Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017: Week 8 - Back on Keto Diet

It has been 2 full months back on the Keto Way of Eating. I have stumbled a pretty good bit, but I think it is just getting my mindset around eating this way again. I have been trying to figure out just how low in carbs I need to go in order to see weight loss. It really is hard for me to get to 20 and below total carbs. It is just the type of vegetables I like that bring up my carbs and there is hidden sugar in all condiments. I think what has really kicked my carbs up this week has been my salad dressing. I try to eliminate other hidden carbs but it really is exhausting sometimes. My total carbs per day were in the high 20s.

My carb cravings have been pretty darn bad this week. The other night I almost succumbed to eating trailmix that had raisens and M&Ms. I had the bag in my hand but quickly tucked it back into the pantry. I then headed over to my Keurig and made a cup of Matcha Tea with Turmeric powder. That worked and although I ate higher calories than I wanted I stayed around 20 total grams of carbs that day.

I switched up my water enhancer from Mio to Stur. Mio is sweetened with sucralose that, I think, causes me carb cravings. The Stur is sweetened with all natural stevia. I am hoping this switch up helps my evening cravings.

**A Non-Scale Victory (NSV) this week was going to the movies and not buying anything to snack on!! I had my lunch for the day and did not eat until we were at a new restaurant that we tried. That was another NSV since almost everything on the menu had some type of carb in it. The meals either had rice noodles, quinoa, sweet sauce or bread. I ended up ordering a cheeseburger without the bun and only used mustard, no ketchup, on the patty and gave my french fries to my husband. I did have a couple of Vodka Cranberry cocktails so I'm sure there was sugar in the cranberry juice. I told my husband next time we go to a bar (you had to be 21 or older to enter this establishment) I was going to bring my Stur water enhancer and order vodka and club soda and then sweeten it up with my Stur. You have to make it work for yourself when you go out to eat at any restaurant now a days. I have noticed that even the most healthiest establishments have some type of sugary sauce on all their foods even in the vinaigrette.**

My weight at the beginning of the week was around 182. It has been going up and down between 178 and 182 all month. I really worked hard at staying in the lower 20 grams of carbs this week. It was a tough week especially since my allergies are causing havoc with my sinuses. Every time I feel the carb urge, I have either made a cup of beef broth or Matcha Green tea with turmeric. I just have to get through these next few weeks and then I think it will become easier. I feel that my up and down eating of carbs has my body still using glucose as my fuel source. Once I have burned all the glucose I should be in Ketosis. I will test in a few days and see if I am. I keep forgetting to test each evening with the KetoStix.

My weight as of today is 175.4. I lost from last week's weigh in a total of 3.6 pounds. What a difference lowering my carbs is making. Plus I did workout a few times this week as well as try and hit my step goal daily.

Average for the week:

Calories: 1460   Fat:  70 grams    Total Carbs: 28 grams    Protein:  77 grams   Fiber:  5.4 grams

I lost nearly 4 pounds this week which means less of that yucky yellow stuff on my body!!!

I also wanted to share a comparison of last month's progress picture with this month's.

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