Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2, 2017 - 9 Weeks on Keto Diet

Last week was a huge win to finally see some changes in weight and my progress picture. This week I loss another pound!!

I have been really listening to my hunger and only eating when I am really hungry and stopping when I am full. The main macronutrient I have been tracking this week is my total carbs. I am still inputting everything into my SparkPeople food tracker so I can see my total carbs. I pretty much have the same breakfast everyday so that one I have down. During the week I make 3 days of the same lunch (I weigh everything and put it into my tracker before hand) then the other 2 days are a different lunch but I still have weighed everything and inputted them into my tracker. On the weekend is where things can become off kilter just a tad. I wake up later and eat dinner normally earlier because I don't have a real lunch.

I am still doing a 30 minute workout everyday. I have been following a 14 day challenge by Jenny Ford and it has been wonderful doing my step aerobics once again. I have to do the routines in the livingroom since the workout room does not have a TV that can upload YouTube yet. So I just tell the husband to clear out and I shut the drapes and start a stepping. Is it stupid of me to shut the drapes? I still don't want people seeing me workout. Crazy isn't it!!! I'm hoping that in a month or so we can purchase a new smart TV so I can do everything in the workout room.

My husband's company had an end of season get together. They had a huge buffet, but I stayed with the salad and grilled meats. They had a great leg portion barbeque chicken that I devoured!!

The husband will be out of town during the week and only home on the weekends until the end of November. Staying keto during these next few months will be so much easier with him only home on weekend. I can say my husband and daughter are so supportive with my way of eating. They do not try and force any carbs my way. They do not understand how I can go without eating sugar and breads and pastries but they support me and understand on days I refuse to cook a carb heavy side dish.

Taking progress pictures is really what is keeping me in the game. Being able to see the difference in my stomach area from less bloat is a game changer. I will post progress pictures each month this time around. The scale just doesn't show the progress as well as a picture does.

Casey Durango at Go Keto With Casey posted a video the other day that has had a resounding affect on me. It was about Self-Sabotage! She stated that we self-sabotage because we end up quitting because we don't want to fail. I can say that many times I have hit the 10- 15 pound weight loss point and then have giving up by resorting back to my old ways of eating. As she says too, push through the mile stones and make new ones and DO NOT GIVE UP!! Failing is different from quitting and the hard truth is that I have just quit so many times that has caused myself to fail. Not this time Buddy!!!

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