Monday, February 27, 2017

February 26, 2017 - Week 4: Back on Keto Diet

As you might have read in my previous post, I did a 3 day egg fast this past weekend. I loss  a total of 4 pounds during those three days. This go around, the egg fast was a lot easier since I was home for the full three days and planned ahead.  I am planning on doing another egg fast beginning Monday, March 6th along with a few other keto dieters. Maybe the support will push me harder to lose more in the 3 days and keep it off with no relapses the following days.

I have been working out everyday this week and nice hard workouts too. I have been trying to stay in the cardio - peak zone for at least 15 minutes or more. For example, my fitbit says I was at peak for 21 minutes and at cardio of 20 minutes for my Monday workout. I am trying to push myself just a tad, but I don't want to over do it and crash either. Last week I did not post my calories eaten vs burned printout because I had a massive headache and just didn't want to go through the hassle of printing and scanning. But I did add it on this week.

I have been reading a few articles on the phases of ketogenic diet. I believe I am pass the induction phase and now in the fat adapting phase. With the fat adapting phase, many say that you need not to add any additional fat to your food except for flavoring or cooking. No more butter coffees for me. I want my body to begin burning the stored body fat and not use the ready available digested fats. A really good read is a blog post by Maria Emmerich at Keto Adapted: Lipolysis and Why you Gain Weight Eating Too Much Fat. It is a real eye opener for me now that I  am eating ketogenic. 

Tuesday was a total bust for me. I think the very low carb previous days put me in a tailspin once I was able to eat normal keto food. I had the worst sweet tooth that I just could not ignore. I ended up eating baker's chocolate. Blew my carbs way out and pushed me 100 calories higher than what I wanted to eat. Hopefully, I am pass this craving and can get back on track today. It is always when I first get home that I am hit with cravings. I have to figure out what to do to stop this from happening. Goal for rest of week was to stay at 20 grams of total carbs or lower.

I also blew it on Thursday! Bad weather came in and I was stuck at the office until 5 pm. I had no dinner planned and thus did not have dinner. Instead I snacked on nuts, pork rinds, and other unnecessary items. Friday was no different. Whenever I do not plan a home cooked dinner I end up eating junk and my calories really get up there.

Saturday I sat down and planned my meals for Sunday - Wednesday. I couldn't plan Thursday on since my husband has knee surgery on Thursday so I really could not figure out what to make. 

Zero pounds loss. All the weight I loss during the first part of week all came back. I just had very bad days towards the end of the week. 

Skied on Sunday and then bought plenty of keto friendly snacks and meal prep items at the grocery store.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1476                    130                   9                               78
Monday                        1308                    100                   10                             49
Tuesday                        1584                    114                   43                             64
Wednesday                 1565                    107                   27                             84
Thursday                     1840                     140                  31                             80
Friday                           1715                     122                  17                             64    
Saturday                      1428                      130                  11                               65

Daily Avg:                    1409                      110                 22                               61

Week 4 Weight Loss:  0

You really cannot go by calories out versus in some weeks. I worked out pretty hard this week but still loss no weight. I think I might have loss some inches since the ski pants I wore on Sunday fit me better than they have all season. I'm still not changing my diet. I will stick with this Way of Eating and exercise the same amount for right now. Maybe I will have a whoosh experience like many on the keto diet do. You go many weeks with no loss and then suddenly, WHOOSH, you drop 5 to 10 pounds in one week.

Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds
Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - 1 pound

Total to date weight loss: 4.6 pounds

Friday, February 24, 2017

3 Day Egg Fast: Feb 18 - 20, 2017

I decided since I had a 3 day weekend over President's Day weekend I would do a quick 3 day egg fast. On Wednesday I planned out my meals which was pretty darn simple since I just downloaded the menu plan over at I Breathe I'm Hungry blog. She has a 5 day Egg Fast Meal Plan, but I only wanted to do 3 days.

I made out my grocery list which was very short: 2 dozen of eggs, kerrygold butter, cream cheese, blue cheese, and string cheese. Yep that is about all you need. I already had mayo, mustard and any spices required for the recipes. I'm sure the cashier thought I was a cheese fanatic!! But I do buy blocks of cheese each time I shop. Hey it's the Keto WOE!!

