Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017

This week has been pretty good. I haven't gone totally Keto but have limited my carbs and processed foods a lot. I have also been very active. I haven't done an organized workout but I have gone skiing after work on Tuesday and then Wednesday did about 30 minutes of snow shoveling. I will go skiing after work again today. I am hoping that I will get to a more scheduled week but with all the snow we have been pounded with this month it is hard to say. I have to carpool with my husband each day so if I can remember to bring in my clubhouse key I can workout in the gym after work a couple days a week along with skiing a couple of days too. But I have to remember the key!!!!

Eating wise I have been sticking to 3 meals a day. I made a really good vegetable beef broth soup for lunch and have been eating steal cut oats and cinnamon apples with Greek yogurt for breakfast. I have also had about 3 cups of matcha green tea a day. I really think the Matcha green tea is helping give me a little more energy. For dinner it has been what I can throw together really quick. Monday night we ate out at Red Robin and I only had half my meal. Tuesday night I baked up some El Monterey shredded beef and cheese burritos (yes, processed but it was late and I had gone skiing after work). Wednesday night I made homemade chili with some saltine crackers. I have no clue what I will make for dinner tonight.

I did snack on some pecans yesterday after work too. But that is the first time I needed a snack prior to dinner. Could be because I ate less soup than normal.

I am still sick from whatever crud I caught right after Christmas, but I think with the weather the way it has been I will have this crud for awhile.

I have a 3 day weekend this weekend and will go full Keto for those 3 days. I am thinking during the week to stick to my steal cut oats just because they are convenient and very feeling then on the weekends go very low carb. I will see how it works out this weekend.

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