Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday Tell All

So far this week I have stuck with my workouts. I have stayed within my calorie range. Tuesday I ate more carbs than I should have but I had made some homemade Artisan bread and just had to have a slice. Then, as usual, the extra carbs made me crave even more carbs plus sweets and I ended up indulging in some Special K Nourish cereal. At least it was healthy and not junk food that I turned to. I probably would have reached for some fruit instead but all my fruit except oranges are gone until I go grocery shopping on Friday. I would have had the orange but late in the evening it spikes my blood sugar too high prior to going to bed.

I must say I am loving the workout videos by Jenny Ford. She makes working out fun. Check out her youtube channel and see for yourself!

A few snapshots of what I have eaten this week thus far:

Flax Seed Meal onion bun breakfast sandwich. I used a muffin top pan to make the buns from scratch. This is a very filling breakfast that keeps you full until lunch.

Southwest Chicken soup, this soup lasted me for  a week and a half. I will definitely make more in the coming weeks. Very filling!
Eggplant, turkey sausage, marinara sauce with mozzarella cheese bake. I have been in an eggplant mood these past couple of weeks. I have made this dish, eggplant pizza, and instead of baked spaghetti I substituted the pasta with eggplant.
The good old standby, baked pork chops with scalloped potatoes and steamed veggies. I like to caramelize my onions in a cast iron skillet and finish off the potatoes in the oven.
I had to grab a snapshot of the Artisan bread. Can you see the steam from how hot and delicious it was?! 

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