Monday, February 6, 2017

Researching and Educating myself on the Keto Diet

I know when I decided back in June of last year to try the keto diet I had done a lot of research. Now that it is becoming a more mainstream way of eating, you can find a lot more info. I know I posted about finding a new blogger who has lost over 90 pounds doing the keto diet. Casey Durango is really an inspiration and is so informative. I follow her Facebook page and well joined a group that she is the administrator. One of the questions another group member asked her the other day was about bulletproof coffee. I have decided to do butter/bulletproof coffee for my morning meals so I really wanted to hear her thoughts on the matter.

In her video she spoke about what a keto diet really is and to focus on that instead of adding unnecessary extra fat grams to your daily diet. I will paraphrase for you what I got out of the video, but please view her YouTube video and listen for yourself as well.

As she puts it, the reason you begin the keto diet is to switch your body from burning glucose as your fuel source and burn ketones instead. To have this process happen the main thing you MUST do is lower your carb intake to 20 grams per day. She says 20 total grams of carbs per day or less. It is the carbs that cause your body to not go into ketosis. Extra fat grams will not switch your fuel burning mechanism. The reason I want to become keto adapted is to help with my hypothyroidism as well as lose weight. For one thing I do not need extra fat because I have enough body fat to burn. The main reason why most sites say to have 75% of your calories be from fat grams is to give you the satiety affect you get from fat and to bridge the difference needed in your daily calorie intake. If we only ate 5% carbs and 15% protein for the day we would not eat very much. Unless one is fasting this is just not what most people can do. I know I cannot. So as for the butter coffee, you only have this calorie dense cup of goodness as a meal replacement. One does not have a couple cups of butter coffee and breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese. That would equate to over 1000 calories in one meal. Which is fine if that is your only large meal of the day.

With this thought process, I can now see why I only loss 3 pounds the first week back on the keto diet. I knew my carbs were too much but I didn't think about the fact that even if I did go into ketosis my body would be burning off more of the digested fat instead of my stored fat. With that in mind, I will stick to my butter coffee this week and definitely make sure it is my breakfast. I will reduce my carbs to 20 total carbs instead of net carbs. I know that I am over as of right now, but I think I can make this work for the rest of the week. Please take a look at Casey's video.

Courtesy of Go Keto with Casey: Snow, Bulletproof Coffee and Ketosis

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