Monday, August 29, 2016

What I ate Today!

I thought I would share a day of me eating Keto in pictures.

Butter Coffee for Breakfast

Chai Tea with Turmeric & Matcha Tea Fat Bomb for Lunch
Carrot & Zuchinni Noodles in a Meat Marinara Sauce for Dinner
 For dinner I also had a couple of Cloud Bread Muffin Tops with melted butter. And for Dessert I had Blueberry Butter Icing Cinnamon Cloud Bread Cake.

Freshly baked cinnamon cloud bread and regular cloud bread muffin tops.
Blueberry Butter Cream Cinnamon Cloud Bread Cake I had on Saturday night for dessert. Strawberry Shortcake made with cinnamon cloud bread and heavy whipped cream was on the docket for Sunday night dessert. Sunday's day of eating mimicked Saturday's since I had left overs and plenty of baked cloud bread!!
What is not pictured is the afternoon snack I shared with my daughter while be binged watched Penny Dreadful showtime series on Netflix:  pepperoni chips, cheese, and olive platter.

This isn't a low calorie day to say the least. My macros were:

Calories: 1880 Fat: 168 g Net Carbs: 34 g Protein: 64 g

So I really have to reign in all the calories. So I started as of today to try and keep my calories around 1350 - 1400 a day. I am planning on doing the Fat Fast on Saturday for three days. This way if I can keep my calories in the low range this week transitioning to the Fat Fast won't be that big of a shock to me.

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