Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th!!!

The past few days I have been sticking to the basics. I did over indulge last night with some chocolate squares, but not too badly. They are now all gone thank goodness. I plan on whipping up some keto friendly reeses cups this weekend. Hopefully they will help curb the sweet tooth monster!

I was about to get over the slight keto flu I was having until last night. I will probably go through the withdrawals. It is what happens when you backslide.

My 16:8 intermittent fasting is going really good I must say. I have been pushing my first meal off even when my stomach is growling profusely. I know my boss thinks I must be starving myself because I know she has to hear my stomach at around the 15 hour point each day!! LOL!!

I am down a pound since the 11th which is pretty good considering I ate some chocolate last night. I am sticking to the same meals each day for now. Starting tomorrow I will switch it up just a touch mainly because after today I will be out of my baby kale and salad fixings. I do have some keto soup frozen in the freezer and will substitute that in for my lunch.

I think I will also bake up some cloud bread if my mascarpone cheese is still good. If not then maybe some coconut, almond bread. I will see how I feel about the baking tomorrow.

I am still having a problem actually incorporating a workout into my day. I am doing plenty of walking just no strength training except for daily squats. I have to get my legs into shape for winter. I plan on a lot of snowshoeing and cross country skiing and need to be ready!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017 - Back to Keto Basics

These past few weeks have been horrible in the diet department! I have been off the wagon and just bingeing on sweets galore!! The culprit was Halo Top ice cream. Yes, the moment I ate any of that ice cream the sugar cravings came back very hard and I have been on the sweet roller coaster ever since. My weight is back up to 175 pounds!! My body is feeling achy and my sleep has been horrible!!

Back to Keto Basics!!

Beginning today I am back to the basics and not eating anymore frankenfoods! I have reduced my HWC to one tablespoon per day so I divvy it up in how many cups I plan to have which is normally 3 mugs. So just a splash per mug. This puts my calories for breakfast under 80 calories total. I do not eat until I hit my 16 hours of fasting. So whatever time I stopped eating the night before I push my first meal off for 16 hours. It wasn't easy today because my stomach was barking at me, but I made it and I didn't die!! LOL!! I ended up having a protein shake with a serving of collagen peptides along with a kale salad. Then I had a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter. So far I am satiated and do not want anything to eat. I hope this lasts until dinner which will be a ham, egg and cheese keto bagel. Then I am done for the day! I might have to lock myself in my bedroom to stay away from any snacking, but I will get through these next few days!!

I plan on eventually cutting the HWC out completely before long. I think I need to do a true fast to start seeing results.

There are so many contradictory articles out now about fasting and the keto diet. I will stick with this way of eating for at least a year. February will mark my full year and then I will reassess if this is working for me. I am not expecting to see a giant change in the scale between now and then, but I will know how my body is feeling. I do know that too much sugar causes me aches and pains. So sugar is something I have to have in very small moderation. Gluten and grains might be incorporated back into my diet, but I will see come February. One good thing about not having family home for the holidays is that I can keep the meals more keto friendly. So hopefully I will survive the holidays!

Friday, September 22, 2017

September 22, 2017

Well all this month I have not done any intermittent fasting. I have also ate too many carbs. I am jumping from 169 to 173 every week. This week I have been carb cycling somewhat. One day I will be around 20 net carbs and then the next around 150 net carbs. It has really been on days I have not taken my probiotic or enough magnesium. I think these two supplements really keep my sweet tooth at bay.

Exercise has only been walking the dog. Which equates to 22 - 25 miles per week. I really do need to try and incorporate some strength training and leg workouts before ski season arrives.

I am just puttering along and not fretting too much over my weight. I just have to stay a little more focus and really stock up my fridge and pantry with some good low carb foods.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017

It has been a month since my last post. My weight has fluctuated between 175 and 169 all month. Gave myself a break for IF for a few weeks. I will be going out of town in a week and will start back my IF protocol of 16/8 once I am back. I did do an egg fast the last week or two of August. It helped me get back down around 170 and I have stayed between 172 and 169 for the past week and half.

I adopted a pup 2 weeks ago!! He is a Siberian Husky named Rango and is 6 years old. So my activity has jumped just from walking him as often as I have to each day. Although we live in the country and have plenty of romping room, I cannot let him off his leash. I have been told that with husky's you really have to keep them on a leash due to their running with tunnel vision tendencies. Plus I have only owned him for 2 weeks and he is still getting used to me. My average miles per week have become about 22 miles of walking each week. I know with winter approaching my miles will decrease but I will buy a waist harness so we can go snow shoeing and cross country sking with Rango.

Other than trying to stay keto not much has been happening with me. Work has been hectic but that is what happens with the boss finally catches up with her own work. My work doubles to triples some days.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 1, 2017

I am still doing the IF 16:8 program along with eating keto. I am pretty much maintaining at the same weight for the past 2 months. I have began working out daily. My workouts are one day a lot of walking and the next kettlebell training. Today I have a step aerobic workout planned. I will try and do a bike ride tomorrow morning hopefully. I am still struggling to wake up with any want during the work week. I have not taken any pictures or measurements in awhile. I will do all measurements and pictures at the end of this month. I will slowly begin changing my IF up mid-August. I will be out of town next week so I figure I will change things up once I am back from vacation. I want to only do water for the 4 hours I am awake. I have been drinking coffee again and I think that is stalling me again. My goal is to get to a 20:4 IF protocol. But I believe to achieve this I need to only fast on water. The change in my work hours should start helping me achieve this goal.

I do know that I bike more in the Fall weather instead of Summer and that will help a lot. It is too busy in town to do any biking on the weekend. This town has become packed each weekend and I just cannot tolerate the crowds anymore. I think that once the weather begins to cool some I can bike prior to work or after work. Once the husband repairs our Element that carries the bike rack I can drive into work early and bike for about an hour. But I have to have the Element repaired before that can happen. So for now I will do kettlebell training along with step aerobics and other indoor workouts. I think doing these workouts each day will help solidify a good routine for me.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017 - Intermittent Fasting Update

I have been doing the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting protocol for 2 weeks now. There are some days I am pushing the fasting longer just because I haven't been that hungry. And then there are days I snack much more than I should in between my two meals. I have another week of 2 meals per day with a snack to then attempting only one meal a day with no snacks. I'm still up in the air about having fat during my fasting time. This week I did add in some morning coffee but sweetened with erythritol. Yesterday was pretty brutal on my stomach. I don't know if it was the erythritol or what. I'm going with the same eating plan today and if I have the same issue I know then it is the erythritol. If that is the case I will dump the morning coffee.

Some experts claim it is okay to have some heavy whipping cream or butter during your fast. Some say you should only be drinking water. I will test next week the only water during my fasting time. I figured since I haven't stuck to that mantra this week might as well stick with what I'm doing for the next 3 days.

One good thing going on at work is that I can now come in an hour later. I normally have to be at work at 7 am but I talked my boss into letting me come in at 8 am. If all goes as planned, I will be able to bike or exercise first thing in the morning now. It is so much easier to wake up at my normal wake up time and do an hour workout compared to having to wake up at 4:00 am. So starting next week I will stay on my normal wake up schedule but instead of hitting the floor and heading out the door I will either go on a bike ride or do some kettlebell training.

As of today no weight loss from last week. I was down to 171 on Monday but today I am back to my last weigh in weight of 172.2. My next weigh in is on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017 - Still struggling

I began my 16:8 fasting regiment on Sunday. I did really good that day, but I'm sure it had more to do with I slept in. On Monday, I made it to the 16 hour point prior to having a cup of coffee. Tuesday I made it only 12 hours before I caved and had a cup of coffee. Today, Wednesday, I made it to the 16 hour point. But.....I did have an ultra monster energy drink when I woke up. Now my readings and research state that erythritol does not spike insulin. That is why I had the monster because it is sweeten with erythritol. We shall see if this really makes a difference in the next couple of days.

I really am struggling with the only eat 2 times a day right now. Main reason is because I am home alone every evening and just do not want to cook a meal for just myself. I was in the same boat last summer and I did pretty good. Yet I was not implementing just eating 2 times a day with no snacks either. So I have to really access my situation and come up with a better game plan.

