Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5, 2017- Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet

Thought I would go back to showing my daily macronutrients and weekly weight loss or gains like I did when I first tried the Keto Diet. As you can see it is title "Back on Keto Diet." Looking back at my first week back in June, I lost 4 pounds that first week and stayed around 1500 calories per day and 20 net carbs per day. Because my net carbs were too high this week, I did not lose as much as I would have liked. I am definitely not in ketosis yet either. Only a 3 pound loss this week but I am happy with any loss so no complaints. Plus I really didn't try very hard and definitely did not stay at 20 carbs per day, so I think that is pretty darn great to have loss that much this week.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1705                    103                   37                               52
Monday                         1712                    136                   28                               94
Tuesday                        1805                     116                   58                               97
Wednesday                 1387                     109                   25                               78
Thursday                     1695                      95                     59                              103
Friday                           1404                      76                     39                               76    
Saturday                       1794                      120                  40                               69

Daily Avg:                    1642                      108                 41                               81

Week 1 Weight Loss: 3 pounds

Since I did workout this week, I am also showing my activity. I have the Fitbit Charge HR and my goal steps per day have been 6500 steps. I am trying to achieve 2500 burned calories per day. I am not sure how accurate the fitbit is for me. One problem I do know is that I have a very low heart rate from the hypothyroidism. My average resting heart rate stays around 61 beats per minute. I sometimes see that my heart rate is at 54 beats per minute at times. So I don't think it is really registering accurate calories burned through exercise. I think it is registering too high. But I like the fitbit and really use it as a guideline and motivation to move.

By going with the Fitbit on daily calorie burned it is showing that I burned 3781 calories this week which makes my average calories per day 1102. Again I think it shows calories burned too high. I only worked out 3 times this week as well. And per the chart below I over ate two days this week.

A new week has begun. My plan is to do butter coffee for breakfast and shakes for lunch and then a protein and veggies for dinner. I am hoping to not have to do any snacks but if I do they will remain as cheese and nuts.

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