Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

It was a very busy weekend. I had to fly into Denver for my Son and Daughter-in-Law's Cambodian wedding reception that her family threw them. It was a wonderful event but we did not get into the hotel Friday night until 1 am. We had a full day on Saturday and did not get back to hotel until midnight. Then on Sunday our return flight was delayed by an hour and we did not make it home until midnight. This morning was rough trying to make it into work by 7 am.

Snow hit us hard while we were away and it took us almost 2 hours to drive home from airport which is normally 45 minutes to an hour tops. Good thing is I do not have any travel plans until Spring!!

As for eating this weekend it was not great but I don't think it was that bad either. We did do a lot of walking so I did work some of the restaurant food off.

I will try and ski a couple of times this week, but I will need to try and recoup from lack of sleep. I was going to go today after work but I just know that as tired as I am I would not really enjoy skiing even though we got so much fresh snow.

This week I will concentrate on tracking my food intake. I will not really try and keep my carbs under 50 net carbs but will try and start making my dinners only protein and veggies. I will stick to my steal cut oats for breakfast this week just because of the convenience. Plus I hope to just do protein shakes for lunch. This weekend I will do my meal prepping and start gearing up for my new workout plan I posted in my last post.

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