Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017

Yesterday I went skiing after work. It was snowing with very low visibility. Plus there were a lot of people on the slopes that were beginners. Made it tough to get in a few relaxing runs. I only stick to a couple of groomers when I ski after work. I just don't have time to venture to far before the slopes close. So I am on groomers with mix experience skiers. Usually I don't have too many skiers on the slopes when I go during the week after work, but I think the new check in days have changed and yesterday was pretty busy for being a Thursday.

I received my Shakeology mix yesterday!! I had a shake this morning for breakfast with just the shake mix and almond milk. It's pretty tasty with no bitter taste. Mixed up easily with the almond milk. I can say I am full right now and I just finished drinking it about 20 minutes ago. The bag was bigger than I remember when I first ordered shakeology mix about 6 years ago. The first time I ordered they had not come out with the vegan version and the whey isolate had me running to the bathroom a lot. So with this strawberry vegan version, it is a little sweeter than I would like but so far no tummy issues. I really hope this does provide the energy like so many others say they get after drinking it. I would like to not need an energy drink mid-morning anymore.

I ordered some compression leggings the other week. I got them in yesterday and they fit fine but I should have gone down a size. That is one thing about ordering online, you just have to guess what size you should go with. I do like them because they are thin and fit under my ski pants nicely, but the compression just isn't there and that is the whole point right? So now I am going to need to order another pair in a smaller size or just wait a few more weeks and see how much weight I lose before sinking anymore money into compression leggings. They are not cheap!!

I have a step aerobics workout planned for after work today. I am really looking forward to it as crazy as that sounds. I miss my step aerobics routines. I won't be watching a video since we do not have a TV in the work out room yet. I could move it into the living room but then my daughter's cat would sure enough make me break a leg or hip from running up under my feet. So I will just do a routine I already know or make it up as I go. Either way I will be stepping and moving for hopefully at least 30 minutes. It has been so long I think I can only handle 30 minutes right now.

I have 2 more days before my weigh in. I sure hope I have lost some pounds. My average in calories so far is 1600 per day and my net carbs is 41 grams. So I am not expecting any huge number in loss pounds but I will be happy to see 2 or 3 pounds gone. I feel next week will be a better week since I will no longer have breakfast but for butter coffee. This will definitely get me at the right amount of carbs each day to get my body into ketosis.

I will post my results on Sunday!!

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