I want to stick to the intermittent fasting regardless and even get to the point of only one meal a day. I just do not want to derail any progress I have made thus far. Until next time!! I will keep on keeping on and figure out what will work for me for the next 4 and half months of pretty much being the only one home in the evenings. My husband is away throughout the week and my daughter is working 2 jobs that has her away in the evenings until late. So I am alone for now and have to come up with some single person meals that won't take up a lot of prep time. I do believe Sunday afternoons will become my prep day for all meals and I have to actually put some effort into this.

Friday, July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017 - Still working it all out

My energy level has been better this week, but it is still hard to get out of bed in the morning. Exception is this morning. I was wide awake at 4 am. I sat in bed checking my emails and such before getting ready for the day. I'm still pretty wired this morning, but I know around 6:30 tonight I will start hitting the wall.

My legs are so sore from my workout the other day. I only did 15 minutes of leg work, but man oh man am I sore!! I found a great 30 minute kettle bell all body workout video on youtube the other day. I will be doing that this afternoon. Hopefully I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning since I have a lot of errands to run.

My thyroid is such a huge problem with my metabolism. I have began supplementing with an adrenal support supplement since the beginning of the week. I have been reading and watching some informative videos about the root cause of a slow thyroid. It really comes down to adrenal fatigue. And I know the problems I was having after delivery of my last child and then my hysterectomy really stressed my adrenals which then stressed my thyroid.

With all that said, what can I do to lose weight with such a slow metabolism? Working out strenuously stresses the adrenal glands, so that won't work. I have been eating low-carb for 6 months now and it is helping but I have stalled for about a month now. Dr. Eric Berg released a very interesting video yesterday morning that has me reevaluating the way I am intermittent fasting. I have to cut out the butter coffee in the mornings and really only drink water for the 16-18 hours I am fasting. I cannot snack in the afternoon and consider it my 2nd meal of the day anymore too. Dr. Berg says to drop to 3 meals a day without snacking for 3 weeks and then drop to 2 meals per day for another 3 weeks and then drop to one meal a day. I feel that I can jump on into the 2 meal per day intermittent fasting for the next 3 weeks and then I should be able to do the one meal a day. My understanding of the reason for this way of eating and fasting is all about keeping the insulin level very low for 24 hours. You then are burning only your fat cells. I have been wanting to get to this point anyway, but now the explanation of why I need to is so crystal clear now. It's time to stop flopping on the bank and jump into this way of eating.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 11, 2017 - Trying to figure it all out

It has been almost a week since my last post. I'm still trying to figure things out with the keto way of eating. I don't understand why I have had such a sweet tooth lately. I think a lot is not being consistent with taking the potassium supplement. I was watching a youtube video by Eric Berg just now that was all about potassium. I really think I have to start not only taking the supplement each day but upping my intake amount. I have been around 3900 mg per day, but I think because of the insulin resistance I need to be closer to 5000 mg per day. The recommended amount per day is 4700 mg and I would not be over doing it by no means.

So, how should I do this?

 I plan on upping my dosage by 1/2 a teaspoon per day which would have me supplementing with 2 teaspoons instead of 1.5 teaspoons. I take the Bulk Supplement Potassium Citrate and calculated out the amount per teaspoon. On top of the supplement I will begin eating spinach salads each day with half an avocado. Between the spinach and avocado this should give me around another 1000 mg.

If I go with what I have in my food tracker right now, I will hit around 5025 mg of potassium today. If I stay around this amount for awhile, I will then see if it is really making any difference.

I did notice the other day when I drank an Ultra Monster Energy drink, I slept better. I just saw a video from Dr. Berg about Vitamin B6 as being a key factor in a good night sleep. It so happens the monster drink is chopped full of B Vitamins. Now I do know eating the spinach salad each day will also give me Vitamin B6, but I now don't feel so horrible about drinking the energy drink. I do need to limit my caffeine so I cannot over do it with the energy drinks either.

As for my high functioning depression,

I have seem to have kept it at bay for the most part. There are some days when I feel it creeping back in, but I also have been outside more too and I have read where Vitamin D deficiencies can cause depression. I have been really good at taking my Vitamin D supplement and getting some much needed sunlight. I just think that the winter dark days lasted so much longer this year that the depression hit me harder than normal.

Getting in some workouts

I also will be getting in more workouts from here on out. We found a great deal on a new bike rack for our car that makes bringing my bike into work so much easier for me. I actually have it with me today and will be hitting the double tracks after work today. I set up a page to track my bike mileage for this year. I don't have many, but I hope to get a lot more. I plan (if weather is permitting) to bike 3 times a week. Plus I will be incorporating in 3 strength training workouts per week.

All I know is that things have to change in my life as in I need to eat better and exercise. No one can make the change for me but me!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6, 2017

Vacation is over and all went great. I only gained back a pound and a half from all the eating and drinking during vacation time. So pretty darn good. I stayed pretty much keto the whole time. Everyone was so very supportive of me not eating bread or potatoes. No pushy foodies except for my DIL's grandparents who pushed me into eating oysters and muscles during one of our dinner outings. I ate them since it was just seafood but will not eat ever again. Yucky!!!

I still have not began a formal workout schedule with 4th of July just finishing up. I do plan on strength training and some biking each week starting this weekend. My next trip is scheduled for mid-August and I want to be stronger and a little lighter for some hiking in Colorado.

I am going to do a 5 day Keto Detox-like eating plan starting tomorrow. It is a keto soup plan that I found on a great keto-paleo blogger's site. I Breath I'm Hungry has a lot of great meal plans and I think this one help me out. Since I love soups this should do the job for me. Once I complete this plan I will begin working on my Intermittent Fasting trying to push it to 20/4 instead of the 16/8 I am doing right now. I figure I will just push myself pass my normal eating time an hour at a time until I have hit the 20/4 mark. I also want to try a 48 hour fast this month.

I will give an update at the end of my 5 day Keto Soup Plan and let you know how it went.

Friday, June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017 - Feeling better mentally and physically

Since my last post the cloud of depression is a little less. I have been trying to go outside each day and soak up some good old sunshine. I really think that makes a lot of difference. I have been keeping my carbs down to 20 grams per day. No chocolate or sweets this week.

I have not done the intermittent fasting this week either. I haven't eaten breakfast but I am having keto coffee each morning. Some say that the added fat in the coffee will not affect your fasting but it is nearly 500 calories. With that amount of calories in the morning I do not consider myself still fasting.

I am sticking to only 3 meals per day with no snacking in between. I am normally done with my last meal around 5:45 each evening and do not have my coffee until around 5:45 the next morning. So a good 12 hours of fasting. Once I am back from our vacation on the 21st I will go back to 16:8 fasting protocol. This time I will be only drinking water and coffee with no stevia. I want to see if the stevia really spikes the insulin. There are so many different views with this. Dr. Fung says any sweetener, natural or artificial, spikes insulin while Dr. Berg says it has no glycemic index results. But from Dr. Fung's book, The Obesity Code, he states that insulin release and the glycemic index are different. Because the glycemic index only registers the glucose spike from the food or item you consume. So it does not register the insulin that is being released so if stevia causes insulin to release then it isn't keeping my insulin down as low as I want during my fast.

No stevia in my coffee will be sooooo hard. I might just forgo coffee during these times and have it more as a reward after my meals. Once I have done the 16:8 protocol for about 2 weeks I will begin 20:4 fasting protocol. I will stick with this one for a couple of weeks as well and eventually I will work myself up to a 72 hour fast. I am thinking by the end of August I will be able to do this.

Since I have been eating lunch each day, I wanted to share with you my version of a chicken sandwich. Summer is a time where I do not care for a hot meal for lunch. I prefer sandwiches and salads. But I do tend to tire of salads pretty quickly especially if I am eating them for dinner as well. The other morning I really wanted a quick lunch prep and saw that I had some cloud bread in my fridge. I had lunch meat from the deli and thought why not try a cloud bread chicken sandwich. If I didn't like it I just would not eat it. I didn't want to put mayo of the cloud bread. I think the idea of mayo and cream cheese is not a good combo. I had some Laughing Cow Spicy Pepper Jack cheese wedges and decided to use them as my spread. Man o' Man is that a great combo!! For the past 3 days this has been my lunch. Just one of these is hard to finish. Very filling and satisfying for hours after eating. This is the cloud bread recipe I use if you are interested. I bake mine in a 6 bun baking pan that makes my cloud bread more formed and bun like.

