Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Not much has happened this week. I have worked out 2 days so far. I have a 5k walk on the docket for today. I'm hoping to complete the walk under an hour. The days that I haven't worked out I have tried to keep my calories under 1600 and the days I have been working out I have had them at around 1750. Trying to see if this is the winning combination for my body right now. So far I am down a pound and a half, but I do have the weekend to get through.

I'm feeling pretty good with my strength training. Last September I was up to 14 pound weights and as of right now I am at 8 pound weights. I am planning on pushing the weight up next week. But I am doing 3 sets of 12 reps which is damn good for me.

As for working my legs, I was able to do 6 inch box jumps yesterday. I know that isn't much for some but it is a very big deal for me. I did about 50 yesterday and threw in a few 9 inch box jumps as well.

I think I have found my passion for working out again. I really feel as if I missed out on something on the 2 days I don't workout. But I know that my body has to have its rest days or my consistency will be out the window.

I can tell my thyroid is exhausted these past days. Whenever I become weepy over dumb mundane things I know my thyroid is not right. I doubled up my dosage yesterday and will do that the rest of this week. If I still am feeling not so right I will make an appointment with the doctor and check my levels again. So doing a nice long walk today will be good for the thyroid.

The weather has still been bi-polar so my bike has not come down off the rack as of yet. I'm hoping to be able to get an easy ride in on Sunday if the weather is permitting.

I just have to stick to my eating and workout plan. The scale is barely budging but if I can lose a pound a week I will be shy by 10 pounds my goal weight by our Disney World trip in November. My goal is to be 145 by then but I am just going to keep doing the work and see where it gets me.

Monday, May 23, 2016

3rd Week of May

Not much change on the scale this week. I over ate and over consumed on Saturday and Sunday. I have been working out 5 days a week and not just mild workouts. I have been really pushing myself. I am lifting heavier weights and doing more reps. Again it is still 80 percent what you eat in order to lose weight. Eating out and consuming alcohol is not going to have you losing weight.

May 15th - 21st Breakdown:

The ugly truth, you gotta put down the fork and spoon to see any results!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Well the end of last week was so horrible on the eating and exercising front for me. I still worked out 5 times last week but I then went 3 days in a row with no actual workout. Saturday I did do a lot of walking up and down stairs due to bringing all my potted plants out to the deck. More like potted dirt because the flowers did not survive in the house over the winter. Anywho, Saturday was going pretty good until my husband called me and I had to bring some items to him. He had Reserve Weekend and needed some items for work, so I drove the hour and half to his hotel room. We went out to eat and had a few beers. Then Sunday I was on the road before 7 am and my day was just ruined. Ended up having burgers and beer for dinner. Come Monday and all the beer had my thyroid feeling horrible. I ended up taking a nap after work and we ended up ordering out for dinner. No beer but tacos instead!!

So it is now Thursday and Tuesday & Wednesday have been spot on. But I gained last week due to the alcohol and eating out. I'm back to salads and steamed veggies with a protein for lunch and dinner. I'm not depriving myself of bread but I am trying to keep my net carbs at around 150 each day. My workouts have been kettlebell training, weights, and step aerobics. I actually had a workout high yesterday after my step aerobics. It was so nice to feel that high again. Now I cannot wait to workout again today.

Here's some pics of my lunch salads this week. I have falling in love with Ken's Steakhouse Lite Caesar Dressing. This dressing is so delicious and low calorie and carb!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Tell All

This week has had some ups and downs. Ups in that I hiked, walked, and worked out so far. Downs in that I have eaten more carbs than I should. I guess this week is carb cycling week because I have had cereal, pasta, bread, and flatbread. I haven't over indulged in my calories, but I know that I have to cut the carbs down to below 150 net carbs per day in order to see the scale decrease.

My sweet hubby bought me a Jawbone UP2 armband for Mother's Day and I have been wearing it non-stop. I had missed my fitbit that I wore everyday for 2 years until it broke. I feel that the Jawbone armband is pretty accurate but I haven't had long enough to really tell. So I have been using my Allsport GPS app when I walk or hike and will use it when I begin biking, so I compare the two now. The Allsport GPS app is great for tracking my distance for that short amount of time. The Jawbone Up2 band does ask you what type of exercise you did during that time frame and I am able to plug that in. It is helping me keep up with my daily miles that I have been wanting to see for awhile now. My goal is to walk 20 miles a week and gradually go up.

