Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017- 13 Weeks on Keto Diet

This week has had its ups and downs. My weight has been up and down all week. I really think it is time to throw out the scale.

I don't remember if I posted last week that I accidentally bought half and half instead of heavy whipping cream for my coffee. I didn't get a chance to go by the store and pick up heavy whipping cream until Thursday.  I think the extra dairy had me bloated and gave me sweet cravings. Thursday night was rough. I wanted something sweet so bad. I did end up eating some 85% Dark Cacao Chocolate squares and then that wasn't good enough I grabbed the Sea Salted Caramel Nestle chips and had a hand full. Sweet tooth was taken care of but then I felt like crap. I really have to make up some friendly keto chocolate bombs for these occasions.

I joined a 60 day Keto Challenge with the KetoDietApp blog. It's a free challenge and I thought, "Why not". One cool thing about the challenge is that there is a free downloadable 14 day meal plan. Of course some of the meal ideas I either eliminated (cannot stand the taste of mackeral) or I substituted a different type of protein. I am also not one to do smoothies anymore so I exchanged any keto friendly smoothie recipes with keto coffee. They actually have a different version of keto coffee I have never seen before. It has 2 egg yolks added on top of all the coconut oil and heavy whipping cream. I will be trying this version.

Another cool thing about following this 14 day diet plan is that I already have all my meals and macros calculated for me for the next 2 weeks. By Friday I was just done tracking everything I put in my mouth. So from May 1st to the end of June I will be using various keto diet meal plans I find on the internet and through the KetoDietApp. I think the less over planning I have to do each week will help reduce some of my anxiety lately. It will be nice to grab what is on the provided shopping list and follow the recipes for each meal.

Today I will be preparing some of the meal plan recipes so I won't have to worry about waking up extra early Monday morning to cook up the frittata they have on plan for the next 3 days. The one frittata I cook up tonight will be my Monday's lunch, Tuesday's breakfast and then Wednesday's lunch. That really works for me!! Plus there are other meals that I can cook one evening and the left overs make up 2 days of meals. This is going to really free up a lot of my evenings and hopefully with better weather coming in, I can spend more time outdoors either doing some gardening or biking.

So at the beginning of the week I was at 172.2 pounds. I loss .8 pounds last week. So this week with my weight bouncing up and down, I landed at 172 pounds this morning. That is .2  pounds loss.

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