Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 - 3 Days of Keto Diet

Sunday was not too bad. I had a small constant headache most of the day but not enough to derail me. I wasn't as active as I was on Saturday but I did walk on the treadclimber for 45 minutes. Plus it was laundry day so going up and down 4 flights of stairs throughout the day happened as well.

Sunday's food was the same for breakfast and lunch as on Saturday. The only thing different with breakfast was I used pork sausage in my frittata instead of bacon. Dinner ended up being a hamburger patty with onions and peppers and broccoli. Surprisingly I was not all that hungry all day. I could only eat half my lunch salad. I had no hunger pains at the end of the day plus no need for an afternoon snack.

Surprisingly, I'm not having any sweet tooth cravings. And not to jinx myself but in three days I've lost 4.5 pounds. If I can keep losing then I won't want to cheat because the diet is actually working. I believe that is why in the past I have cheated on different eating plans. When you see no change in the scale or your size you kinda figure why not have that small slither of cake that turns into 5 slithers that in the end is half the cake.

I have switched from using milk in my coffee to almond milk and it is actually pretty good. It gives it a really nice nutty flavor to it.

I was a little high on my net carbs due to needing a red bull to workout. I have to really ditch those things while I'm in the beginning phase of this diet.

Macronutrients for Sunday: Cals: 1567    Net Carbs:  31g    Fat:  113g     Protein:  83g

Monday, I stuck to another frittata for breakfast. I will tire of eggs soon but luckily only 2 weeks of these types of breakfasts. Lunch again was a chicken and spinach salad. I will be tiring of these before long too. I think tomorrow I will need to switch it out with salmon instead of chicken.

I was hungry mid-afternoon so I had a couple of cheese sticks with olives.

Dinner was fried chicken without the breading with sauteed asparagus. Yeah I'm about tired of chicken as well as eggs but it is working and that is what matters.

I was pretty hungry after dinner so I made a cup of tea and added half a teaspoon of coconut oil. I am finding when I start feeling hungry when I shouldn't I can make a cup of tea and add coconut oil and my hunger subsides enough.

Macronutrients for Monday: Cals: 1435    Net Carbs:  20g    Fat:  95g       Protein:  116g

Both days I have drank about 12 cups of water on top of my coffee and tea, so I am staying hydrated.

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