My beginning weight on Saturday, Feb 18 was 179.4. By Tuesday morning I weighed 175.4.

So a 4 pound weight loss in 3 days. Now the transitioning back to eating Keto is never easy and you tend to gain back a few pounds. I weighed myself on Thursday morning and I was up 1.2 pounds. I remained Keto the rest of the week and will post my Week 4 progress on Sunday, Feb 26.

Now it is Friday morning and I feel pretty great about doing the egg fast. To make it to my goal I have set for mid-April, I think I will do the egg fast every two weeks. I would love to be in a size 10 by April 13th. My next egg fast will be March 6 - 8.

                                                 Calories                 Fat                  Carbs                         Protein
Day 1: Saturday                      1428                      130                  11                               65
Day 2: Sunday                         1476                      130                   9                                 78
Day 3: Monday                        1308                     100                  10                                49

Weight Loss from Fast:   -4 pounds
Weight Gain After Fast: 1.2 pounds
Total Weight Loss:          2.8 pounds

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 19, 2017: Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet

On Sunday I made up some Mascarpone Cheese Coconut Oil fat bombs. They are sweet with a lot of spices. One of these really hits the sweet spot. They do have 4 grams of carbs per serving so I have to limit these for when I cannot control the sweet tooth urge. I plan on making a different batch that is not as sweet and has no cheese in them, just the coconut oil. I think I will make up some matcha green tea fat bombs with some turmeric in them.

Gradually losing weight still. No dramatic weight loss this go around, but I think that stems from me reducing carbs gradually for a month. I have began incorporating 30 minutes of cardio and strength training into my daily routine. I feel so much better now that I am back at small workouts. I hope to increase to 45 minutes to an hour, but will listen to my body and not over do it just yet.

Finally in ketosis as of Wednesday morning!! I think I had trace amounts of ketones, but as of Wednesday I was showing 1.5 on the scale.

I have struggled with a sweet tooth a couple of nights, but having the Mascarpone cheese fat bombs has helped. I have limited myself to only one a night since they pack 4 grams of carbs in each. I still need to work on reducing my carbs even more each day.

I ordered Dr. Westman's books Adapt Program: A Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Manual and New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great. I really want to be serious about this way of eating and I feel researching and familiarizing myself more with the program will help me succeed. I do know that there have been a couple times this past week where I almost caved and ate a granola bar or oatmeal. I know these cravings come from consuming too many carbs and I just have to get control of it.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1549                    120                   33                               77
Monday                         1492                    113                   25                               41
Tuesday                        1588                     128                   26                               69
Wednesday                 1240                     98                     20                               54
Thursday                     1199                     97                   11                               62
Friday                           1370                      83                  28                               62    
Saturday                      1428                      130                  11                               65

Daily Avg:                    1409                      110                 22                               61

Week 3 Weight Loss:  -1 pound

Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds

Total to date weight loss: -4.6 pounds

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 15, 2017

I thought I would share with you what I normally eat in a day. If I stick to my planned meals, I only actually eat one real meal per day and that is dinner. My dinner normally runs around 500 to 700 calories. I would not call my daily way of eating any type of fasting because I consume over 200 calories for breakfast.

My values breakdown in a pie chart:

I am trying very hard to get my values down to 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. It really isn't easy when I am drinking a protein shake for lunch, but I don't want to give up on the shakeology mix just yet. If I become peckish in the evening I will grab an ounce of cheese or munch on a serving of pork rinds. But today I stuck to my plan. I might be starving tomorrow but we shall see.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 12, 2017 - Week 2: Back on Keto Diet

Another week down and I really tried hard to keep my carbs low.

I worked up the keto calculator on again and I think each week I will input my new weight and go by the suggested macros. This week it had me for losing weight at 1463 calories, 20 net carbs, 66 grams of protein and 124 grams of fat. Now Sunday I was way over just because it didn't dawn on me to recalculate for the 3 pound loss from week 1.

I also began the "eat only when stomach is growling and you are actually having hunger pains"mantra. If I fall under 1000 calories I will not worry about it because heck I know I will probably eat more the following day. Monday was the first day I began eating this way and since I was so full from Sunday's boisterous day of eating, I really did not feel the need to eat. I could have even only drank one butter coffee, but at the time I made my second cup and headed into work I really thought I would be hungry. I sipped on the second cup until around 9 am. So I had the second cup of butter coffee made and sipping for 3 hours.

