Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017 - Week 7: Back on Keto Diet

The beginning of the week I had decided not to track my macros and eat only when hungry. Well.....

Not tracking at the beginning of the week was not working for me. I was binge eating around 4 each day if I did not workout. If I worked out I was fine, but sitting around watching TV after work had me mindlessly snacking. As of Thursday, I started tracking again and planning my day out. I have come to the resolution that I just have to track during this journey of becoming healthy and fit. It is part of my day and I have to stick with it.

I came across a very interesting picture analysis of 5 pounds of fat. I was a little down since all I have loss really is 5 pounds since I have gone back to the Keto way of eating. But really I have loss almost 10 pounds since my heaviest at the end of 2016.

I looked back at my stat page and realized I never put down my heaviest weight. I was at 189 at the end of 2016. I have pounced between 189 and 178 for the last 2 years. It is crazy to think that when I was around 165 I thought I was huge. Man would I love to see the 160s again!! I will see them and then I will be waving goodbye just as fast, as I cruise on down. I have the confidence and surety this go around that I will make it to my goal weight of 135 by the end of  2017.

So double that fat and that is what is no longer on my body!! I will keep this picture and pull it up every time I think nothing is changing in my weight!

I think I have figured out my sweet tooth trigger. I have been using Mio water enhancer for a few months now. I took a look again at the ingredients and sucralose is the sweetener. I don't normally use sucralose sweeteners and think maybe this is what's triggering the sweet cravings. I ordered some Stur water enhancer that is sweetened by stevia and is zero calories and carbs. I will see if switching to this type of sweetener lessens my cravings. Plus the main reason I believe it is the sucralose is that I drink the Mio mainly in the evenings and that is when the cravings hit me hard.

This week I have stuck to only One Meal A Day (OMAD). My morning breakfast have been butter coffee with collagen peptide in one of the cups. I only drink 2 cups per day. For my lunches this week I have either had the mushroom soup I did up last week or a cup of beef bone broth with a spot of whipping cream. Dinners have been my failing points. If I have planned a dinner then I do well except for the binge eating. Now if I have eaten a bunch of random crap prior to dinner, I have not eaten anything else that evening. But even with a planned dinner, I have caved in to my sweet tooth and eaten peanut butter or some type of chocolate. I am really hoping switching the water enhancer will help.

With a week off the scale my weight this morning is 179. I am up a pound from last week. That's better than I thought it was going to be since I really binged at the beginning of the week.

 A new week is upon me and I will be prepping lunches and snacks for the week. Plus I have some really nice dinners planned for the coming week.

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