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017 - Pushing through the lurking depression

This past weekend I pushed through my lurking depressive feelings and went to the movies as well as a free concert on Hill AFB. We went and watched a movie once that was over we made it back on base in time to listen to the Band Perry do a set. My anxiety was not great, but I pushed through it and my husband and I walked down to the concert area and listened for a bit.

Saturday the daughter and I did some retail therapy. I really cannot call it therapy because I really do not like trying on clothes in department stores. I pushed through some disappointed looks but did end up in a size smaller in shorts. There is a little muffin top but the size 14's would have required a belt. So I will take the muffin top for now. I am also at that in between stage on tops sizes. A large fits but looser than I would like, but the medium fits too tight. These are good things and I will accept that I am losing some inches. I am just not there yet to say I am in a medium top or a size 12 pant. But I am very close.

I decided to stop the intermittent fasting for these next 10 days. I will be drinking a couple of cups of keto coffee each morning and having a really fatty filled lunch. Today's lunch consist of an avocado, boiled egg, couple slices of cloud bread, and buttered beef broth. Dinner will be sausages and broccoli. Hopefully I do not need any snacks to get me through the day.

I had planned on waking up early and doing a workout, but since I hate early morning workouts I easily talked myself out of it. I will be cutting the grass this evening so some activity will be done. I will attempt an early morning workout again tomorrow. Hopefully I push myself out of bed and do it.

Friday, June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017 - The Cloud of Depression

The cloud of depression is shadowing my horizon at this moment. There is no reason for it, but it is there. I completely get that commercial that has that little cloud following the person through their everyday routine. I am feeling the shadow of it creeping in on me. Again, there is no reason for it. None whatsoever!!

Courtesy of All things Lena: Mind and Soul

For example, I have plans to hang out the the husband and daughter at Hill tonight. We are going to the movies tonight. My daughter and I are going to the gym in the morning and then shopping. I want to do these things, but I really would rather crawl into my bed after work and shut out the world right now. Seriously, why am I going through this?!

I just feel so emotional and reclusive right now. No reason whatsoever to feel this way.

I think starting tomorrow I will lay off the intermittent fasting. Maybe my insulin levels are dropping too low right now. I think I will get back to the basics of keto and incorporate 3 meals a day once again. Something needs to change. I have not loss any weight in 3 weeks. This is when I began the fasting protocol. I know my body will need to readjust and it does take time but if the readjusting is causing me to become depressed I don't like it. I want to feel normal and happy again. Plus the feeling of depression is causing me to want to eat lots of dark chocolate for the dopamine affect.

So yes, I will go back to the basics and let my brain chemistry work itself out. I don't want to not want to do things like I am feeling right now. I have a trip in a week and a half to visit family. I don't want to be in a funk and have to fake smile my way through things. For one thing, my sister will see right through me.

I think these evening I will eat a good meal and try to enjoy my surroundings even though there will be a lot of people around. I am going to have fun. I am going to tell my anxiety to take a hike.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017 - half way through 30 Day Challenge

I am half way through my personal 30 day challenge. I can say that these past few days I have not really tracked anything nor updated my daily challenge page. I have remained keto except I think I have over done it with the calories. Yesterday I had no set meals. I just grazed on nuts and keto bombs. Not a wise choice but it happened. There are no more keto bombs left so I can take back control over that, but there are still nuts and I really need to check myself.

I am currently on a 24 hour fast and am at hour 15. I am sipping on some beef broth with a scoop of collagen peptides right now. I am not really feeling hungry and that is great. I would like to actually push this fast to 36 hours, but I shall see how it goes. If I stay feeling the way I do right now I believe I can do it.

I made myself an electrolyte drink this morning. I had half a teaspoon of potassium citrate, 1/4 teaspoon of Morton Lite Salt, 16 ounces of sparkling water, and 3 squirts of Stur Naturally Skinny Black Cherry water enhancement. I had that around 8 am and I really feel pretty good. I just feel that I am very potassium deficient and need to really up it for a little while. With fasting I know I will not consume enough potassium. I am hoping it curbs my sweet tooth and helps me sleep better which in turn will help my adrenals function better.

As for exercising lately, I haven't done an actual workout. I have just been doing a lot of walking. Sunday we did go to Antelope Island and bike for an hour and then hiked for an hour and half. So plenty of cardio on Sunday. Saturday we just did a lot of walking while we shopped. My plan for today is to either do some weeding or take a quick bike ride after work. It really has to do with how hot it is when I make it home. Too hot and I will be biking. Too breezy and I will be weeding.

I just want something to start working for me. I have not loss any weight these past couple of weeks. I cannot even say I have loss inches since my clothes are fitting the same. I know I am sabotaging myself and I need to stop it.

I have been reading about High-Functioning Depression. I really feel that is what I am suffering and have been suffering for years. I just have to figure it all out and hopefully by regulating my micronutrients I will begin feeling better. I do not have a physical tiredness. I have a mental one. I really have no reason to be feeling this way, but I do. I keep it from my family and friends really damn good. It is a tough mental battle everyday and I know my hormonal imbalance is to blame. I will have another of my electrolyte drinks at lunch today. I will keep a mental record on if it starts clearing up my mental depression. I saw the following saying on Pinterest today about High-Functioning Depression and it really nails how I feel each day:

Sugar Blossoms: Coming Soon, I hope. . .:

Friday, May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017 - Crashed and Burned

Yesterday I really crashed and burned!! Not taking my supplements for a week really caught up with me, plus not having any vegetables for a few days didn't help. My potassium and magnesium levels were so low that I was tired, cranky, and craved sweets and carbs!!

I caved. Yep, I caved. I had I don't know how many milk chocolate morsels as well as some saltine crackers last night. I will be heading to the grocery store after work today and restocking the fridge with some produce. I will be eating salads each day again. I tell ya the moment you allow your pantry and fridge to get too low is when you cave. Or at least when I cave.

I will be setting myself up for achievements these next few weeks instead of allowing myself to cave again. My plan is to really do a lot of prep work over the weekend and have easy grab and go keto friendly snacks. I will also prep enough salad fixings to get me through the next week and then go by grocery store and restock prior to running out. I really have to accept that eating this way means I must shop weekly

I will receive in my powdered potassium soon too and I think that will keep me on track too. I will post how well it works or doesn't work. I also ordered some more organic multi-vitamins. I had quit using the gummy omega-3 multis because of the 4 grams of carbs in each serving. I probably should have ordered a new omega-3 but my brain isn't working all that well right now and I forgot to.

I did not take my progress picture yesterday just because I really had no energy to even change. I flopped down on the couch and vegged out. I am feeling a little more energetic this morning, but the day has really just begun, so let's hope I stay this way. I did order more Runa Clean Energy drinks. It is a tea that is made with organic plants that give you a natural caffeine boost. They are really refreshing and not sweet.

My coffee maker broke yesterday morning. I have to hold the k cup holder down while it brews. Time to look for a new coffee maker.....

Long weekend this weekend and I am going to enjoy every minute.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May 25, 2017 - Ramblings

So it is day 11 of my 30 day challenge. I have not been waking early and walking for the past 2 weeks due to weather. I have been sticking with the Intermittent Fasting. Today I am shooting for a 24 hour fast. At this moment I am at about 14 hours and man am I really having to ride the wave!! I think a lot is that I have not taken any supplements for over a week and my electrolytes are low. I ordered some powder potassium and hope to start implementing a keto friendly electrolyte drink into my daily regiment. The powder will not arrive until Saturday so I will not have it until Tuesday since I will not be in the office until then. If we are out and about in Park City over the weekend I might swing by the office and pick it up.

One way I kinda know my potassium has really plummeted is that I have had sweet cravings really bad these past couple of days. Plus I am feeling pretty weak and unmotivated. I have had no greens this week either. Plus I am very easily irritated. So I am going to push through and take all my supplements today.

Today is also the day I need to take a progress picture. I am thinking I should see some differences but won't know until I take the pictures and view them side by side. This marks 4 full months on keto. I can say I feel better when I stay on program and take my supplements!! I think incorporating the fasting will help me get to goal quicker, but if it doesn't it is still good for me. I really want to hit my goal of 135 pounds or a size 8 by Oct 31st. I just have to keep on going........

