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February 26, 2017 - Week 4: Back on Keto Diet

As you might have read in my previous post, I did a 3 day egg fast this past weekend. I loss  a total of 4 pounds during those three days. This go around, the egg fast was a lot easier since I was home for the full three days and planned ahead.  I am planning on doing another egg fast beginning Monday, March 6th along with a few other keto dieters. Maybe the support will push me harder to lose more in the 3 days and keep it off with no relapses the following days.

I have been working out everyday this week and nice hard workouts too. I have been trying to stay in the cardio - peak zone for at least 15 minutes or more. For example, my fitbit says I was at peak for 21 minutes and at cardio of 20 minutes for my Monday workout. I am trying to push myself just a tad, but I don't want to over do it and crash either. Last week I did not post my calories eaten vs burned printout because I had a massive headache and just didn't want to go through the hassle of printing and scanning. But I did add it on this week.

I have been reading a few articles on the phases of ketogenic diet. I believe I am pass the induction phase and now in the fat adapting phase. With the fat adapting phase, many say that you need not to add any additional fat to your food except for flavoring or cooking. No more butter coffees for me. I want my body to begin burning the stored body fat and not use the ready available digested fats. A really good read is a blog post by Maria Emmerich at Keto Adapted: Lipolysis and Why you Gain Weight Eating Too Much Fat. It is a real eye opener for me now that I  am eating ketogenic. 

Tuesday was a total bust for me. I think the very low carb previous days put me in a tailspin once I was able to eat normal keto food. I had the worst sweet tooth that I just could not ignore. I ended up eating baker's chocolate. Blew my carbs way out and pushed me 100 calories higher than what I wanted to eat. Hopefully, I am pass this craving and can get back on track today. It is always when I first get home that I am hit with cravings. I have to figure out what to do to stop this from happening. Goal for rest of week was to stay at 20 grams of total carbs or lower.

I also blew it on Thursday! Bad weather came in and I was stuck at the office until 5 pm. I had no dinner planned and thus did not have dinner. Instead I snacked on nuts, pork rinds, and other unnecessary items. Friday was no different. Whenever I do not plan a home cooked dinner I end up eating junk and my calories really get up there.

Saturday I sat down and planned my meals for Sunday - Wednesday. I couldn't plan Thursday on since my husband has knee surgery on Thursday so I really could not figure out what to make. 

Zero pounds loss. All the weight I loss during the first part of week all came back. I just had very bad days towards the end of the week. 

Skied on Sunday and then bought plenty of keto friendly snacks and meal prep items at the grocery store.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1476                    130                   9                               78
Monday                        1308                    100                   10                             49
Tuesday                        1584                    114                   43                             64
Wednesday                 1565                    107                   27                             84
Thursday                     1840                     140                  31                             80
Friday                           1715                     122                  17                             64    
Saturday                      1428                      130                  11                               65

Daily Avg:                    1409                      110                 22                               61

Week 4 Weight Loss:  0

You really cannot go by calories out versus in some weeks. I worked out pretty hard this week but still loss no weight. I think I might have loss some inches since the ski pants I wore on Sunday fit me better than they have all season. I'm still not changing my diet. I will stick with this Way of Eating and exercise the same amount for right now. Maybe I will have a whoosh experience like many on the keto diet do. You go many weeks with no loss and then suddenly, WHOOSH, you drop 5 to 10 pounds in one week.

Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds
Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - 1 pound

Total to date weight loss: 4.6 pounds

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