Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016

Well it has been a crazy few weeks. We are finally moved into the new place in the country. I can say I am loving living out in the country with no one around me!

Our only neighbor is across the road and he trains people for the rodeo. I have had the pleasure of watching this training almost everyday this week. He was teaching calf wrestling last night and I can say the kid will be sore today!! But he really got it down towards the end.

We have had deer in the yard everyday as well. They give me some stares like I should not be there. I am sure after 8 years of no one being on the property they feel that it is theirs.

I still have a few more walls to paint. We had to pull down a lot of ugly wall paper and paint majority of the rooms. I left one room with the original wall paper as a reminder of what it was prior to us moving in. I call it my beige room because everything is pretty much beige in it. This room is working as my office right now, but I will have it as the guest/office room soon enough.

My eating and exercising has been pretty horrible. As for exercising, I have been moving from all the painting, packing, and cleaning. But nothing organized. I have lifted so many heavy boxes and carried them up and down flights and flights of stairs. So I got some physical activity in for sure. But all the physical activity has been voided from all the bad eating. When you are moving and fixing a new place you have a lot of late nights where you grab fast food. I haven't gained but I haven't loss either.

I am now back to normal almost. Just a few more boxes to either unpack or decide to store away. I have two hallways I need to paint but will get to them after Thanksgiving.

I finally baked up some keto friendly bread on Sunday. I saw the recipe on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try. It still did not rise as high as I would have liked but it is pretty tasty. I tried it fresh out of the oven with some butter and it tasted a little eggy for me. I have had it for lunch this week. I put it in the fridge in a ziploc bag and I think it taste better this way. The blog I found the recipe on is called Keto Connect. When I worked up the recipe calculator my serving sizes came to be 117 cals per slice with net carb of 1 g.

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