Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017

Just finished listening and watching a live podcast by Casey Durango. She really drove home some valid points to me. I had just noticed that my psychological hunger vs my physiological hunger. Psychologically I want to eat at certain times during the day because these are the times I have always eaten. Yet, Physically I am not hungry.Casey pointed out that our body has a scheduled rhythm and the growling in our stomach is not really hunger it is just our brain telling our stomach that it is our scheduled time to eat even when we are not physically hungry.

I ate a few snacks last night just because my brain was telling me I was hungry, yet my body was not. I am going to try and push myself not to give into my psychological impulse to eat and go off my physiological hunger. I really think this will get me more in-tuned to my hunger vs habit eating.

Video courtesy of Casey Durango at Go Keto with Casey

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