Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016 - Keto Diet Week 2

2 weeks are up already!! I must say I got pretty tired of only drinking coffee for breakfast. I know I once only had protein shakes but since I began making breakfast I really like sitting down to a hot meal. I did have a couple of days that I was just starving by lunch! A few days I did have to have an afternoon snack to get me through to dinner, but most of the time I was not too hungry until the family would ask, "What's for dinner and when will it be ready?"

One thing I can say about Bulletproof coffee is that it is pretty filling. When you consider 2 cups is nearly 600 calories it better be!! When I drink my coffee with butter again, I will leave out the heavy whipping cream and just go with Almond or Coconut milk. I just didn't care for the HWC at all.

This week is suppose to be the first week of Intermittent Fasting, but I have decided not to go that route. Considering my hypothyroidism and HRT I think it might cause my hormones to go wacky and I just cannot deal with that again. I am going to do the 1st week eating plan again this week and for my 4th week I will do the Bulletproof coffee again. Just having the Bulletproof coffee for breakfast and then not eating until noon or later, I was experiencing really cold spells by 10 am. And that is very unusual for me. So I probably won't lose as much weight as others would with IF, but I'm happy with a 1 to 2 pound weight loss a week.

I wasn't going to bother with Ketostix to measure if I was in Ketosis or not, but I broke down and purchase some. I have been in mid-range all week which is good. I am staying hydrated and eating the right ratio.

I figure my eating plan will be this way for life. And the way I plan on doing it is by cycling one week of cooked whole breakfast items and one week of the butter coffee. I believe this will work. I will stick to eating lunch and dinner as normal on the week of butter coffee. This is doable for me and not as restricted.

I did add in some new vegetables this week. I added asparagus, zucchini and cauliflower to the mix. Broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and spinach were getting kinda old. I made a pork fried cauliflower rice combo last night. Cauliflower as rice was actually pretty darn good. My next venture will be cauliflower pizza crust.

Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Saturday                       2030                    177                   42                               60
Sunday                          1812                    156                   14                               73
Monday                        1703                     147                    29                              67
Tuesday                        1383                     124                   10                              48
Wednesday                 1607                     145                   17                              55
Thursday                     1407                     129                   26                              39    
*Friday                          2511                      231                  32                              73

Daily Avg:                   1779                      158                 24                              59

Week 2 Weight Loss: 1 pound
Week 1 Weight Loss: 4 pounds

Total Weight Loss:    5 pounds

* Friday was a rough day....even though I did not eat any bread, pasta, or cereal like I was craving, I did over do it in the calories. I have to keep my calorie average around 1500 to lose. I think I also need to up my protein slightly this week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 22, 2016 - 12 days on Keto Diet

I am half way through the 2nd week since I made the Keto Diet change. So far no more Keto Flu and I am feeling fuller longer. I have had only the Bulletproof coffee for breakfast this week. I am very surprised that I am not hungry between breakfast and lunch at all. I actually am eating a later lunch because of no hunger pangs. My afternoon snacks are less frequent and I am not suffering any hunger pains in the late evening. Amazing I must say, just amazing!!

I do believe I am in Ketosis but I haven't received the keto strips to check as of yet. I know I am not craving any and I mean any carbs or sweets. I actually had to eat out on Monday night and I chose the side salad and no bun burger at Red Robin. I did not even want one of the fries. I didn't feel deprived at all!! I went away from dinner feeling full and satisfied.

Even though I haven't been hungry I have noticed that over the weekend my calories were a lot higher than I wanted. A lot is eating the high fat items and then looking at the calories afterwards. So I am trying to be a lot more diligent in my portions. They can really get away from you when you are adding coconut oil to your hot teas and coffee. Plus a nibble on cheese here and there, those babies add up quick!!

On the home front with the family and my new eating plan, they have been really supportive. The husband makes sure he doesn't offer any carbs or sweets and has actually not complained when I haven't cooked rice or potatoes for some of his meals. As long as I don't cram the yucky vegetables down his throat he is okay. I have been cooking a starchy vegetable or a pot of rice for him and my daughter. I have just refrained from eating any of it and loaded my plate with the vegetable I sauteed for myself instead. I am really surprised that I haven't even wanted a bit of the potatoes since they are my favorite.

