Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, 2016 - Keto Diet Week 5

So over a month I have been following the Keto Diet way of eating. This week has been kinda weird for me. I have had no appetite in the morning nor in the evening. I have only been drinking my coffee each morning for breakfast. I have had a pretty robust lunch. I am actually feeling quite full after lunch. Once I am home in the afternoon, I have been wanting to only snack on nuts, cheese, pickles and pork rinds. I made one dinner this week and that was mainly so I would have lunch for Thursday and Friday. I was up in weight by 5 pounds on Tuesday. Yep, I was back in the 180s land!! I weighed on Thursday and I was back down to 179.5. So this morning when I did my true weigh in for the week I am at 178. I am up half a pound from last week. I knew I would have a gain, and I am happy it is only half a pound.

I do know that I have to really start making better snack choices. Too many nuts and pork rinds this week. I have been bloated really bad and I think it is from the pork rinds. So time to really plan and portion control this week.

I think I will boil up a dozen of eggs and have those on hand for snacking and dinners for those nights I just don't want to cook. I think it is more the idea of cooking for one that has me not wanting to actually make a real dinner every night. My husband has been away during the week a lot for his work. He will actually be leaving for 12 weeks at the end of the week. So a lot of single dinners on my docket for the next 3 months. I think coming up with a couple of crockpot keto friendly meals that can cover my lunches and dinners for the week will be best. That way all I have to do is heat up one serving and not have to spend so much time prepping for a meal.

Not this week due to husband being around a lot, but next week I am going to begin Intermittent Fasting. I figured since I am not really hungry in the mornings I might as well try IF. I cannot say that I have actually been doing IF since my coffee is around 185 calories per cup and I drink 2 cups per day. You are not considered in IF unless your calories are under 50. So I will begin to slowly work my way into it by eliminating my morning coconut oil in my coffee. Then I will slowly cut out the almond coconut blend milk. I want to eventually get into the habit of drinking my coffee black or with only one stevia packet.

Exercise has been non-existent again this week. I know it is a slight bought of depression that is doing this to me. So, I will begin doing even a few strength training sets while watching TV this week. I know I will get into the habit again. Now that husband won't be using my bike (he destroyed his about a month ago and has been using mine) I will start loading it up and doing some biking after work a couple days a week. Plus I want to get into the habit of taking a short hike or walk every evening. I just have to push myself out the door!!

Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Saturday                       1674                    86                   64                               65
Sunday                          1703                    87                   59                               54
Monday                        1121                     84                   24                               54
Tuesday                        1462                     102                 29                              86
Wednesday                 1367                     106                16                              69
Thursday                     1295                     101                20                              74    
Friday                          1736                      67                   58                              70

Daily Avg:                   1480                      90                   39                              67

Week 5 Weight Gain: +.5 pound
Week 4 Weight Loss: 1 pound
Week 3 Weight Loss: 1 pound
Week 2 Weight Loss: 1 pound
Week 1 Weight Loss: 4 pounds

Total Weight Loss:   6.5 pounds

Looking at my macronutrients for the week I can see that I ate too little of good fat and too many carbs. I need to be around 120 grams per day on fat and 20 net grams per day on carbs. My calories are better this week but they are more from carbs instead of fat, so that means a slight gain.

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