Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Tell All

I have not posted in a couple of weeks due to vacation and then becoming sick. During vacation, which was the first week of April, I did not track my food. It is hard to figure out calories when you are eating out at every meal. So I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed my vacation. Once we made it back home, the very next day I started coming down with a really bad cold. Apparently there is a certain cold strain circulating around town. My boss was sick and I didn't even see her until last Friday. So I am still battling this sickness. Last week I was able to work out once and then I just went down for the count. This week so far I have walked two days and did a kettle bell workout on Monday.

Since I have been feeling like crap for the past week and a half, I have not taken any pics of the food I have eaten. And to be perfectly honest, last week the husband was making me food and it was crap food. I finally had to muster up enough energy to go to the grocery store on Sunday and buy fresh veggies and fruits. This week I am feeling a little better, but still under the weather.

One note, I have found a great all over body cardio/strength work out that burns a lot of calories and can be done in 15 minutes, kettle bell training. Now I don't own a kettle bell so I filled an empty liquid clothes detergent bottle with water and use it as my kettle bell. I didn't want to invest any money in equipment that I might not end up using. I can also just use a dumbbell as well but I like having a strong grip on the handle. I did a 10 minute one last week and man was I whipped afterwards. On Monday I did a 15 minute one and I am still feeling the affects of it today. Kettle bell swings work your whole body. I feel it in my inner and outer thighs as well as my glutes, arms and abs. Check out the link to the video I am following right now.

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