With the eat when hungry mantra, I started keeping a daily note under my daily nutrition tracker in SparkPeople. I am documenting if I am hungry or not at 3 hour intervals. Usually at work by 10:15 am I need to snack on some cheese and nuts to get me to lunch which is around 12:30 pm. This Monday when 10:30 came around I had no desire to snack on anything. I did drink a Matcha Green tea with just a little bit of Califia Almond Milk creamer.

Even though I am trying to eat only when actually hungry, I am having snacks after work everyday. I think it is more my head telling me it is snack time. Plus I have this sweet tooth craving that is ridiculous. I think it is time to make some fat bombs to stop me from eating peanut butter to calm down this sweet craving.

My new scale arrived this Wednesday. Now I don't know if I gained weight or if the old scale was not correct, but it showed me at 182 on Thursday morning. I kinda feel that my old scale was wrong and I weighed heavier. I stayed at 182 the rest of the week and then Saturday morning I was down to 179.6. Now I am not sure if the scale was ever wrong. I did eat more than I needed on Wednesday and definitely Thursday so I was so thrilled when the scale showed I was down 2.4 pounds. I stuck with the eat only when hungry on Friday and Saturday and it really paid off.

I have come to realize that with my Type A personality I try to stick to any plans and schedules. Since I plan and go ahead and put my meals in my nutritional tracker I just think okay it is time to eat. Well I didn't go that route on Friday and Saturday and if I wasn't hungry I just did not eat. I ended up eating a very late lunch on Friday which then led to me not cooking my planned dinner. I instead made a cup of beef broth with heavy whipping cream and a pat of butter and that was my dinner. Saturday I woke up not hungry at all. So maybe I am getting my head out of the game and just listening to my body.

As of Sunday morning I weigh 179.4 pounds. At least I am in the 170s now. *********************************************************************************************************************************

Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1991                    162                   37                               91
Monday                         1403                    118                   21                               66
Tuesday                        1319                     104                   29                               64
Wednesday                 1529                     77                     30                               54
Thursday                     1959                     142                   46                               65
Friday                           1126                      100                  16                               36    
Saturday                      1258                      112                  18                               45

Daily Avg:                    1512                      116                 28                               60

Week 2 Weight Loss: .6 pounds

Calories in vs out:
Looking at these numbers, I understand why I only loss .6 pounds this week. I really have to start burning more calories each day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017

Just finished listening and watching a live podcast by Casey Durango. She really drove home some valid points to me. I had just noticed that my psychological hunger vs my physiological hunger. Psychologically I want to eat at certain times during the day because these are the times I have always eaten. Yet, Physically I am not hungry.Casey pointed out that our body has a scheduled rhythm and the growling in our stomach is not really hunger it is just our brain telling our stomach that it is our scheduled time to eat even when we are not physically hungry.

I ate a few snacks last night just because my brain was telling me I was hungry, yet my body was not. I am going to try and push myself not to give into my psychological impulse to eat and go off my physiological hunger. I really think this will get me more in-tuned to my hunger vs habit eating.

Video courtesy of Casey Durango at Go Keto with Casey

Monday, February 6, 2017

Researching and Educating myself on the Keto Diet

I know when I decided back in June of last year to try the keto diet I had done a lot of research. Now that it is becoming a more mainstream way of eating, you can find a lot more info. I know I posted about finding a new blogger who has lost over 90 pounds doing the keto diet. Casey Durango is really an inspiration and is so informative. I follow her Facebook page and well joined a group that she is the administrator. One of the questions another group member asked her the other day was about bulletproof coffee. I have decided to do butter/bulletproof coffee for my morning meals so I really wanted to hear her thoughts on the matter.

In her video she spoke about what a keto diet really is and to focus on that instead of adding unnecessary extra fat grams to your daily diet. I will paraphrase for you what I got out of the video, but please view her YouTube video and listen for yourself as well.