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 23 ,2017 - Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

I wasn't going to track my food for the rest of the challenge but decided to put in everything I consumed yesterday during my 20 hour fast. I hit over 20 total carbs!! It is all the fluids. There are hidden carbs in everything!!

No fasting today not even a 16 hour fast. I had butter coffee this morning for breakfast. I had been skipping even creamer in my coffee but decided to do 3 meals today.

I can say the 20 hour fast was not easy yesterday. Funny thing is if I had not planned a fast and had just forgot to bring in a lunch it would have been a normal day. But because I had fasting on my mind my mind took over instead of my actual hunger. I will be trying another 20 hour fast on Thursday and hopefully can push it to 24 hours. I am trying to gradually work myself up to a full 40 hour fast twice a week.

No weight loss from the fast yesterday. I actually went up by .6 pounds. I am not worrying about it. I am sure it is just my body reacting to the fast negatively for a couple of days. I will be trying to keep my carbs below 20 total grams these next two days.

Lunch consisted of deviled eggs and bacon. Yep, no carbs but from the pickles in the eggs. Dinner was cream cheese pancakes. I figure it is just a couple of days with little to no veggies and treat these couple of days like a fat fast.

I cut the grass after work and got plenty of exercise from it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 7017 - Day 5-8 of 30 Day Challenge

The weekend was pretty busy. I went down to Ogden and spent the weekend with the husband on base instead of him driving home. It was a busy weekend and we ate out pretty much everyday, but I stayed keto regardless of the breads and biscuits that came with my meals.

We also did a lot of walking, so I got in all my steps each day.

As for today, Monday, I am doing a 20 hour fast. I had dinner Sunday night around 5:30 and had lunch around 1 pm. I finished Dr. Fung's book on fasting Friday and now my daughter is reading it. I really hope she gets a lot out of it. Only thing I am doing that Dr. Fung doesn't recommend on a fast is using stevia in my coffee and tea. I will try and decrease the usage over time. My plan is to do a 20 hour fast today and then another one on Thursday.

I can say that at the 19 hour mark, I was becoming pretty hungry and all I could think about was food. I think my problem was that I just wasn't busy at work and had more time to think about the fast. I had a couple of cups of beef broth and they helped a little. Once I was home I tried to stay busy by working on my bookkeeping job. I would have normally done majority of the paperwork at my normal job, but I thought it best to save most of it for after work to keep my mind busy.

This morning I was at 171.6 pounds. I will let you know how it went tomorrow.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017 - Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge

A new day and I really tried to stay on track today. I was kinda forced to since I forgot my lunch in the fridge this morning. I realized it half way into work so at the point of no return. Luckily I had half an avocado in the fridge at work. So I had the avocado with some pork rinds and loaded bone broth for my lunch.

Received my book by Dr Jason Fung & Jimmy Moore, Complete Guide to Fasting, today and I think in the first chapter alone I have a section on almost each page high lighted. The first chapter has my undivided attention!! I was at work when I got it in and can I say no work for me happened the rest of the day!! So many great advice and sound research about our horrible diets and how reducing the insulin spikes in our day can heal our body. I want to shout this to almost all my family members but they will not change their eating habits even if it will save their lives!! I look back on my early 20s and wish to God someone had intervened and helped me eat correctly. What a difference my life would be now. I was my healthiest in my developing years prior to marriage because without knowing it I was fasting sometimes 24 hours every other day. I was only eating 3 meals a day most days and really my later teen years I was only eating one meal a day. Granted it was not the healthiest meal but it was only once per day. I realized that once I went to basic training for the Air Force that my metabolism slowed down due to eating standard 3 meals per day and not making good choices when I did eat those meals in the chow hall. I look back to my earlier years and see all the signs and warnings my body was throwing at me to eat low carb and high fat along with incorporating fasting into my routine. But it is a new day and I am doing my research and can make a difference from this day forward!!!

I did not snack today. I consumed 25 total carbs with net carbs at 19. Total calories were 1366 with ratio of 72% fat, 21% protein and 7% carbs.

I purchased Dr. Fung's book The Obesity Code today. I did the kindle version and have read almost half of it this evening!! Fascinating very fascinating.

No work out as planned because I have been reading instead.

May 17, 2017 - Day 3 of 30 Day Challenge

I had another restless night. Just a bunch of tossing and turning. It snowed this morning so no morning walk. I think this whole week will be no morning walks since snow and rain is in the forecast until Saturday.

I was up .8 pounds this morning. I am not fretting over the gain since it is normal for my body to fluctuate. I just hope to see some pounds loss by Sunday.

I ordered the The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Fung & Jimmy Moore yesterday. It will be in today, but I did get to read the intro for free on my tablet. I think it will be a great resource.

Since I only ate half my lunch yesterday, I had the rest for today's lunch. I can say that I really wasn't hungry for lunch yesterday and I probably could have gone without eating. The only reason I did eat was so I wouldn't snack once I was home. I also did not eat much of today's lunch too. I was getting pretty peckish around 9:30 this morning. I had my beef bone broth with butter and heavy whipping cream around 10:30 and when lunch rolled around I wasn't as hungry as I thought once I began eating.

I ended up having a snack when I got home. I snacked on some Smokehouse Almonds and a pickle.

Dinner was crustless pizza at around 3:30 pm. I had bone broth with coconut oil and turmeric creamer at around 5:00 pm. Then I snacked on cashews around 6:30 pm. So once I was home because I did not eat much for lunch my hunger and munchies were on fire.

My total carbs for the day came to 45 grams but with all the fiber the net carbs came down to 30 grams. My calories equated to 1507 with a ratio of 65% Fat, 23% Protein, and 12% Carbs.

I took a rest day from exercising today. I will kick it back up tomorrow with another step aerobic workout and do some lower body strength training. Can we say lots of lunges and squats are in store?!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 16, 2017 - Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge

Winter has come back and no morning walk. I ended up doing a step aerobics workout after work along with 20 minutes of strength training.

No change in weight this morning but that is fine. I did sleep pretty lousy. I woke up multiple times to go to bathroom along with just tossing and turning.

I broke my 16 hour fast at 10:30 am with a Lono Life Beef Broth K-cup. I added a tbsp of heavy whipping cream and a scoop of collagen peptide. Lunch was the same as yesterday since I had left over chicken. I did add half an avocado to my salad. The avocado put me over 20 grams of carbs but there is 10 grams of fiber so I didn't fret over it. Plus I only ate half the salad. Saving the other half for tomorrow. I just was not hungry.

Throughout the morning I began feeling pretty darn good. I don't know if it was from the Zip Fizz energy drink I had or what. I just could start feeling like my mood was becoming better almost like I was becoming lighter with less weight of stress on me. I did have 16 ounces of Pellegrino sparkling water as well. Pellegrino sparkling water is such a refreshing mineral water! Now the Zip Fizz energy powder has a lot of B12 and B6 vitamins. I might have been depleted in these vitamins since I haven't been taking a multi vitamin lately. My multi vitamin has 4 grams of carbs in it so I decided to stop taking it. It is a Gummi Omega-3 Multi vitamin and I buy them so my daughter will take them. I need to find my RainbowLight Women's Menopause Multivitamin again. Amazon has them but the price has gone up tremendously since they stopped the Subscribe and Save on it. I think the demand for them went up so they dropped it from their Subscribe and Save to make a higher profit off of it. I could be wrong but I do notice that when an item is no longer on the Subscribe and Save is because they have grabbed enough subscribers to get them hooked on the product and they will begin paying the higher price. Again, I could be wrong, just my opinion.

For dinner I made some sausage and peppers with onions saute. I also had another cup of tea with turmeric as a desert so to speak.

My total carbs ended up being 29 grams. But my net carbs were 18 grams. Total calories were 1193 with ratios of 73% Fat, 16% Protein, and 10% Carbs.

Huge snow storm is coming in tonight and hopefully roads are clear enough first thing in the morning so I can make it to work on time. I am really fed up with winter and ready for some constant sunshine!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017 - Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge

First day of challenge went great!! I actually woke up early enough to do a 45 minute walk prior to work. I think arriving to my office an hour early is really going to work for me. It was a nice walk that ended up being a mile and a half.

I broke my 16 hour fast with a cup of coffee with almond/coconut creamer, tbsp of butter, and a scoop of collagen peptides at around 10:30 am.

