Monday, April 25, 2016

3rd Week of April Update

April has been a tough month for me. I believe it is not having a set routine due to vacation and then becoming sick. The crud I had lasted for a full 2 weeks. I was able to get a day of kettle bell training and three days of walking in last week.

On the eating front, I really ate good whole foods until Friday night. I had no desire to cook that day and we ordered pizza plus I had a few beers. Other than that the rest of the week was good food choices even when I felt horrible. Now here is the kicker, I only burned an extra 3654 calories yet I loss 2.5 pounds. So, I don't know how that happened but I will take it. I am finally back in the 170s and am shooting for the 160s by the end of May.

Breakdown of April 17th to 23rd:

We shall see if I maintain this loss and actually lose some weight this week. We are expecting a rainy/snowy week here in the Wasatch Mountains which means not many walks will be done outside.

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