Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 17, 2016 - Keto Diet Week 14

Most of the week I incorporated IF (intermittent fasting) into my day. I was doing the 16/8 hour fast where I fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. So I did that for 5 days. My body did not like this way of eating, nope, not at all. I wasn't starving or cranky from the fasting  I had such very low in energy. Some people do great with this way of eating, but not me with my thyroid issue. Nope not gonna do that again. Hey, I gave it 5 days and by Wednesday I felt as if I was coming down with the flu. Come Thursday morning I ate a huge breakfast and had energy to burn!! Yep, I am a breakfast girl and need to stick to it.

I am in the process of reading Always Hungry Diet book by Dr. Ludwig. It is a more Paleo, Atkins, and Keto infused diet. You eat grains and cheese but a little more fruit and slightly higher carbs. I am debating if I need to add in some steal cut oats and quinoa into the mix plus add more fruit. Maybe increase my carbs to around 60-100 grams per day.

My food is not processed but for a couple of minor slip ups in the past 3 1/2 months so eating a few more carbs from grains and fruit won't hurt me. I just won't be keto adapted afterwards anymore. I just don't know if this way of eating is really benefiting my thyroid issue. With Dr. Ludwig's approach he states that calorie restriction is what makes us fat. I kinda understand his point. His way of eating is a life long lifestyle as well and it starts you off at about 1600 calories per day. Now 15 years ago there was a 1600 calorie diet program that I was on. Difference from 15 years ago to how Dr. Ludwig wants one to eat is that the one 15 years ago was a low-fat diet. Dr. Ludwig's is healthy fat with grains, and fruit mixed back into your daily meals.

I still feel that I can extend my non-eating time from what it use to be. But maybe not for 16 hours. I think I will go 12 - 14 hours and up my calories. This week I have stayed around 1200 calories per day and  loss one pound!! Yep only one pound, but I know it is my darn thyroid!!

I know I have to incorporate more activity into my day. But when you have no energy by the end of the work day it is just hard to go for a walk or do a workout mentally. It is really all mental right now and I need to get out of this semi-depressed funk.

I understand that many people who become keto adapted lose a lot of weight and their energy levels soar, but not me. Maybe my body just works better burning glucose instead of ketones. I just don't know anymore. I have a goal to reach by mid-November and low calories and low carbs isn't helping me achieve that goal.

I also think a lot of my weight issue is the thyroid med I am taking. Reading up on Synthroid side effects shows weight gain as a big one. It is time to head back to the doctor for my annual check up anyway and I think it is time to either add Cytomel to the mix and switch to a more natural thyroid medication. I know my struggle is my thyroid and I have to find a medication combination that will help my thyroid functions and my weight gain/plateau.

So now my macronutrients breakdown:

Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Saturday                       1064                     85                    18                               46
Sunday                          1360                     114                  13                               58
Monday                         1288                     90                     41                               57
Tuesday                         1260                     88                     32                               66
Wednesday                  1073                     64                     69                               39
Thursday                      1911                     117                   125                            75    
Friday                            1476                      97                     45                               86

Daily Avg:                   1347                     94                     49                             61

Week 14 Weight Loss: -1 pound
Week 13 Weight Loss: -2 pounds
Week 12 Weight Gain: +3 pounds
Week 11 Weight Loss: -4 pounds
Week 10 Weight Loss: -1 pound
Week 9 Weight Loss: 0 pounds
Week 8 Weight Loss: 0 pounds
Week 7 Weight Loss: -6 pounds
Week 6 Weight Gain: +4.5 pounds
Week 5 Weight Gain: +.5 pound
Week 4 Weight Loss:- 1 pound
Week 3 Weight Loss: -1 pound
Week 2 Weight Loss: -1 pound
Week 1 Weight Loss: -4 pounds

Total Weight Loss:  13 pounds

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