Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29, 2016

We did our Disney vacation the week of Thanksgiving!! It was wonderful seeing all the family and the new addition! Our cousin had a baby girl in September and she is just beautiful!! We did lots of walking since it was Disney!! Eating was horrible because it was Disney!!

I am trying to get back on track as of yesterday. No bread or cereals!! I did have net carbs of 66 grams so higher than if I was doing the Keto Diet. I am planning on waiting to start that way of eating back up in January.

I am not happy with my weight right now, but you know I am not knocking myself either. I am learning to love myself no matter what size I am. That is a huge step in a positive direction!! I have hated my size for sooooo many years that I couldn't stand to look in a full length mirror. I am now feeling better and accepting I will always have lumps and stretch marks. I want to eat healthier just because I feel better when I do. If I end up losing weight in the process that is a huge bonus!!

I think being around my family and feeling so loved helped me last week. When you are always by yourself you begin to dwell on negativity. I am now going to only look at the positive side of things. I could walk all day and not be sore. My body carried me and I did rides that I  haven't done in years. I feel good about myself. I didn't even bother wearing makeup or really doing much with my hair while on vacation. That freed up so much of my time. I am learning to accept myself and that is the journey I am loving. Getting healthy is not only a physical journey but also a mental one. Mentally I think I am getting there!!

I turned 46 last Wednesday and I am finally beginning to love myself again. It has been 19 years since I have felt happy in my own skin. I have a lot more skin than what I once had but you know what my family loves all of me. It is time for me to love all of me!!

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