Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Another week has gone by. I did gain weight last week. I gained back 4 pounds!! I have lost 2 of the 4 pounds so far this week. My thyroid had me down pretty hard last week and all I craved was carbs.

This week I have started back on my low-carb diet. I have also eliminated any starchy foods. So no bread, potatoes, or rice this week. I have been having a protein smoothie on mornings I don't wake up in time to make an omelet. For lunch I have been having grilled chicken with steamed veggies.

Dinners have been protein with tossed salad such as steak strips, pork chop and coconut shrimp. Snacking has consisted of almonds or sliced cheese. No more pretzels for me!!! I have none in the house as well as cream cheese. Yep, I was dipping them in the cream cheese. Could explain the 4 pound gain!!

On the exercise front, my May goal is to walk 15 miles a week until biking can begin. I have taken a few nice walks so far this week. The weather has been fantastic but rain is in the forecast today and the rest of the week. I might have to just put on the raincoat and enjoy some puddles!

My walk/hike on Sunday, May 1st...I drove over to the area I normally mountain bike and hiked a trail that my goal is to eventually bike. It was a nice easy hike and I only ran into 2 people on bikes on that particular trail. Once I was on the easy trail heading back to the car there were a pretty good bit of bikers out. 

Same area but on the other side of hill where the paved path is...this was a nice after work walk on Tuesday. A few people were on bikes while I walked but not too many people were out and about at this time of day.
My walk on Wednesday was just a walk in town. The daffodils are blooming and are just beautiful. These are in front of the old Miners Hospital in the City Park. The stairs are the beginning and end to any walks I do in town.

I sure hope I can keep up the momentum and really make this journey happen. I am also incorporating a few days of strength training into my week. I gotta build up some muscles in order to enjoy mountain biking this year. But as you see in the top picture, biking Mid-mountain trail won't be happening anytime soon due to all the snow still.

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