As she puts it, the reason you begin the keto diet is to switch your body from burning glucose as your fuel source and burn ketones instead. To have this process happen the main thing you MUST do is lower your carb intake to 20 grams per day. She says 20 total grams of carbs per day or less. It is the carbs that cause your body to not go into ketosis. Extra fat grams will not switch your fuel burning mechanism. The reason I want to become keto adapted is to help with my hypothyroidism as well as lose weight. For one thing I do not need extra fat because I have enough body fat to burn. The main reason why most sites say to have 75% of your calories be from fat grams is to give you the satiety affect you get from fat and to bridge the difference needed in your daily calorie intake. If we only ate 5% carbs and 15% protein for the day we would not eat very much. Unless one is fasting this is just not what most people can do. I know I cannot. So as for the butter coffee, you only have this calorie dense cup of goodness as a meal replacement. One does not have a couple cups of butter coffee and breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese. That would equate to over 1000 calories in one meal. Which is fine if that is your only large meal of the day.

With this thought process, I can now see why I only loss 3 pounds the first week back on the keto diet. I knew my carbs were too much but I didn't think about the fact that even if I did go into ketosis my body would be burning off more of the digested fat instead of my stored fat. With that in mind, I will stick to my butter coffee this week and definitely make sure it is my breakfast. I will reduce my carbs to 20 total carbs instead of net carbs. I know that I am over as of right now, but I think I can make this work for the rest of the week. Please take a look at Casey's video.

Courtesy of Go Keto with Casey: Snow, Bulletproof Coffee and Ketosis

February 6, 2017

So per my last post, I loss 3 pounds my first week back on the keto diet. I still think I could have loss more if I had kept my carbs lower. I still have not got into ketosis either and I have not gone through the keto flu. I have had slight headaches but I have been adding a pinch of Himalayan salt to my coffee and I think that is helping.

I had a relaxing weekend with no obligations. I did not workout or go skiing. I just enjoyed the weekend. It was nice to be able to have no to do list and relax. I watched a lot of DIY and home remodeling shows. It was nice to see things go from ugly to beautiful. I feel as if this is what I am going through with my diet. Now I don't consider myself ugly, just my health and strength right now. I did notice this morning that my face is thinner from just last Monday. I do tend to lose weight first in my face and then chest before I lose any in my bottom half. It has always been that way. That's the life of being pear shape.

I am currently sipping on my butter coffee. I am going to try and stick to the butter coffee for breakfast, shakeology shake for lunch, and then my dinner of protein and veggies. I did bring in to work some cubed cheese and pecans for just in case I start becoming very hungry. I am going to try and not eat them, but I will have them on hand to keep me on track. Last night I knew I was at my top end of carb intake so only ate a grilled steak with butter. I am actually still full from that steak which is why I am just sipping on my coffee. Stretching it out for as long as I can so I don't overeat.

I better get to work instead of goofing around on my blog.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5, 2017- Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet

Thought I would go back to showing my daily macronutrients and weekly weight loss or gains like I did when I first tried the Keto Diet. As you can see it is title "Back on Keto Diet." Looking back at my first week back in June, I lost 4 pounds that first week and stayed around 1500 calories per day and 20 net carbs per day. Because my net carbs were too high this week, I did not lose as much as I would have liked. I am definitely not in ketosis yet either. Only a 3 pound loss this week but I am happy with any loss so no complaints. Plus I really didn't try very hard and definitely did not stay at 20 carbs per day, so I think that is pretty darn great to have loss that much this week.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1705                    103                   37                               52
Monday                         1712                    136                   28                               94
Tuesday                        1805                     116                   58                               97
Wednesday                 1387                     109                   25                               78
Thursday                     1695                      95                     59                              103
Friday                           1404                      76                     39                               76    
Saturday                       1794                      120                  40                               69

Daily Avg:                    1642                      108                 41                               81

Week 1 Weight Loss: 3 pounds

Since I did workout this week, I am also showing my activity. I have the Fitbit Charge HR and my goal steps per day have been 6500 steps. I am trying to achieve 2500 burned calories per day. I am not sure how accurate the fitbit is for me. One problem I do know is that I have a very low heart rate from the hypothyroidism. My average resting heart rate stays around 61 beats per minute. I sometimes see that my heart rate is at 54 beats per minute at times. So I don't think it is really registering accurate calories burned through exercise. I think it is registering too high. But I like the fitbit and really use it as a guideline and motivation to move.