I don't feel as if I have lost any weight this week so far, but I know my body has to adjust to this change in diet so I am not going to fret over it. I knew going into this new eating plan I would not be one of the ones who could boast a 10 pound loss in a week. My body just doesn't react to change like that. I think also since I already drink a lot of water and no sodas I don't have as much bloat from water weight, mine is all fat cells. Plus I wasn't eating many processed foods, I was just over indulging in fruits and portion control. So I will lose slowly but hopefully steadily.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 18, 2016 - Keto Diet Week 1

This week has had its ups and downs. Ups are that I lost weight finally!! Downs is that going through carb and sugar withdrawals really SUCK!!. I suffered the Keto Flu for about 3 days and then I started feeling better. I'm not at full energy but I think that has a lot to do with my thyroid trying to figure things out. I attempted a workout on Thursday and it was a hard push just to do 15 minutes on the treadclimber and a 10 minute kettlebell mix workout. I actually fell asleep and napped for an hour and a half after my pitiful workout!!

I am feeling like I can make this my new eating plan for life. Main thing is I don't feel as starved by eating this way. I haven't craved any carbs or sweets at all!! I even made rice for the husband and daughter the other night and did not feel deprived because I wasn't eating any. I even caught myself when cleaning the dishes and got some rice on my fingers to not just eat it off my hand. I instead wiped it off with a towel and not let one grain enter my body.

As for sweets, I have been indulging in drinking chai lattes using stevia, unsweet almond milk, and a teaspoon of coconut oil. I drink one a night with all the goodies in it and another with just the stevia. They keep my sweet tooth cravings at bay. I actually found an even better cup of joy when I remembered I had Zhena Organic Coconut Chai Tea. I made it up with the almond milk and to me it tasted like a cup of almond joy. Next time I think I will add some cocoa powder and then it will be a cup of almond joy!!

Today starts the week where I only have Bulletproof coffee for breakfast. I had never tried my coffee with butter but I already put coconut oil in it. I love it. Yep, bulletproof coffee consists of organic heavy cream, grass fed butter, and a MCT oil such as coconut oil. You blend it all together and drink up. I blended mine up in my nutribullet and it came out so frothy and delicious. I think I will survive until lunch, but if hunger is too much I will make sure I have some low-carb snacks on hand.

I am finding that I need to stay around 1500 calories to lose any ounces. I did have a day where I ate way too many calories and then reigned it back in the next day. Plus there are so many great forums on the web that have answered a lot of my questions. Normally a week into a new diet plan and I am hating life, but this one is different. Maybe it is the feeling full most of the day or the not having cravings. Even during the Keto Flu crap I didn't crave any carbs or sugar although that is my normal go to thing whenever I am sick. I think reading all the material and understanding the reason why I was feeling so crappy helped me stay on course.

Daily Macronutrients:

Day                               Calories               Fat                Net Carbs                    Protein
Saturday                       1455                    100                   29                               96
Sunday                          1567                    113                   30                               83
Monday                        1435                      95                    20                              116
Tuesday                        1400                     108                   19                              81
Wednesday                 1608                     132                   16                              85
Thursday                     1487                     122                   13                              75    
Friday                          1610                      100                  14                              110

Daily Avg:                   1509                      110                 20                              92

Week 1 Weight Loss: 4 pounds

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 15, 2016 - 4 days on Keto Diet

Yesterday I hit 4 days on the Keto Diet. I decided on just scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast along with my coffee with coconut oil and almond milk.

Lunch again was spinach salad with chicken. I went for something quick and easy.

Dinner consisted of stir fry steak with broccoli, onions & peppers. I stir fried everything in olive oil and butter.

I am in full blown Keto Flu hell. Throbbing headache and lower back pain. I also have very bad brain fog. It is really hard to concentrate and type this up. I added a 1/4 tsp of lite salt to some water flavored with Mio Energy and it really hasn't helped. I am drinking about 120 ounces of fluid per day.  Eating the high fat steak helped subside my headache and lower back pain as well as taking some ibuprofen. I will keep pushing and hopefully this will subside soon.

Like I wrote yesterday, I am having hunger issues towards the end of the day. I am going to stick with this program. I know once I get through the induction phase it will get easier. Everyone pretty much has it rough the first couple of weeks due to the low carb aspect of this eating plan. I went from eating well over 250 grams of carbs per day to less than 30. My body has to adjust and it will be okay. I just have to have faith in this process and accept the bad with the good.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016 - 3 Days of Keto Diet

Sunday was not too bad. I had a small constant headache most of the day but not enough to derail me. I wasn't as active as I was on Saturday but I did walk on the treadclimber for 45 minutes. Plus it was laundry day so going up and down 4 flights of stairs throughout the day happened as well.

