Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Tell All

This week has had some ups and downs. Ups in that I hiked, walked, and worked out so far. Downs in that I have eaten more carbs than I should. I guess this week is carb cycling week because I have had cereal, pasta, bread, and flatbread. I haven't over indulged in my calories, but I know that I have to cut the carbs down to below 150 net carbs per day in order to see the scale decrease.

My sweet hubby bought me a Jawbone UP2 armband for Mother's Day and I have been wearing it non-stop. I had missed my fitbit that I wore everyday for 2 years until it broke. I feel that the Jawbone armband is pretty accurate but I haven't had long enough to really tell. So I have been using my Allsport GPS app when I walk or hike and will use it when I begin biking, so I compare the two now. The Allsport GPS app is great for tracking my distance for that short amount of time. The Jawbone Up2 band does ask you what type of exercise you did during that time frame and I am able to plug that in. It is helping me keep up with my daily miles that I have been wanting to see for awhile now. My goal is to walk 20 miles a week and gradually go up.

Here are a few screen shots from both apps:

Top screen shot is of the Allsport GPS App after my walk on Monday. The bottom screen shot is of my day active totals from the Jawbone UP2 app. I love how it shows your active burn and your total active time. Plus it shows your total day and you can gauge your idle time through out the day. I know that working in an office I have more idle time than I would like. But I do have alerts set on my Jawbone every hour to make me get out of my desk chair and walk or do something active for a few minutes.

Sunday's screenshot: The husband and I went to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake and did some adventuring and hiking. I'm liking the armband so far.

As for my eating front, like I said above it has been somewhat good. I can say that I have falling in love with Steel Cut Oats. I make them on the weekend since I have more time. If I could stand to wake up earlier on the weekdays they would be my daily breakfast. I love the nutty taste and how they keep me full for so long.

The above picture is Saturday Morning's steel cut oats made with pear. I diced half of the pear up and cooked it in with the oats and then thinly sliced the other half and had with my oats. The fresh pear really added an extra layer of goodness.
Bottom picture is Sunday's breakfast of steel cut oats along with the pretty teacup roses my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. These oats were made with half an apple cooked in with them and then the other half sliced and eaten fresh. Again the fresh apples added a crunch that was needed.

Well, a couple of more days and then I weigh in for the week. I really am hoping for some weight loss, but will be happy with maintaining as well.

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