Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Tell All

Well my week has been pretty UGH. I think the horrible weather is causing me to be lack luster. I had plans to workout each day after work, but I have not. I also found another trigger food that I must ban, pretzel sticks. And it is only the pretzel sticks that I seem to over indulge in. I can have regular pretzels and I will limit myself, but something about pretzel sticks make me over eat!! Crazy I know.

Other than pretzel sticks, I have eaten pretty good this week considering my lack of exercise. I am on an arugula salad kick for some reason. I have had arugula salads practically every lunch these past couple of weeks.

I have also been adding apple to my salads as well as grilled chicken strips. Very Yummy!!

Another quick lunch is steamed veggies with grilled chicken strips. I'm still trying to limit my starchy carbs so this is a quick microwaveable lunch.

Another item I am loving for weekend breakfasts is steel cut oats. I save these for the weekend because they take a good 30 minutes to prepare. I chop of some apple and walnuts and add them into the oats along with some brownsugar and cinnamon. A very filling breakfast that keeps the hunger away until lunchtime.

I have found a few really good protein packed breakfast muffins for quick weekday breakfasts. I have been having one of these each morning along with some fresh pineapple and cantaloupe. Another breakfast that keeps me satisfied until lunch.

I have been a little gun shy to weigh myself this week since I haven't been exercising. I am hoping for no gain this week, but I have a sneaky feeling that I have gained. May will be another challenge month. I feel that I hold myself more accountable when I set up a 30 day challenge.

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