Sunday's food was the same for breakfast and lunch as on Saturday. The only thing different with breakfast was I used pork sausage in my frittata instead of bacon. Dinner ended up being a hamburger patty with onions and peppers and broccoli. Surprisingly I was not all that hungry all day. I could only eat half my lunch salad. I had no hunger pains at the end of the day plus no need for an afternoon snack.

Surprisingly, I'm not having any sweet tooth cravings. And not to jinx myself but in three days I've lost 4.5 pounds. If I can keep losing then I won't want to cheat because the diet is actually working. I believe that is why in the past I have cheated on different eating plans. When you see no change in the scale or your size you kinda figure why not have that small slither of cake that turns into 5 slithers that in the end is half the cake.

I have switched from using milk in my coffee to almond milk and it is actually pretty good. It gives it a really nice nutty flavor to it.

I was a little high on my net carbs due to needing a red bull to workout. I have to really ditch those things while I'm in the beginning phase of this diet.

Macronutrients for Sunday: Cals: 1567    Net Carbs:  31g    Fat:  113g     Protein:  83g

Monday, I stuck to another frittata for breakfast. I will tire of eggs soon but luckily only 2 weeks of these types of breakfasts. Lunch again was a chicken and spinach salad. I will be tiring of these before long too. I think tomorrow I will need to switch it out with salmon instead of chicken.

I was hungry mid-afternoon so I had a couple of cheese sticks with olives.

Dinner was fried chicken without the breading with sauteed asparagus. Yeah I'm about tired of chicken as well as eggs but it is working and that is what matters.

I was pretty hungry after dinner so I made a cup of tea and added half a teaspoon of coconut oil. I am finding when I start feeling hungry when I shouldn't I can make a cup of tea and add coconut oil and my hunger subsides enough.

Macronutrients for Monday: Cals: 1435    Net Carbs:  20g    Fat:  95g       Protein:  116g

Both days I have drank about 12 cups of water on top of my coffee and tea, so I am staying hydrated.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

June 11, 2016 - Keto Diet

As of today I have begun the Keto Diet. This diet consists of very low carbs and high fat. My goal is to consume 20 net grams of carbs and around 75 - 110 grams of fat daily. This is a 75/20/5 ratio diet. I have been doing a lot of research on this diet and it sounds like something that might help me begin to burn my excess fat. I have tried everything else might as well do this one too.

I will document for 30 days how I do on this diet. I have added a before picture collage to my Stat Page. Its not pretty but it is the cold hard truth. I am following a 30 day ketogenic diet plan by RuledMe. This website has an abundance of information on this diet. I won't be making the exact meals that is in this diet plan but it will stay true to the ratio of 75/20/5.

Today has consisted of a egg, cheese, bacon, and tomato frittata. I do like baking my egg that way I can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. I added coconut oil to my coffee today which I like anyway. I'm hoping I will stay full and have no huge cravings.

I did a 3 mile walk after breakfast and then headed out to the grocery store to stock up on meat, meat and more meat as well as dark leafy salad items and more coconut and olive oil.

I have had 2 weeks straight of fruit so hopefully these next 4 weeks I will not want them as much. Sad thing is I have a fridge full of apples that I am working on making into apple butter. I will can it up and it will be ready for fall and Christmas gifts. I know this is one diet that my husband can get on board with for the most part. He will not give up sugar and his nightly ice cream. I have the will power not to eat his ice cream since he buys flavors I don't particularly like.

For lunch I had a spinach salad with chicken breast. I used Ken's Steakhouse Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing. I can get on board eating salads during the summer months, but come winter I don't know, but hopefully I will be acclimated to this diet by then that I will have plenty of recipes in my arsenal.

My snack today was a mozzarella stick wrapped in Virginia baked ham.

Dinner was a baked chicken breast with spinach, onion, and mushroom sauteed in olive oil.

I have drank about 12 cups of water today and man have I made enough trips to the potty. I started having a bad headache at around 1 today. I just drank more water and took a nap.

Macronutrients for today: Calories: 1541   Fat:  104g  Net Carbs:  27g  Protein:  104g

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

Well, weigh in was today. I didn't loss but I didn't gain either. I have to take a closer look at my nutrition and figure out what I am doing wrong. I might be consuming more sugar than I think. I do know that these past 2 weeks have not yielded any weight loss so I need to change up what I am doing. I think I am also not eating enough protein. My values for the past 7 days are around 60 grams per day. I might need to bump that up to 100 grams. So I need to go back to chicken at lunch instead of greek yogurt.

Current Meal Plans

My meals have consisted of oatmeal or steel cut oats with apples and cinnamon for breakfast.

Grapefruit for mid-morning snack.

