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3 Day Egg Fast w/ 2 Days of Transitioning back to the Keto Way of Eating

Currently I have been stalled in my weight loss with the Ketogenic Diet. Many people get to this point and of course I am one of them. I decided to give the 3 Day Egg Fast diet a try. I did my research and read how the egg yolk has Choline in it that helps the liver metabolize fat. I think when you have cut your carbs down as low as you do on the Ketogenic diet, the liver can become overwhelmed and I need to add some support to my liver just a bit.

 Here are the original rules as designed by Jimmy Moore for his own Egg Fest which he apparently followed for 30 days and lost 27 pounds in that 30 days.
1. Must eat eggs as the primary source of fat and protein.
2. 1 tablespoon of butter used per egg consumed.
3. I must eat an egg no later than 30 minutes after waking.
4. The egg meals ideally should be eaten every 3 hours, but not more than every 5 hours.
5. I will follow this schedule even if I’m not hungry, however I’ll only have 1 egg when that happens.
6. Cheese will be permitted up to one ounce per egg. (real cheese only such as cream cheese, mozzarella, monterey jack and cheddar)
7. A minimum of a half-dozen eggs must be consumed daily.
8. The eggs will be local pastured eggs loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin D. (this was his personal preference I will stick with my Cage Free Omega-3 Brown Eggs I buy at Smith's)
9. Egg consumption will cease three hours before bedtime
10. Diet soda will be allowed up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less. I do not drink Diet Soda so this is NA for me.
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I only followed for 3 days and had 2 days of transitioning back to my keto way of eating. The idea of eating only eggs as my primary protein at first sounded daunting, but I had been doing this except for dinners most days anyway. So cutting out my meat-filled dinners with just eggs seemed doable for 3 days. Then for the next 2 days I added back my meat-filled dinners and only had eggs for breakfast and lunch as I have in the past.

I decided to begin on a Friday that way on Saturday and Sunday I could be at home and make up some more elaborate lunches and dinners.

Day 1 Meals:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs in 2 tbsp of organic salted butter and butter coffee

Snack: slice of cheddar cheese

Lunch: 6 deviled eggs made with 2 tbsp of olive oil mayo (I just cannot do 1 tbsp of mayo per egg) and green tea made with a Matcha Tea Fat Bomb

Dinner: Cream Cheese Cinnamon Pancakes and green tea with turmeric paste

Totals for Day 1: 7 eggs, 7 tbsp of fat, 3.5 oz of cheese

Day 1 results: -2 pounds

Wasn't too hard to stick with eating only eggs at each meal, but I could not eat as much as it calls for with the cheese. I still loss weight and that is great.

Day 2 Meals:

Breakfast: Cream cheese cinnamon pancakes with butter coffee (4 tbs of fat)

Lunch: 2 egg cheese omelet and green tea with Matcha Tea Fat Bomb (cooked eggs in 1 tbsp of butter)

Snack: 1 hard boiled egg & 1 oz of cheddar cheese

Dinner: Egg salad with cheese crisp (3 eggs and 2 tbsp of mayo) and green tea with Match Tea Fat Bomb (cheese crisp were made with a slice of cheddar cheese melted and then allowed to cool into a crisp)

Totals for Day 2: 8 eggs, 7.5 tbsp of fat, 6 oz of cheese

I did a 30 minute kettle bell workout after a late breakfast. Became pretty hungry in between lunch and dinner so was able to eat another egg and some cheese. By dinner time I wasn't all that hungry but wanted to stick to the plan. I made cheese crisp which helped a lot with needing some texture. I was down to two bites left of my egg salad and just could not eat anymore. The texture of egg was just about to make me vomit and I had to stop. By this time I was really tired of eggs but knew I had only one more day to have eggs at every meal. I had to push through.

Day 2 results: 0 pounds loss

I'm a little disappointed that I didn't lose any weight. I think the kettle bell workout might have caused inflammation and is why I didn't lose. Plus I did eat 6 oz of cheese so I am cutting down on the cheese today.

Day 3 Meals:

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with butter coffee (cooked egg in 1 tbsp of butter - total fat 3 tbsp)

Lunch: 2 egg omelet with basil and cheese cooked in 1 tbsp of butter and green tea with Matcha Tea Fat Bomb

Dinner: Egg Fast Cloud Cake and English breakfast tea with 1 tbsp of butter

Totals for Day 3: 4 eggs, 6.5 tbsp of fat, 2 oz of cheese

Day 3 results: -.5  pounds

I should have eaten a couple more eggs today but just wasn't hungry. I can say the cloud bread cake was delicious. I did a 40 minute walk as well. I didn't drink enough water either.

Day 4 Meals:

Breakfast: 2 oopsie breads with cream cheese and butter coffee - 2 tbsp of fat total

Snack: half avocado with salt and pepper

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs w/ tossed salad and caesar dressing

Dinner: hamburger patty with sauteed peppers & provolone cheese; for dessert I had one cloud bread with remaining cream cheese frosting melted over it. It tasted like a cream cheese danish.

Day 4 Results: -.5 pounds

Not a huge loss on my first transitioning day but I didn't gain and that is great. I took a day off from working out as well.

Day 5 Meals:

Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg in .5 tbsp of butter, bacon, and one slice of cloud bread with 1/2 tbsp of butter along with coffee and coconut oil (no more butter coffee)

Lunch: Plant Protein Shake w/ blueberries and Chai tea with Matcha Tea Fat Bomb

Snack: crustless cheese pizza

Dinner: porkchop pan fried in olive oil and strawberry cream fat bombs

Total results of 3 Day Egg Fast w/ 2 days of transitioning: -4 pounds (loss 1 pound on my 5th day which was really a full day back to the Keto WOE)

So a 4 pound loss over 5 days, not too bad for me. Others have loss up to 10 pounds but I knew I wouldn't lose as much. Will I do an Egg Fast again? I don't think so. I just cannot go that many days eating only eggs as my source of protein. It was hard and if not for the Oopsie Bread and Cloud Bread Cake I would have failed on the 3rd day. I think this is doable if you really add in some great egg recipes which are very time consuming to make. I think the next time I stall which will be soon, I will try the Fat Fast instead. The Fat Fast really limits your calorie intake for a few days and I think this is where the Egg Fast failed me. To eat as many eggs with as much butter the calories add up really quick. But I loss and that is what my goal was.

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