Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11, 2016 - Keto Diet

As of today I have begun the Keto Diet. This diet consists of very low carbs and high fat. My goal is to consume 20 net grams of carbs and around 75 - 110 grams of fat daily. This is a 75/20/5 ratio diet. I have been doing a lot of research on this diet and it sounds like something that might help me begin to burn my excess fat. I have tried everything else might as well do this one too.

I will document for 30 days how I do on this diet. I have added a before picture collage to my Stat Page. Its not pretty but it is the cold hard truth. I am following a 30 day ketogenic diet plan by RuledMe. This website has an abundance of information on this diet. I won't be making the exact meals that is in this diet plan but it will stay true to the ratio of 75/20/5.

Today has consisted of a egg, cheese, bacon, and tomato frittata. I do like baking my egg that way I can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. I added coconut oil to my coffee today which I like anyway. I'm hoping I will stay full and have no huge cravings.

I did a 3 mile walk after breakfast and then headed out to the grocery store to stock up on meat, meat and more meat as well as dark leafy salad items and more coconut and olive oil.

I have had 2 weeks straight of fruit so hopefully these next 4 weeks I will not want them as much. Sad thing is I have a fridge full of apples that I am working on making into apple butter. I will can it up and it will be ready for fall and Christmas gifts. I know this is one diet that my husband can get on board with for the most part. He will not give up sugar and his nightly ice cream. I have the will power not to eat his ice cream since he buys flavors I don't particularly like.

For lunch I had a spinach salad with chicken breast. I used Ken's Steakhouse Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. I can get on board eating salads during the summer months, but come winter I don't know, but hopefully I will be acclimated to this diet by then that I will have plenty of recipes in my arsenal.

My snack today was a mozzarella stick wrapped in Virginia baked ham.

Dinner was a baked chicken breast with spinach, onion, and mushroom sauteed in olive oil.

I have drank about 12 cups of water today and man have I made enough trips to the potty. I started having a bad headache at around 1 today. I just drank more water and took a nap.

Macronutrients for today: Calories: 1541   Fat:  104g  Net Carbs:  27g  Protein:  104g

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