Fresh fruit salad with watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries or blueberries with a Chobani Greek Yogurt cup for lunch.

Peanut butter with apple or cheese stick with ham slices for mid-afternoon snack.

Dinner has been a meat, veggies, and a starch.

New Meal Plans:

So I think I will stick with my oatmeal and steel cut oats in the morning but maybe stop using brown sugar. I need to try it with just the apples and cinnamon and see if I can get through it. Maybe add a drizzle of honey.

I will stick to fruit being my mid-morning snack especially grapefruit. Grapefruit seems to pep me up at that time.

Lunch probably needs to be a salad with protein. I do tend to tire of salads but maybe back to buying the salad kits again. It will give me some variety that I need when it comes to salads.

I think cheese sticks and ham will be my best afternoon snack since it will boost my protein significantly.

Dinner time probably needs some change up. Maybe drop the starch to just 3 times a week and stick to a protein and veggies the other nights.


I hope these changes will make a difference. I have been working out 5 days a week for an hour or longer. I had a killer workout yesterday and really felt spent afterwards. I did the 35 minute Step Strength Circuit Training by Jessica Smith TV and then the 12 minute leg workout by XHIT Tv. I could not do all the reps with the Jessica Smith workout, but I am getting better. Plus by the time the outer leg lifts came around with XHIT TV my legs were jello!! Today I have a 5k walk on the books. I completed last weeks 5k walk right under an hour (58 minutes). Today I want to beat that time but I also don't want to push myself so hard that I cannot workout tomorrow. My goal is to complete the walk in 55 minutes, but if I don't I won't beat myself up about it either.

I set reminders on my Jawbone UP armband to remind me of my workouts. That helps to motivate me as well. I know my sleeping has not been the best either. Even though I go to bed at a decent hour, my Jawbone UP band is showing that I get about 3 hours of sound sleep and the rest of the night is light sleep. I would love to get 4 to 5 hours of sound sleep. I might need to start shutting off the electronic devices and hour before bed time and read a book to settle into a sound sleep mode.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016

Decided to take a rest day Friday instead of going on a walk. Ended up sitting on the porch beginning a new crochet project.

Walked for 3.5 miles on Saturday and then did a 12 minute leg workout. My legs were feeling it!!

Today I did the 12 minute leg workout and added 3 more minutes of step ups and squats so a total of 15 minutes. I then jogged/walked the stairs 5 times. I jumped on the treadclimber for 20 minutes. So all and all a good hour workout. I will take a rest day tomorrow since I have appointments after work. But will be back at it on Tuesday doing the 12 minute workout and a Jessica Smith Step & Strength circuit workout.

In case you are interested the youtube video below is the 12 minute thigh workout I have been doing by XHIT TV. I mean seriously what did we do before YouTube?!!

The Jessica Smith TV workout I have been doing is below. It combines step and strength in a nonstop circuit. I cannot keep completely up with her but I am moving and sweating and burning some calories. Hopefully I am also building some muscles as well!! It is 35 minutes of sweating but it goes by fast because she is such a great trainer to watch and workout with!!

My weigh in is on Wednesday and man do I hope to see some weightloss!! I will check in on Wednesday!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016

I think I will change up my posting format. I will make this more like my journal and that is what it really is. So I will try and post more often in a journal format.

Lately my thyroid has been bothering me. I am pushing through my workouts but I really am falling short in other departments like keeping a clean house and enjoying more time with my husband. I have to find a balance. I will make a follow up appointment at the end of the month to have my bloodwork done and see where my levels are.

Sadly, I have almost everyone of these symptoms. I just have to push through and find the right dosage.

My weight keeps fluctuating between 184 and 181. I need to get out of this yoyo cycle and start losing weight steadily again. This week I am down to 182 and hope to lose one more pound before next Wednesday. I have made Wednesdays my weigh in days instead of Sunday.

I am signed up for Virtual 5k Walks for this entire month. I think knowing I have a deadline to get out and do a concentrated walk each week will keep me on point. So far I  did one last week and this week (yes last week was in May) and I am beating my time each week. The last of May 5k I did it right at 60 minutes and yesterday I did it at 58 minutes. Could have been better but a snake did not want to move from its sunning spot and I had to persuade it to move along. Next time I will just turn around and take a different path but I wanted to stay on the more shaded one. I have had a few encounters with snakes this Spring/Summer. One had just finished eating and refused to move. My husband had to pick it up with my trekking pole and move it off the hiking trail. So I guess it will be the year of snakes for me and I just need to accept that hey they need there Vitamin D just as much as I do.