Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016

Decided to take a rest day Friday instead of going on a walk. Ended up sitting on the porch beginning a new crochet project.

Walked for 3.5 miles on Saturday and then did a 12 minute leg workout. My legs were feeling it!!

Today I did the 12 minute leg workout and added 3 more minutes of step ups and squats so a total of 15 minutes. I then jogged/walked the stairs 5 times. I jumped on the treadclimber for 20 minutes. So all and all a good hour workout. I will take a rest day tomorrow since I have appointments after work. But will be back at it on Tuesday doing the 12 minute workout and a Jessica Smith Step & Strength circuit workout.

In case you are interested the youtube video below is the 12 minute thigh workout I have been doing by XHIT TV. I mean seriously what did we do before YouTube?!!

The Jessica Smith TV workout I have been doing is below. It combines step and strength in a nonstop circuit. I cannot keep completely up with her but I am moving and sweating and burning some calories. Hopefully I am also building some muscles as well!! It is 35 minutes of sweating but it goes by fast because she is such a great trainer to watch and workout with!!

My weigh in is on Wednesday and man do I hope to see some weightloss!! I will check in on Wednesday!!

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