My lunch consisted of 3 cups of baby kale and spinach with mushrooms, blackberries, mozzerella cheese, and roasted chicken with a serving of roasted poblano dressing. Very good and filling!!

Dinner was cashews and matcha tea with coconut oil, butter and turmeric.

I actually tracked my total macros today just to see where I was with my total carbs. I was 36 total grams for my carb intake. Total calories were at 1227 with my ratios at 69% fat, 19% protein, and 12% carbs. My carbs could have been lower if I had not used the Califia Almond Coconut creamer in my coffee this morning. Those 4 tablespoons alone equated to 8 grams of carbs. So tomorrow I will only do 2 tablespoons until I can get to the store and buy more heavy whipping cream for the office.

Until tomorrow!! I will keep pushing and enjoying my early morning walks!! I really felt less stress each step I took. I will also do some strength training tomorrow.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14, 2017 - Weeks 14 & 15 back on Keto Diet

It has been a very rough couple of weeks for me. I have had the worst sweet tooth cravings!! I mean the worst. I was doing an eating plan through KetoDietApp but I think it was just too many meals and too many calories which triggered a sweet tooth. So I stopped it on Thursday, May 4th. I then began Intermittent Fasting on that Friday. I began doing 16/8 hours. It has been pretty easy so far, but I did gain weight the first few days of doing it. I don't know if the over eating of calories (even though I remained keto) caught up with me or what. I went from 172 to 174 in three days.

I have been sticking to the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting. I also baked up some cloud bread to off set any sweet cravings along with keto friendly peanut butter cups. The peanut butter cups really help and I only have one each night if I do not have the cloud bread with heavy whipping cream and berries instead. I also have not tracked any macros for 2 and half weeks. It was becoming so much work and it really wasn't telling me anything new. I have just stuck with some veggies at both of my meals and only ate until full. I think also cutting out the cream coffee each morning is helping. I limit myself to one cup of butter coffee or tea per day and I consume it right before lunch or dinner.

I loss the 2 pounds I gained during Week 14's sweet cravings. I am back down to 172 and holding steady.

I will be conducting a 30 day challenge for myself beginning tomorrow. My plan is to wake up at 5 am each day during the week and be out of the house by 5:30. I will then walk the path near my office for 45 minutes to an hour. If the weather is snowy (they are calling for snow AGAIN this week) I will walk on the treadclimber and mini trampoline instead. Either way I will be doing 45 minutes to an hour walk each week day morning. I will incorporate 3 days of strength training through out the week as well. Hopefully I can throw in a couple of days of biking as well.

For the food during my 30 day challenge I will stick with 25 to 20 total grams of carbs per day and stick with the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting.

My goal with the 30 day challenge is to be down one size by June 14. That is the day we fly down to South Carolina and hang with family. I will be documenting my challenge daily.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017- 13 Weeks on Keto Diet

This week has had its ups and downs. My weight has been up and down all week. I really think it is time to throw out the scale.

I don't remember if I posted last week that I accidentally bought half and half instead of heavy whipping cream for my coffee. I didn't get a chance to go by the store and pick up heavy whipping cream until Thursday.  I think the extra dairy had me bloated and gave me sweet cravings. Thursday night was rough. I wanted something sweet so bad. I did end up eating some 85% Dark Cacao Chocolate squares and then that wasn't good enough I grabbed the Sea Salted Caramel Nestle chips and had a hand full. Sweet tooth was taken care of but then I felt like crap. I really have to make up some friendly keto chocolate bombs for these occasions.

I joined a 60 day Keto Challenge with the KetoDietApp blog. It's a free challenge and I thought, "Why not". One cool thing about the challenge is that there is a free downloadable 14 day meal plan. Of course some of the meal ideas I either eliminated (cannot stand the taste of mackeral) or I substituted a different type of protein. I am also not one to do smoothies anymore so I exchanged any keto friendly smoothie recipes with keto coffee. They actually have a different version of keto coffee I have never seen before. It has 2 egg yolks added on top of all the coconut oil and heavy whipping cream. I will be trying this version.

Another cool thing about following this 14 day diet plan is that I already have all my meals and macros calculated for me for the next 2 weeks. By Friday I was just done tracking everything I put in my mouth. So from May 1st to the end of June I will be using various keto diet meal plans I find on the internet and through the KetoDietApp. I think the less over planning I have to do each week will help reduce some of my anxiety lately. It will be nice to grab what is on the provided shopping list and follow the recipes for each meal.

Today I will be preparing some of the meal plan recipes so I won't have to worry about waking up extra early Monday morning to cook up the frittata they have on plan for the next 3 days. The one frittata I cook up tonight will be my Monday's lunch, Tuesday's breakfast and then Wednesday's lunch. That really works for me!! Plus there are other meals that I can cook one evening and the left overs make up 2 days of meals. This is going to really free up a lot of my evenings and hopefully with better weather coming in, I can spend more time outdoors either doing some gardening or biking.

So at the beginning of the week I was at 172.2 pounds. I loss .8 pounds last week. So this week with my weight bouncing up and down, I landed at 172 pounds this morning. That is .2  pounds loss.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Fat Fast and my results

Since derailing on Easter with that Carb Loaded Meal, I have stalled in my weight loss. I also noticed that I am really only losing maybe a pound or 2 per month. I feel that I need to do a reset and help with my insulin resistance. I decided to do a 3 day Fat Fast.

Many different ways to do a Fat Fast are out there on the internet. I decided to keep my calories between 1000 and 1200 each day with fat ratio of about 78% - 85%. I just cannot really get to the higher percentage just because I do need some real food instead of just fat.

I decided to go from Friday to Sunday since my husband was out of town until Sunday night. Makes is so much easier when you don't have to share meals with anyone in particular. My daughter was home but she is pretty laid back on not requiring a true meal each evening.

Day 1 Meals:

Breakfast: 2 cups of Keto Coffee

1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of kerrygold butter, 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream, 2 servings of monk fruit, 20 ounces of gevalia dark roast coffee

Calories: 335  Carbs: 1 g Fat: 35 g  Protein: 0 g

Lunch: Deviled Eggs - (6 halves) with pork rinds

3 hard boiled eggs, 1.5 tbsp of mayo, 1 tsp of mustard, .5 tbsp of Mt Olive Sugar-free relish, salt & pepper, and 1 ounce of pork rinds

Calories: 453  Carbs: 3 g  Fat:  36 g Protein: 28 g

Dinner: Crustless Pepperoni Pizza

3 ounces of Cache Valley Mozzarella Cheese & 1.5 servings of Gallo Pepperoni Slices

Calories: 420  Carbs: 2 g  Fat:  33 g   Protein: 33 g

Total macronutrients for Day 1:  Calories:  1208  Carbs: 5 g  Fat: 104 g Protein: 61 g

Ratios:  78% Fat      20% Protein     2%  Carbs

Day 2 Meals:

Breakfast: 2 cups of Keto Coffee

1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of kerrygold butter, 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream, 2 servings of monk fruit, 20 ounces of gevalia dark roast coffee

Calories: 335  Carbs: 1 g Fat: 35 g  Protein: 0 g

Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs in kerrygold butter w/ 4 slices of bacon

Calories: 480  Carbs: 2 g   Fat:  31 g  Protein:  28 g

Dinner: Chicken thigh with zucchini sauteed in kerrygold butter

Calories: 215  Carbs: 4 g  Fat: 16 g  Protein:  13 g

Total Macronutrients for Day 2: Calories: 1030  Carbs: 7 g  Fat:  82 g   Protein:  41 g

Ratios: 79% Fat    18% Protein  3% Carbs

Day 3 Meals:

Breakfast: 2 cups of Keto Coffee

1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of kerrygold butter, 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream, 2 servings of monk fruit, 20 ounces of gevalia dark roast coffee

Calories: 335  Carbs: 1 g Fat: 35 g  Protein: 0 g

Lunch: Crustless Pepperoni Pizza

2 ounces of Cache Valley Mozzarella Cheese & 1 ounce of pork sausage & tsp of pizza sauce

Calories: 420  Carbs: 2 g  Fat:  33 g   Protein: 33 g

Dinner: Chicken salad w/ half avocado and bacon & Matcha Tea Fat Bomb

3 ounces of chicken thigh boneless and skinless, 1.5 tbsp of mayo, 1 tsp of mustard, chopped onion, 1 tbsp of Mt Olive sugar-free relish

Calories: 499 Carbs:  16 g  Fat:  39 g   Protein: 24 g

Total Macronutrients for Day 3: Calories: 1094  Carbs: 22 g   Fat:  95 g   Protein:  46 g

Ratios:  76% Fat,  17% Protein,  8% Fat

My starting weight Friday Morning: 175 pounds
Weight on Monday Morning:             172 pounds
Total weight loss on Fat Fast: -3 pounds

***Not a drastic loss but I think it reset my system a tad and hopefully I am back into losing again. It did stop my sweet tooth and carb cravings. So it was worth the three days of fat fasting. I do believe next time I will need to up my fat intake and reduce my protein to see any significant loss.

