Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 12, 2017 - Week 2: Back on Keto Diet

Another week down and I really tried hard to keep my carbs low.

I worked up the keto calculator on again and I think each week I will input my new weight and go by the suggested macros. This week it had me for losing weight at 1463 calories, 20 net carbs, 66 grams of protein and 124 grams of fat. Now Sunday I was way over just because it didn't dawn on me to recalculate for the 3 pound loss from week 1.

I also began the "eat only when stomach is growling and you are actually having hunger pains"mantra. If I fall under 1000 calories I will not worry about it because heck I know I will probably eat more the following day. Monday was the first day I began eating this way and since I was so full from Sunday's boisterous day of eating, I really did not feel the need to eat. I could have even only drank one butter coffee, but at the time I made my second cup and headed into work I really thought I would be hungry. I sipped on the second cup until around 9 am. So I had the second cup of butter coffee made and sipping for 3 hours.

With the eat when hungry mantra, I started keeping a daily note under my daily nutrition tracker in SparkPeople. I am documenting if I am hungry or not at 3 hour intervals. Usually at work by 10:15 am I need to snack on some cheese and nuts to get me to lunch which is around 12:30 pm. This Monday when 10:30 came around I had no desire to snack on anything. I did drink a Matcha Green tea with just a little bit of Califia Almond Milk creamer.

Even though I am trying to eat only when actually hungry, I am having snacks after work everyday. I think it is more my head telling me it is snack time. Plus I have this sweet tooth craving that is ridiculous. I think it is time to make some fat bombs to stop me from eating peanut butter to calm down this sweet craving.

My new scale arrived this Wednesday. Now I don't know if I gained weight or if the old scale was not correct, but it showed me at 182 on Thursday morning. I kinda feel that my old scale was wrong and I weighed heavier. I stayed at 182 the rest of the week and then Saturday morning I was down to 179.6. Now I am not sure if the scale was ever wrong. I did eat more than I needed on Wednesday and definitely Thursday so I was so thrilled when the scale showed I was down 2.4 pounds. I stuck with the eat only when hungry on Friday and Saturday and it really paid off.

I have come to realize that with my Type A personality I try to stick to any plans and schedules. Since I plan and go ahead and put my meals in my nutritional tracker I just think okay it is time to eat. Well I didn't go that route on Friday and Saturday and if I wasn't hungry I just did not eat. I ended up eating a very late lunch on Friday which then led to me not cooking my planned dinner. I instead made a cup of beef broth with heavy whipping cream and a pat of butter and that was my dinner. Saturday I woke up not hungry at all. So maybe I am getting my head out of the game and just listening to my body.

As of Sunday morning I weigh 179.4 pounds. At least I am in the 170s now. *********************************************************************************************************************************

Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1991                    162                   37                               91
Monday                         1403                    118                   21                               66
Tuesday                        1319                     104                   29                               64
Wednesday                 1529                     77                     30                               54
Thursday                     1959                     142                   46                               65
Friday                           1126                      100                  16                               36    
Saturday                      1258                      112                  18                               45

Daily Avg:                    1512                      116                 28                               60

Week 2 Weight Loss: .6 pounds

Calories in vs out:
Looking at these numbers, I understand why I only loss .6 pounds this week. I really have to start burning more calories each day.

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