Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016

I think I will change up my posting format. I will make this more like my journal and that is what it really is. So I will try and post more often in a journal format.

Lately my thyroid has been bothering me. I am pushing through my workouts but I really am falling short in other departments like keeping a clean house and enjoying more time with my husband. I have to find a balance. I will make a follow up appointment at the end of the month to have my bloodwork done and see where my levels are.

Sadly, I have almost everyone of these symptoms. I just have to push through and find the right dosage.

My weight keeps fluctuating between 184 and 181. I need to get out of this yoyo cycle and start losing weight steadily again. This week I am down to 182 and hope to lose one more pound before next Wednesday. I have made Wednesdays my weigh in days instead of Sunday.

I am signed up for Virtual 5k Walks for this entire month. I think knowing I have a deadline to get out and do a concentrated walk each week will keep me on point. So far I  did one last week and this week (yes last week was in May) and I am beating my time each week. The last of May 5k I did it right at 60 minutes and yesterday I did it at 58 minutes. Could have been better but a snake did not want to move from its sunning spot and I had to persuade it to move along. Next time I will just turn around and take a different path but I wanted to stay on the more shaded one. I have had a few encounters with snakes this Spring/Summer. One had just finished eating and refused to move. My husband had to pick it up with my trekking pole and move it off the hiking trail. So I guess it will be the year of snakes for me and I just need to accept that hey they need there Vitamin D just as much as I do.

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