Friday, April 21, 2017

April 23, 2017 - 12 Weeks on Keto Diet

On Sunday I had a carb loaded meal that threw me out of ketosis and brought on the sweet cravings from HELL! I posted about my experiences in this post.

I have tried to reign in the monster called Carb Cravings but it has not been easy. When I go off rail with eating horrible carbs my energy level plummets to nearly no existence that then causes my cravings to be even worse. It is a very spiraling affect.

I am currently doing a Fat Fast to try and get these cravings under control and put myself back into ketosis.

This is a short post just because I have been horrible this week and there is no upside to going off keto. None what so ever!!

My carbs have remained under 100 grams per day and really under 50 grams most days. I had one day where I was over 60 grams but never above that. I just function better when I keep my carbs at no more than 25 grams per day. I blew it and it is what it is.

At the beginning of the week I was at 173 pounds, today I am at 172.2 pounds. I did begin the Fat Fast on Friday so any weight loss is from that because on Friday morning I was up to 175 pounds. I am hoping I will not gain any weight back after tomorrow when I go back to regular keto once again. I will post my total results and full days of the Fat Fast tomorrow.

Lessons learned and time to keep it keto!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19, 2017 - Carb Laden Meal

Well for Easter dinner I made homemade biscuits and gravy for my husband and daughter. I was going to make me something keto, but I had been working in the yard all day without a break and just didn't have the energy. Hey, they were lucky to get fed. So I stumbled and ate a biscuit with a scoop of gravy for dinner. In my thought pattern, I justified all the carbs because I had not had any carbs except for a slice of yellow pepper for breakfast. I also thought that since I had been working so hard all day the carbs would not mess up my weight loss.

They didn't mess up my weight loss at all. I have maintained at 173 all week so far. But they did mess me up. Let me give you the list of ailments I have suffered from one biscuit and one scoop of sausage gravy:

1. I have had horrible nights of nearly no sleep

2. My stomach has churned for two days

3. I have sinus congestion

4. My sweet tooth craving has been through the roof and I caved last night by eating trail mix with M&Ms. Yep pure junk food.....

5. I have had no energy to do any type of physical activity and I mean zero!!

So one meal has put me in a whirlwind of a situation for 2 days. Today I am taking control and curbing the carb cravings and not giving in anymore. I really thought I could handle caving for one meal, but I apparently am not fat adapted enough to have control. I at first thought all the issues I am having was from over doing it this past weekend with all the yard work I did. I was outside from 9 am to 4 pm constantly working for 3 days straight. I did not eat lunch either days. I just chalked it up to over taxing my body with all the kneeling, walking, and weeding. But then I remembered my Sunday night dinner and it hit me. A carb loaded meal isn't something my body can handle at this stage. It opens the flood gates every time. I am just glad that I realized the culprit early in this spiraling down affect before it really got out of hand.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Day of Eating the Keto Way

Hi, I thought I would give a peep into a day of eating the keto way.

Breakfast - Butter Coffee
Calories: 219, Carbs: 1, Fat: 14, Protein: 10
My butter coffee consists of a scoop of collagen peptides, 2.5 tbsp of heavy whipping cream, 2 servings of Monk Fruit Sweetener, & .5 tbsp of kerrygold butter along with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt divided between 2 cups of coffee. I froth my coffee with my magic bullet blender. The first cup I have at home while the second one I sip on for about 2 hours after I make it into work.
Normally I can make it until around 12:30 to have lunch but this particular morning I was pretty hungry by 11 am. So I took an early break and enjoyed a quick and easy lunch.

This is a quick and easy lunch. I just made a quick egg salad and used pork rinds as my cracker. The egg salad consists of 3 boiled eggs, tbsp of mayo, tsp of mustard, tbsp of sugar free pickle relish and salt and pepper to taste. I also had a couple of  baby dill pickles. I weighed out the pork rinds and that is an ounce in the picture which is 2 servings per the package. They are also plain rinds which I find better when using them as a cracker substitute.

Just because I am on the Keto way of eating doesn't mean I do not miss pizza. I came across a great video on how to make a cauliflower crust pizza. I need to tweak mine just a bit due to the type of pizza pan I cooked mine on. I should have left it in the oven a tad bit longer in order for the center to bit cooked a little better, but taste wise I was impressed.

Total macro breakdown: Calories: 1249, Fat: 84 grams, Carbs: 29 grams, Protein: 84 grams

Not pictured are the 2 Monster Energy drinks I had that day as well. These equate to 4 grams of carbs. I did have 2 slices of the pizza so that is double the amount shown. If I do not snack this is what my days normally equate to. I am ranging between 1200 - 1500 calories per day.

April 16, 2017 - 11 Weeks on Keto Diet

Happy Easter!! I will not be indulging in any Easter candies this year. Now that my kids are grown I really do not indulge in any Easter candies anyways. I haven't had to deal with Easter baskets in over 8 years.

This week was a good week with eating and exercising. I did a lot of walking and gardening as my exercise this week. I really enjoyed a 3.5 mile walk after work the other day. The rest of the time I have been removing grass from flower beds around the new-to-us house we are leasing. The home had been abandoned for over 8 years and the grass has taken over everything. So I have been working on removing all the grass and uncovering any surviving plants in the surrounding flower beds.

On the eating front, I have managed most days to stay around 1300 calories per day. My fat has been between 75 - 100 grams per day. The highest my carbs got to was 45 grams one day, but it was an evening where I made cauliflower crust pizza so the carbs were all good carbs. My macro ratios have been staying around 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs. I think this is working in order for me to lose around a pound a week. I am going to try to reduce the carbs down to 5% and see if that will up my weight loss slightly this week.

I loss 1.8 pounds this week so my ratios are working for me. I do weigh myself daily and yesterday I had loss 2.2 pounds but .4 pounds came back which is probably water retention. But I will go with the weight on the scale as of this morning. So I now at 173. I have a ways to go but I am steadily losing again and that is what matters.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April 9, 2017: 10 Weeks on Keto Diet

I am feeling so much better these past few weeks. I am losing slowly but I will take the feeling great over that any day!! My sleep has been wonderful. I am sleeping soundly and waking up with lots of energy. On the weekends I am eating a large breakfast and it has been keeping me going until dinner. The other day my husband was hungry at lunch and grilled some hamburgers. He asked if I wanted one and I at first thought yes because it was around 1 pm and I had not ate since around 9 am. Then I really thought about my hunger level and said no. I was not hungry and not even close to feeling hungry. Now when it hit 6 pm I was hungry. We were at a social event and I settled for a salad with a couple pieces of meat they were serving. I passed on any alcohol and the desert stand. I might have had only 1200 calories or maybe less the whole day and felt perfectly fine.

The fact is I am now having maybe 2 meals per day and staying around 1400 calories total. My macro percentages are about 70% fat, 20% protein & 10% carbs. I'm thinking about reducing my fat to around 60% so I can burn my body fat more efficiently.. Hopefully, soon I have a WHOOSH on the scale since I am staying pretty consistent.

My macro ratios are consistent but I think I consumed too many calories this week. I averaged around 1450 calories per day. I really have to get that down to around 1250 with exercise each day.

My weight this week is up by .4 pounds. I weigh 174.8 today. Hope my WHOOSH happens this week.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April 2, 2017 - 9 Weeks on Keto Diet

Last week was a huge win to finally see some changes in weight and my progress picture. This week I loss another pound!!

