Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 - Week 6: Back on Keto Diet

I think after two months of steady keto WOE the title will need to change for my weekly update posts. There will be no need to say Back on Keto Diet after 12 full weeks of consistently eating low carb. I guess last week was not really Keto but I still stayed below 100 total carbs per day.

I am still not consistent on staying at 20 total grams of carbs or under. I really need to get back to work! I stay more consistent when I am on schedule. I also know that the lack of sleep this past week is also a culprit in me wanting to eat more. I also always have a lunch planned out when I work. So I decided to cook up a mushroom soup to cover my lunches and add a leafy green salad to the mix.

I also cleaned out the pantry of any frankenfoods that have been a quick grab for me. I had a couple of boxes of Atkins Snack Bars and even though they say they are only 2 net carbs per bar, I feel that the sugar alcohol they use really kicks my cravings into overdrive. So no more junk bars that claim to be nutritious because they aren't!!

I began incorporating back in turmeric into my daily menu as well. Turmeric has such a great anti-inflammatory property that I really need right now. Instead of making up a paste like I have in the past, I just scoop 1/2 a teaspoon into my Matcha Green Tea along with a dash of black pepper and blend it up in my Magic Bullet.

On Wednesday evening I prepped my kitchen of daily meals and snacks for the rest of my week. I will do the same thing again today. When I have everything weighed out and in the correct portions it is easy for me to stay on track.

I started an Egg Fast on Monday but by Tuesday I just was not prepared to keep going. I am going to concentrate on keeping my carbs at 20 grams and below for a while before attempting another egg fast. I need to become more consistent with my Keto WOE before trying another fast anytime soon.

This has just been an all around bad week for me. Today is a new week and I need to stay at 20 or below with my carbs. I have to see if this low of carbs is going to make a difference for me. I have not been consistent and will never know until I am.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat            Total Carbs                Protein
Sunday                            1220                   89                   56                            66                
Monday                           1320                  106                 15                            83            
Tuesday                           1600                  123                  43                           100
Wednesday                      962                   63                   17                             32                
Thursday                        1471                  80                    22                            62               
Friday                              1731                 132                   79                            68
Saturday                         1427                 87                      41                            78

Daily Avg:                      1390                 97                       39                            70                

Week 6 Weight Loss:   -2.4 pounds
Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds
Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - 1 pound
Week 4 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain:   0 pounds
Week 5 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain:  +2 pounds

Total to date weight loss: 5 pounds

So in 6 weeks I have loss 5 pounds. Could have been more but I had 2 bad weeks of not losing and actually gaining.  I have loss just under a pound per week. I have 5 weeks before my April Goal of being 20 pounds lighter. That puts me at needing to lose 3 pounds per week. It should be attainable if I keep my carbs at 20 grams or lower each day. I was able to lose 3 pounds in one week my first week back on the Keto Diet. I know I can do it these next 5 weeks!!!!

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