Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017

I am finding writing down my thoughts daily is helping me get out of this funk I am in.

Yesterday I did not workout as planned. I got home and thought heck I need a rest day. No one was going to be home until after 6 pm so I caught up on some shows. I did not cook any dinner either. I snacked on pork rinds and peanut butter. Yep very laid back and easy going. I actually needed a break from meat last night. We purchased this great smoker grill and the husband has been smoking everything. So a lot of meat consumption since Sunday. We do have a beef top sirloin roast that we will do up tonight so last night was a well needed no meat night.

My fitbit registered me only sleeping 5 hours and 39 minutes last night. WTF?!! I actually woke up this morning feeling so refreshed. Now I did not want to get out of bed when my alarm clock went off, but once I was up and going I felt pretty darn good. It is showing that I woke up 4 times. I remember once but not the other 3. It says I have 161 minutes of restlessness. I am starting to think this fitbit isn't accurate, but maybe it is. I am wondering if it is picking up my husband when he wakes up and moves because when he said he got up in the middle of the night is registering me as restless for 25 minutes. I guess I will know next weekend when he is away for his reserves' weekend.

My motivation to stay keto is still intact. I am sure I am not into ketosis still and that is probably from eating more veggies than I should. I did fall under 30 net carbs yesterday. But I have to really reduce my carbs even more. I do need to change out the dressing I am using. It is Ken's Raspberry and Pecan Light dressing which contains some sugar. I have to start making my own lemon and olive oil dressing again. But then again next week's plan is to have butter coffee for breakfast and shakeology shake for lunch. So I think I can finish out this week with this dressing.

I do want to start having salad at night as my veggies instead of roasting or sauteing ones up. I am to the point where I just want to not have to think about what I am going to eat each night. This weekend I will make up some cloud bread since my mascarpone cheese will be expiring before I know it.

I joined a keto group on Facebook today. I am hoping this will keep me motivated and have a place to go to get support since no one around me understands this way of eating. My husband is starting to get the gist of it. I have refused to make starchy vegetables or side dishes for our dinners. If he wants them he has to make them himself. He did make his own baked potato the other night. Man it looked good. He put it on the smoker and had cheese and something else baked into it. It smelled and looked divine. But I restrained myself and stuck with the roasted broccoli I had prepared.

I am really feeling that I can achieve my goal this year. I refuse to allow anything to sideline me this go around. My goal is to make Keto my lifestyle not just a diet for a few months. I am planning on eating this way for the rest of my life. I just have to realize I do not need those chips and bread anymore.

Well enough rambling, back to work for me.......

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