I have been really listening to my hunger and only eating when I am really hungry and stopping when I am full. The main macronutrient I have been tracking this week is my total carbs. I am still inputting everything into my SparkPeople food tracker so I can see my total carbs. I pretty much have the same breakfast everyday so that one I have down. During the week I make 3 days of the same lunch (I weigh everything and put it into my tracker before hand) then the other 2 days are a different lunch but I still have weighed everything and inputted them into my tracker. On the weekend is where things can become off kilter just a tad. I wake up later and eat dinner normally earlier because I don't have a real lunch.

I am still doing a 30 minute workout everyday. I have been following a 14 day challenge by Jenny Ford and it has been wonderful doing my step aerobics once again. I have to do the routines in the livingroom since the workout room does not have a TV that can upload YouTube yet. So I just tell the husband to clear out and I shut the drapes and start a stepping. Is it stupid of me to shut the drapes? I still don't want people seeing me workout. Crazy isn't it!!! I'm hoping that in a month or so we can purchase a new smart TV so I can do everything in the workout room.

My husband's company had an end of season get together. They had a huge buffet, but I stayed with the salad and grilled meats. They had a great leg portion barbeque chicken that I devoured!!

The husband will be out of town during the week and only home on the weekends until the end of November. Staying keto during these next few months will be so much easier with him only home on weekend. I can say my husband and daughter are so supportive with my way of eating. They do not try and force any carbs my way. They do not understand how I can go without eating sugar and breads and pastries but they support me and understand on days I refuse to cook a carb heavy side dish.

Taking progress pictures is really what is keeping me in the game. Being able to see the difference in my stomach area from less bloat is a game changer. I will post progress pictures each month this time around. The scale just doesn't show the progress as well as a picture does.

Casey Durango at Go Keto With Casey posted a video the other day that has had a resounding affect on me. It was about Self-Sabotage! She stated that we self-sabotage because we end up quitting because we don't want to fail. I can say that many times I have hit the 10- 15 pound weight loss point and then have giving up by resorting back to my old ways of eating. As she says too, push through the mile stones and make new ones and DO NOT GIVE UP!! Failing is different from quitting and the hard truth is that I have just quit so many times that has caused myself to fail. Not this time Buddy!!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017: Week 8 - Back on Keto Diet

It has been 2 full months back on the Keto Way of Eating. I have stumbled a pretty good bit, but I think it is just getting my mindset around eating this way again. I have been trying to figure out just how low in carbs I need to go in order to see weight loss. It really is hard for me to get to 20 and below total carbs. It is just the type of vegetables I like that bring up my carbs and there is hidden sugar in all condiments. I think what has really kicked my carbs up this week has been my salad dressing. I try to eliminate other hidden carbs but it really is exhausting sometimes. My total carbs per day were in the high 20s.

My carb cravings have been pretty darn bad this week. The other night I almost succumbed to eating trailmix that had raisens and M&Ms. I had the bag in my hand but quickly tucked it back into the pantry. I then headed over to my Keurig and made a cup of Matcha Tea with Turmeric powder. That worked and although I ate higher calories than I wanted I stayed around 20 total grams of carbs that day.

I switched up my water enhancer from Mio to Stur. Mio is sweetened with sucralose that, I think, causes me carb cravings. The Stur is sweetened with all natural stevia. I am hoping this switch up helps my evening cravings.

**A Non-Scale Victory (NSV) this week was going to the movies and not buying anything to snack on!! I had my lunch for the day and did not eat until we were at a new restaurant that we tried. That was another NSV since almost everything on the menu had some type of carb in it. The meals either had rice noodles, quinoa, sweet sauce or bread. I ended up ordering a cheeseburger without the bun and only used mustard, no ketchup, on the patty and gave my french fries to my husband. I did have a couple of Vodka Cranberry cocktails so I'm sure there was sugar in the cranberry juice. I told my husband next time we go to a bar (you had to be 21 or older to enter this establishment) I was going to bring my Stur water enhancer and order vodka and club soda and then sweeten it up with my Stur. You have to make it work for yourself when you go out to eat at any restaurant now a days. I have noticed that even the most healthiest establishments have some type of sugary sauce on all their foods even in the vinaigrette.**

My weight at the beginning of the week was around 182. It has been going up and down between 178 and 182 all month. I really worked hard at staying in the lower 20 grams of carbs this week. It was a tough week especially since my allergies are causing havoc with my sinuses. Every time I feel the carb urge, I have either made a cup of beef broth or Matcha Green tea with turmeric. I just have to get through these next few weeks and then I think it will become easier. I feel that my up and down eating of carbs has my body still using glucose as my fuel source. Once I have burned all the glucose I should be in Ketosis. I will test in a few days and see if I am. I keep forgetting to test each evening with the KetoStix.

My weight as of today is 175.4. I lost from last week's weigh in a total of 3.6 pounds. What a difference lowering my carbs is making. Plus I did workout a few times this week as well as try and hit my step goal daily.

Average for the week:

Calories: 1460   Fat:  70 grams    Total Carbs: 28 grams    Protein:  77 grams   Fiber:  5.4 grams

I lost nearly 4 pounds this week which means less of that yucky yellow stuff on my body!!!

I also wanted to share a comparison of last month's progress picture with this month's.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017 - Week 7: Back on Keto Diet

The beginning of the week I had decided not to track my macros and eat only when hungry. Well.....

Not tracking at the beginning of the week was not working for me. I was binge eating around 4 each day if I did not workout. If I worked out I was fine, but sitting around watching TV after work had me mindlessly snacking. As of Thursday, I started tracking again and planning my day out. I have come to the resolution that I just have to track during this journey of becoming healthy and fit. It is part of my day and I have to stick with it.

I came across a very interesting picture analysis of 5 pounds of fat. I was a little down since all I have loss really is 5 pounds since I have gone back to the Keto way of eating. But really I have loss almost 10 pounds since my heaviest at the end of 2016.

I looked back at my stat page and realized I never put down my heaviest weight. I was at 189 at the end of 2016. I have pounced between 189 and 178 for the last 2 years. It is crazy to think that when I was around 165 I thought I was huge. Man would I love to see the 160s again!! I will see them and then I will be waving goodbye just as fast, as I cruise on down. I have the confidence and surety this go around that I will make it to my goal weight of 135 by the end of  2017.

So double that fat and that is what is no longer on my body!! I will keep this picture and pull it up every time I think nothing is changing in my weight!

I think I have figured out my sweet tooth trigger. I have been using Mio water enhancer for a few months now. I took a look again at the ingredients and sucralose is the sweetener. I don't normally use sucralose sweeteners and think maybe this is what's triggering the sweet cravings. I ordered some Stur water enhancer that is sweetened by stevia and is zero calories and carbs. I will see if switching to this type of sweetener lessens my cravings. Plus the main reason I believe it is the sucralose is that I drink the Mio mainly in the evenings and that is when the cravings hit me hard.

This week I have stuck to only One Meal A Day (OMAD). My morning breakfast have been butter coffee with collagen peptide in one of the cups. I only drink 2 cups per day. For my lunches this week I have either had the mushroom soup I did up last week or a cup of beef bone broth with a spot of whipping cream. Dinners have been my failing points. If I have planned a dinner then I do well except for the binge eating. Now if I have eaten a bunch of random crap prior to dinner, I have not eaten anything else that evening. But even with a planned dinner, I have caved in to my sweet tooth and eaten peanut butter or some type of chocolate. I am really hoping switching the water enhancer will help.

With a week off the scale my weight this morning is 179. I am up a pound from last week. That's better than I thought it was going to be since I really binged at the beginning of the week.

 A new week is upon me and I will be prepping lunches and snacks for the week. Plus I have some really nice dinners planned for the coming week.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 - Week 6: Back on Keto Diet

I think after two months of steady keto WOE the title will need to change for my weekly update posts. There will be no need to say Back on Keto Diet after 12 full weeks of consistently eating low carb. I guess last week was not really Keto but I still stayed below 100 total carbs per day.

I am still not consistent on staying at 20 total grams of carbs or under. I really need to get back to work! I stay more consistent when I am on schedule. I also know that the lack of sleep this past week is also a culprit in me wanting to eat more. I also always have a lunch planned out when I work. So I decided to cook up a mushroom soup to cover my lunches and add a leafy green salad to the mix.

