Thursday, September 22, 2016

September 22, 2016

So this week I have upped my carbohydrates. I am beginning to feel better when it comes to energy, but there is a time at night that I just hit the wall and have to crash. Monday I went on a 4.5 mile walk/hike. It was a very hot day and I pushed too far, but once you are at a point in a hike you just have to finish. There is no sitting down and magically it being over. My legs were not as tired the next day as I thought they would be it was just my feet because of the heat. They swell when it is hot and the long hike made them very sore the next day. I just wore flip flops on Tuesday and by Wednesday it was all good. Wednesday I had to fast for a doctor appointment so it was a rough day. I also got a couple of shots so my left arm is sore and tight. I did go on a 3 mile walk on Wednesday and I felt great afterwards. The weather was cooler with a nice breeze so my feet did not suffer. So because I fasted until noon and went on a walk at 2:30, by 7 pm I was hitting the wall. My daughter's friend was coming by and she wanted me to stay downstairs to say high and catch up. By 7:30 pm I had to go take a shower and decompress. I had worked until 6:30 that evening and needed my brain and body to relax. I could not wait up any longer for my daughter's friend and bailed on them.

One good thing yesterday was my weigh in at the doctor's office. I am now at 171. My last weigh in there was in December and I was at 189 so nearly a 20 pound loss. I am getting there!! I did speak with the doctor about my thyroid and the fact I have to push so hard each day to get through. She is checking my levels along with many other things. Hopefully we can get to a better level either by increasing dosage or reducing. I also asked her to think about a more natural thyroid med for me. I really don't know now if it is all thyroid related or if it could also be adrenal fatigue. Hell it could be my lack of testosterone as well. I should find out my results by tomorrow or Monday.

Plus I have to get an ultrasound completed on my right breast. I have had a benign cyst for years but the examination yesterday hurt like hell and she could really feel the cyst. So to just be on the safe side I will be going to one of the large hospitals to have the ultrasound. I am sure it isn't serious but being on estrogen for so many years can cause some breast issues. I can say that the area where the cyst is constantly itches lately. But who knows. She also is having me go to a dermatologist to have a skin cancer screening. Not that I am worried about that either but it is good to have markers set up to monitor all moles. I do have a clear mole on my face that I have needed to have checked out for probably over 15 years now. My vanity has kept me from having it looked at because I know they will want to remove it and then it will be one of those that is wide under the skin which means a huge scar and facial recovery. I do know that I will not have it removed until after ski season so no worries there.

I am back to eating breakfast each day and I have added back in steal cut oats. So my carbs have been slightly higher. My highest day was on Sunday where I consumed about 112 grams of carbs. I have stayed around 35-80 grams most day. Plus adding in the oats and more fibrous vegetables my fiber intake is much higher as well. My calories have increased as well which has helped with me staying full most days. I am trying to stay around the 1500 - 1600 calorie range. It has been less than a week since I changed my eating so I know that it will take some time still to feel the changes. But I am getting out there for my walks and that is a big victory for me!!

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