By going with the Fitbit on daily calorie burned it is showing that I burned 3781 calories this week which makes my average calories per day 1102. Again I think it shows calories burned too high. I only worked out 3 times this week as well. And per the chart below I over ate two days this week.

A new week has begun. My plan is to do butter coffee for breakfast and shakes for lunch and then a protein and veggies for dinner. I am hoping to not have to do any snacks but if I do they will remain as cheese and nuts.

Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3, 2017

Yesterday I went skiing after work. It was snowing with very low visibility. Plus there were a lot of people on the slopes that were beginners. Made it tough to get in a few relaxing runs. I only stick to a couple of groomers when I ski after work. I just don't have time to venture to far before the slopes close. So I am on groomers with mix experience skiers. Usually I don't have too many skiers on the slopes when I go during the week after work, but I think the new check in days have changed and yesterday was pretty busy for being a Thursday.

I received my Shakeology mix yesterday!! I had a shake this morning for breakfast with just the shake mix and almond milk. It's pretty tasty with no bitter taste. Mixed up easily with the almond milk. I can say I am full right now and I just finished drinking it about 20 minutes ago. The bag was bigger than I remember when I first ordered shakeology mix about 6 years ago. The first time I ordered they had not come out with the vegan version and the whey isolate had me running to the bathroom a lot. So with this strawberry vegan version, it is a little sweeter than I would like but so far no tummy issues. I really hope this does provide the energy like so many others say they get after drinking it. I would like to not need an energy drink mid-morning anymore.

I ordered some compression leggings the other week. I got them in yesterday and they fit fine but I should have gone down a size. That is one thing about ordering online, you just have to guess what size you should go with. I do like them because they are thin and fit under my ski pants nicely, but the compression just isn't there and that is the whole point right? So now I am going to need to order another pair in a smaller size or just wait a few more weeks and see how much weight I lose before sinking anymore money into compression leggings. They are not cheap!!

I have a step aerobics workout planned for after work today. I am really looking forward to it as crazy as that sounds. I miss my step aerobics routines. I won't be watching a video since we do not have a TV in the work out room yet. I could move it into the living room but then my daughter's cat would sure enough make me break a leg or hip from running up under my feet. So I will just do a routine I already know or make it up as I go. Either way I will be stepping and moving for hopefully at least 30 minutes. It has been so long I think I can only handle 30 minutes right now.

I have 2 more days before my weigh in. I sure hope I have lost some pounds. My average in calories so far is 1600 per day and my net carbs is 41 grams. So I am not expecting any huge number in loss pounds but I will be happy to see 2 or 3 pounds gone. I feel next week will be a better week since I will no longer have breakfast but for butter coffee. This will definitely get me at the right amount of carbs each day to get my body into ketosis.

I will post my results on Sunday!!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2, 2017

I am finding writing down my thoughts daily is helping me get out of this funk I am in.

Yesterday I did not workout as planned. I got home and thought heck I need a rest day. No one was going to be home until after 6 pm so I caught up on some shows. I did not cook any dinner either. I snacked on pork rinds and peanut butter. Yep very laid back and easy going. I actually needed a break from meat last night. We purchased this great smoker grill and the husband has been smoking everything. So a lot of meat consumption since Sunday. We do have a beef top sirloin roast that we will do up tonight so last night was a well needed no meat night.

My fitbit registered me only sleeping 5 hours and 39 minutes last night. WTF?!! I actually woke up this morning feeling so refreshed. Now I did not want to get out of bed when my alarm clock went off, but once I was up and going I felt pretty darn good. It is showing that I woke up 4 times. I remember once but not the other 3. It says I have 161 minutes of restlessness. I am starting to think this fitbit isn't accurate, but maybe it is. I am wondering if it is picking up my husband when he wakes up and moves because when he said he got up in the middle of the night is registering me as restless for 25 minutes. I guess I will know next weekend when he is away for his reserves' weekend.

