Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 - A New Year with Same old Goals

Well we are now into 2017 and my goals this year are the same as last year.

I started the new year with a chest cold and it is just not letting up.

I have cut back on my carbs since the 1st. I haven't gone completely Keto as of yet due to the cold. I just cannot handle this cold and Keto Flu at the same time!! So I am still around 100 carbs per day. But that is pretty good for me.

I have had no organized workouts since the 1st either. I did spend about 45 minutes yesterday shoveling snow from the drive, porch, and sidewalks. So I did burn some calories.

My daughter got a kitten this Christmas and chasing it all over the house should count for some exercise!! It's a BAD LITTLE KITTY!! And of course I am the one around it most of the time!! We named it Baskets, short for Basket Case!! Yeah that alone should explain how bad he is!! Hopefully he grows out of his curiosity and evilness.......

I have a long day today since I had to carpool with my husband. The snow has come in heavy and my car isn't the best for these conditions. I will have to be in my office an extra 3 hours.

So hopefully this cold goes away soon and I can get back to workouts and eating the Keto Diet way!!

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