Here are a few screen shots from both apps:

Top screen shot is of the Allsport GPS App after my walk on Monday. The bottom screen shot is of my day active totals from the Jawbone UP2 app. I love how it shows your active burn and your total active time. Plus it shows your total day and you can gauge your idle time through out the day. I know that working in an office I have more idle time than I would like. But I do have alerts set on my Jawbone every hour to make me get out of my desk chair and walk or do something active for a few minutes.

Sunday's screenshot: The husband and I went to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake and did some adventuring and hiking. I'm liking the armband so far.

As for my eating front, like I said above it has been somewhat good. I can say that I have falling in love with Steel Cut Oats. I make them on the weekend since I have more time. If I could stand to wake up earlier on the weekdays they would be my daily breakfast. I love the nutty taste and how they keep me full for so long.

The above picture is Saturday Morning's steel cut oats made with pear. I diced half of the pear up and cooked it in with the oats and then thinly sliced the other half and had with my oats. The fresh pear really added an extra layer of goodness.
Bottom picture is Sunday's breakfast of steel cut oats along with the pretty teacup roses my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. These oats were made with half an apple cooked in with them and then the other half sliced and eaten fresh. Again the fresh apples added a crunch that was needed.

Well, a couple of more days and then I weigh in for the week. I really am hoping for some weight loss, but will be happy with maintaining as well.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

1st Week of May

The week started off strong, but come Saturday my energy was gone. It doesn't help that Friday the rain came in and hasn't let up since. I got a few great walks in at the beginning of the week. Did an awesome kettle bell and strength workout on Thursday. All and all it has been a good week. I had wrote on Thursday how I gained back 4 pounds the week prior, well I lost 2.5 pounds this week. Now I have to keep up the momentum and do this every week, okay at least 1.5 pounds a week will work for me. Slow and steady finishes the race and all I want to do is finish this journey with a sustainable weight loss that I can maintain for the rest of my days on this planet.

May 1st - 7th Breakdown:

It is nice to see that I stayed in the negative calorie range this past week. Now that I have done it I know I can keep this up.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Another week has gone by. I did gain weight last week. I gained back 4 pounds!! I have lost 2 of the 4 pounds so far this week. My thyroid had me down pretty hard last week and all I craved was carbs.

This week I have started back on my low-carb diet. I have also eliminated any starchy foods. So no bread, potatoes, or rice this week. I have been having a protein smoothie on mornings I don't wake up in time to make an omelet. For lunch I have been having grilled chicken with steamed veggies.

Dinners have been protein with tossed salad such as steak strips, pork chop and coconut shrimp. Snacking has consisted of almonds or sliced cheese. No more pretzels for me!!! I have none in the house as well as cream cheese. Yep, I was dipping them in the cream cheese. Could explain the 4 pound gain!!

On the exercise front, my May goal is to walk 15 miles a week until biking can begin. I have taken a few nice walks so far this week. The weather has been fantastic but rain is in the forecast today and the rest of the week. I might have to just put on the raincoat and enjoy some puddles!

My walk/hike on Sunday, May 1st...I drove over to the area I normally mountain bike and hiked a trail that my goal is to eventually bike. It was a nice easy hike and I only ran into 2 people on bikes on that particular trail. Once I was on the easy trail heading back to the car there were a pretty good bit of bikers out. 

Same area but on the other side of hill where the paved path is...this was a nice after work walk on Tuesday. A few people were on bikes while I walked but not too many people were out and about at this time of day.
My walk on Wednesday was just a walk in town. The daffodils are blooming and are just beautiful. These are in front of the old Miners Hospital in the City Park. The stairs are the beginning and end to any walks I do in town.

I sure hope I can keep up the momentum and really make this journey happen. I am also incorporating a few days of strength training into my week. I gotta build up some muscles in order to enjoy mountain biking this year. But as you see in the top picture, biking Mid-mountain trail won't be happening anytime soon due to all the snow still.