My motivation to stay keto is still intact. I am sure I am not into ketosis still and that is probably from eating more veggies than I should. I did fall under 30 net carbs yesterday. But I have to really reduce my carbs even more. I do need to change out the dressing I am using. It is Ken's Raspberry and Pecan Light dressing which contains some sugar. I have to start making my own lemon and olive oil dressing again. But then again next week's plan is to have butter coffee for breakfast and shakeology shake for lunch. So I think I can finish out this week with this dressing.

I do want to start having salad at night as my veggies instead of roasting or sauteing ones up. I am to the point where I just want to not have to think about what I am going to eat each night. This weekend I will make up some cloud bread since my mascarpone cheese will be expiring before I know it.

I joined a keto group on Facebook today. I am hoping this will keep me motivated and have a place to go to get support since no one around me understands this way of eating. My husband is starting to get the gist of it. I have refused to make starchy vegetables or side dishes for our dinners. If he wants them he has to make them himself. He did make his own baked potato the other night. Man it looked good. He put it on the smoker and had cheese and something else baked into it. It smelled and looked divine. But I restrained myself and stuck with the roasted broccoli I had prepared.

I am really feeling that I can achieve my goal this year. I refuse to allow anything to sideline me this go around. My goal is to make Keto my lifestyle not just a diet for a few months. I am planning on eating this way for the rest of my life. I just have to realize I do not need those chips and bread anymore.

Well enough rambling, back to work for me.......

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017 - Random Thoughts

First of February already!!

This week for some reason I am in a funk. I don't know if it is the reduction in carbs and no processed foods that has me in a weird way. Although my carb intake is higher than it should be. Hopefully I will get it under control starting today. I did log all I wanted to eat today and made some adjustments to get my carbs lower. Such as, I eliminated blueberries in my protein shake this morning. I might have to cut out the berries for a couple of weeks until I am finally in ketosis.

I did find a new blogger that I started following. She is an older lady who vlogs and blogs about her keto journey. She is constantly posting which makes a difference when you want to hear advice and see what works for a blogger. I have unfollowed a few because of their lack of posting. I am sorry but I follow bloggers to help me with my own journey. When a blogger isn't blogging about their ups and downs it just frustrates me. The new blog is Go Keto with Casey by Casey Durango. I like her personality and honesty. She started Keto in 2014 and has lost 92.1 pounds!! Just amazing!! She did mention that when she began she ate a good bit of calories but now that she has been doing it for so long and is at the size she is now, she only eats to fuel her body. Plus she only eats 20 total carbs per day. I hope I can get to the point where I only eat because I have to.

I ordered the Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology mix and it should arrive tomorrow. I have heard so many great things about this shake mix that I finally dropped the $134 on it. Yes, over $100 for one bag of shake mix. If I like it and it works then I will opt for the auto ship where it will be a little be cheaper. But still over 100 bucks a month. I figured hey it is less than $5 a day for breakfast. I won't need fruit to mix in with it. As of now I think with all the items I mix into my Vega Protein mix it probably equates to the same amount. Shakeology is packed with so many great vegetables and fruits that really fuel the body. Plus it is suppose to regulate any digestive issues. I might need to start this over the weekend just in case my stomach goes haywire!!

Workouts - what can I say I am trying this week. I walked 10 minutes on the Treadclimber on Monday and did a 10 minute kettlebell workout. Since I could only do 20 minutes I decided to go for a mile and half walk. Pushed my steps over 6500 for the day and my fitbit said I burned 700 calories. I don't think I burned that many calories. Yesterday I skied for an hour after work. I didn't achieve my step goal since I skied instead of worked out. The fitbit doesn't recognize skiing so it didn't register any exercise burned calories. Today I plan on doing some step aerobics and kettlebell training. My thighs are sore from Monday. Plus my right shin area is bugging me. Monday night it would just have shooting pain and I would have to massage it out constantly. I don't know if I strained the muscle the other weekend when I twisted my ankle slightly at my son's wedding reception. I had on heels and was stepping off the dance floor. The dance floor had a slant I stepped on it which caused my ankle to twist. I caught myself before completely busting my ass, but I think that slight twist might have strained my shin muscle a bit.

So that's it. I am in a funk, started subscribing to new keto diet bloggers, messed up my right shin muscle slightly, and am trying my best to stick to workouts this week. I am going to work on dropping my carb intake to 20 grams per day. Will require a bit of tweaking but I think I can do it.