Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Well the end of last week was so horrible on the eating and exercising front for me. I still worked out 5 times last week but I then went 3 days in a row with no actual workout. Saturday I did do a lot of walking up and down stairs due to bringing all my potted plants out to the deck. More like potted dirt because the flowers did not survive in the house over the winter. Anywho, Saturday was going pretty good until my husband called me and I had to bring some items to him. He had Reserve Weekend and needed some items for work, so I drove the hour and half to his hotel room. We went out to eat and had a few beers. Then Sunday I was on the road before 7 am and my day was just ruined. Ended up having burgers and beer for dinner. Come Monday and all the beer had my thyroid feeling horrible. I ended up taking a nap after work and we ended up ordering out for dinner. No beer but tacos instead!!

So it is now Thursday and Tuesday & Wednesday have been spot on. But I gained last week due to the alcohol and eating out. I'm back to salads and steamed veggies with a protein for lunch and dinner. I'm not depriving myself of bread but I am trying to keep my net carbs at around 150 each day. My workouts have been kettlebell training, weights, and step aerobics. I actually had a workout high yesterday after my step aerobics. It was so nice to feel that high again. Now I cannot wait to workout again today.

Here's some pics of my lunch salads this week. I have falling in love with Ken's Steakhouse Lite Caesar Dressing. This dressing is so delicious and low calorie and carb!!

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