Sunday, March 27, 2016

4th Week of March Update

This week has been a kinda blah week. I have stuck with the 7 Day Flush the Fat Away meal plan. I only lasted until Thursday night where I added some turkey sausage in with the lentil & kale soup. I looked at all  my days on this vegetable and bean based diet and the carbs make up 70% of my daily calories. I don't know how people are vegan and stay small. My body just does not like that many carbs in a day. I do think it helped detox my system a tad with just all the great veggies and fruits that are chopped full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics. I think if I decide to do this again I will stick to just 3-4 days.

Workouts were not consistent at all. I started off the week with a workout then my energy just sunk! I actually drank some Jack3D on Tuesday and still didn't have the energy to workout. Wednesday was the same thing. I think a lot had to do with the fact that my office was so darn cold those days. The highest it got in the office was 62 degrees. I think being cold all day just zapped me of any energy.

Friday was a day off for me and due to not being in an icebox of an office I had energy to do my workout. I think when you are shivering all day sitting at a desk you just lose any ounce of energy.

My week started off strong, but by mid-week I had no energy. Saturday was a total bust but today is new and I am back at it.

Breakdown of March 20th to 26th:

I did not weigh in last week so I am going off my last weigh in on the 12th. I was at 181 on the 12th and today I am 180.5 so just a half pound loss. It could have been more since I did not weigh in on the 19th. Lack of exercise and eating a higher carb diet kept me from losing weight. But I can say I feel as if the clean eating of only veggies did help detox my kidneys and liver a tad. So if I was to go this route again it will be only a 3 day stint instead of trying for a full 7 days.

Until next time!! Winnie

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