale since I am staying pretty consistent.

My macro ratios are consistent but I think I consumed too many calories this week. I averaged around 1450 calories per day. I really have to get that down to around 1250 with exercise each day.

My weight this week is up by .4 pounds. I weigh 174.8 today. Hope my WHOOSH happens this week.

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