Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Not much has happened this week. I have worked out 2 days so far. I have a 5k walk on the docket for today. I'm hoping to complete the walk under an hour. The days that I haven't worked out I have tried to keep my calories under 1600 and the days I have been working out I have had them at around 1750. Trying to see if this is the winning combination for my body right now. So far I am down a pound and a half, but I do have the weekend to get through.

I'm feeling pretty good with my strength training. Last September I was up to 14 pound weights and as of right now I am at 8 pound weights. I am planning on pushing the weight up next week. But I am doing 3 sets of 12 reps which is damn good for me.

As for working my legs, I was able to do 6 inch box jumps yesterday. I know that isn't much for some but it is a very big deal for me. I did about 50 yesterday and threw in a few 9 inch box jumps as well.

I think I have found my passion for working out again. I really feel as if I missed out on something on the 2 days I don't workout. But I know that my body has to have its rest days or my consistency will be out the window.

I can tell my thyroid is exhausted these past days. Whenever I become weepy over dumb mundane things I know my thyroid is not right. I doubled up my dosage yesterday and will do that the rest of this week. If I still am feeling not so right I will make an appointment with the doctor and check my levels again. So doing a nice long walk today will be good for the thyroid.

The weather has still been bi-polar so my bike has not come down off the rack as of yet. I'm hoping to be able to get an easy ride in on Sunday if the weather is permitting.

I just have to stick to my eating and workout plan. The scale is barely budging but if I can lose a pound a week I will be shy by 10 pounds my goal weight by our Disney World trip in November. My goal is to be 145 by then but I am just going to keep doing the work and see where it gets me.

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