I also cleaned out the pantry of any frankenfoods that have been a quick grab for me. I had a couple of boxes of Atkins Snack Bars and even though they say they are only 2 net carbs per bar, I feel that the sugar alcohol they use really kicks my cravings into overdrive. So no more junk bars that claim to be nutritious because they aren't!!

I began incorporating back in turmeric into my daily menu as well. Turmeric has such a great anti-inflammatory property that I really need right now. Instead of making up a paste like I have in the past, I just scoop 1/2 a teaspoon into my Matcha Green Tea along with a dash of black pepper and blend it up in my Magic Bullet.

On Wednesday evening I prepped my kitchen of daily meals and snacks for the rest of my week. I will do the same thing again today. When I have everything weighed out and in the correct portions it is easy for me to stay on track.

I started an Egg Fast on Monday but by Tuesday I just was not prepared to keep going. I am going to concentrate on keeping my carbs at 20 grams and below for a while before attempting another egg fast. I need to become more consistent with my Keto WOE before trying another fast anytime soon.

This has just been an all around bad week for me. Today is a new week and I need to stay at 20 or below with my carbs. I have to see if this low of carbs is going to make a difference for me. I have not been consistent and will never know until I am.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat            Total Carbs                Protein
Sunday                            1220                   89                   56                            66                
Monday                           1320                  106                 15                            83            
Tuesday                           1600                  123                  43                           100
Wednesday                      962                   63                   17                             32                
Thursday                        1471                  80                    22                            62               
Friday                              1731                 132                   79                            68
Saturday                         1427                 87                      41                            78

Daily Avg:                      1390                 97                       39                            70                

Week 6 Weight Loss:   -2.4 pounds
Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds
Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - 1 pound
Week 4 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain:   0 pounds
Week 5 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain:  +2 pounds

Total to date weight loss: 5 pounds

So in 6 weeks I have loss 5 pounds. Could have been more but I had 2 bad weeks of not losing and actually gaining.  I have loss just under a pound per week. I have 5 weeks before my April Goal of being 20 pounds lighter. That puts me at needing to lose 3 pounds per week. It should be attainable if I keep my carbs at 20 grams or lower each day. I was able to lose 3 pounds in one week my first week back on the Keto Diet. I know I can do it these next 5 weeks!!!!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 5, 2017 - Week 5: Back on Keto Diet

Changing my tracking up just a tad. Decided to go with total carbs instead of net carbs and try to stay at 20 grams or below. I knew Sunday would be a bust since it was the last day of skiing for my husband prior to his knee surgery on Thursday. We went to our favorite on-slope restaurant and indulged.

Slept poorly Monday night for no known reason. I was just hot all night long and slept really bad. The lack of sleep hit me hard Tuesday and I now know that my sleep pattern can destroy my day of eating. I was craving sweets all day long. I had no energy to even walk my set goal steps. I caved and ate an Atkins Bar AND peanut butter!! Pushed my calories and carbs way up there. Only good thing is the scale did not go up Wednesday morning. Plus Wednesday morning I had zero appetite since I slept so soundly Tuesday night.

I just had an all around bad week. I ate way too many carbs each day. Being a care provider is just not my thing. I am taking care of the husband after his knee surgery. Not taking care of myself is the problem. I actually ate a donut on Friday and an apple. I had digestive issues right after eating the donut and then a headache the rest of the day and all of Saturday. Bottom line is sugar gives me headaches and the processed crap in the donut gives me digestive issues. I have to stick with the Ketogenic diet because I do feel better eating this way. Just one day of eating a couple of items off plan and it messed up practically the whole weekend!!

Egg Fast begins Monday and man do I need it!! I was staying at a steady 177.4 all week until Saturday and this morning. I am now 180.4. I know it is from the stress eating. I have ate way too many carbs and really need to get control. 

I again started out this morning aggravated with my poor DH. He is just a horrible patient and I am a horrible care giver. So I was angry at him for trying to do more than he is allowed. He is trying to take some of the responsibility off of me, but it has only been 4 days since surgery and he needs to just do nothing. So I am trying to remain calm and accept that he is going to try and do more than he should. 


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat            Total Carbs                Protein
Sunday                          1827                  102                   41                               90
Monday                        1246                   88                     17                               43
Tuesday                        1655                   117                   58                               87
Wednesday                 1710                   120                   77                              106
Thursday                     1340                   110                  36                               69
Friday                           1755                   126                  102                             62    
Saturday                      1965                   138                  84                               113

Daily Avg:                    1643                      114                 59                              81

Week 5 Weight Gain:  +2 pounds

I did workout 4 days this week. I also tried to hit my step goal each day but failed a couple of days. I have a few challenges with some FitBit friends that get me going each day. 

I will be prepping for the Egg Fast that begins tomorrow all day today. I really want to set myself up for success this coming week.

Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds
Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - 1 pound
Week 4 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain:   0 pounds

Total to date weight loss: 1.8 pounds

Monday, February 27, 2017

February 26, 2017 - Week 4: Back on Keto Diet

As you might have read in my previous post, I did a 3 day egg fast this past weekend. I loss  a total of 4 pounds during those three days. This go around, the egg fast was a lot easier since I was home for the full three days and planned ahead.  I am planning on doing another egg fast beginning Monday, March 6th along with a few other keto dieters. Maybe the support will push me harder to lose more in the 3 days and keep it off with no relapses the following days.

I have been working out everyday this week and nice hard workouts too. I have been trying to stay in the cardio - peak zone for at least 15 minutes or more. For example, my fitbit says I was at peak for 21 minutes and at cardio of 20 minutes for my Monday workout. I am trying to push myself just a tad, but I don't want to over do it and crash either. Last week I did not post my calories eaten vs burned printout because I had a massive headache and just didn't want to go through the hassle of printing and scanning. But I did add it on this week.

I have been reading a few articles on the phases of ketogenic diet. I believe I am pass the induction phase and now in the fat adapting phase. With the fat adapting phase, many say that you need not to add any additional fat to your food except for flavoring or cooking. No more butter coffees for me. I want my body to begin burning the stored body fat and not use the ready available digested fats. A really good read is a blog post by Maria Emmerich at Keto Adapted: Lipolysis and Why you Gain Weight Eating Too Much Fat. It is a real eye opener for me now that I  am eating ketogenic. 

Tuesday was a total bust for me. I think the very low carb previous days put me in a tailspin once I was able to eat normal keto food. I had the worst sweet tooth that I just could not ignore. I ended up eating baker's chocolate. Blew my carbs way out and pushed me 100 calories higher than what I wanted to eat. Hopefully, I am pass this craving and can get back on track today. It is always when I first get home that I am hit with cravings. I have to figure out what to do to stop this from happening. Goal for rest of week was to stay at 20 grams of total carbs or lower.

I also blew it on Thursday! Bad weather came in and I was stuck at the office until 5 pm. I had no dinner planned and thus did not have dinner. Instead I snacked on nuts, pork rinds, and other unnecessary items. Friday was no different. Whenever I do not plan a home cooked dinner I end up eating junk and my calories really get up there.

Saturday I sat down and planned my meals for Sunday - Wednesday. I couldn't plan Thursday on since my husband has knee surgery on Thursday so I really could not figure out what to make. 

Zero pounds loss. All the weight I loss during the first part of week all came back. I just had very bad days towards the end of the week. 

Skied on Sunday and then bought plenty of keto friendly snacks and meal prep items at the grocery store.


Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Sunday                          1476                    130                   9                               78
Monday                        1308                    100                   10                             49
Tuesday                        1584                    114                   43                             64
Wednesday                 1565                    107                   27                             84
Thursday                     1840                     140                  31                             80
Friday                           1715                     122                  17                             64    
Saturday                      1428                      130                  11                               65

Daily Avg:                    1409                      110                 22                               61

Week 4 Weight Loss:  0

You really cannot go by calories out versus in some weeks. I worked out pretty hard this week but still loss no weight. I think I might have loss some inches since the ski pants I wore on Sunday fit me better than they have all season. I'm still not changing my diet. I will stick with this Way of Eating and exercise the same amount for right now. Maybe I will have a whoosh experience like many on the keto diet do. You go many weeks with no loss and then suddenly, WHOOSH, you drop 5 to 10 pounds in one week.

Week 1 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: -  3 pounds
Week 2 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - .6 pounds
Week 3 - Back on Keto Diet Weight Loss/Gain: - 1 pound

Total to date weight loss: 4.6 pounds