Sunday, March 20, 2016

3rd Week of March Update

Well I completed my 3rd week of my challenges. I was staying on track with eating clean until Saturday. Spent the whole day on the ski slopes and had a couple of beers and margaritas then was too tired to make dinner and ordered a pizza instead. I felt like crap immediately after eating the pizza.

I am still waking up 30 minutes to an hour early. It has been hard this week since the time change. It is now once again pitch black when I wake up and head into work. Plus the weather has been very dreary and cold. So not only is it dark when I leave for work, it is cold and overcast when I get off. Hopefully, April will bring back the sunshine and I can come out of this funk from lack of it.

I have noticed that if I miss my second dosage of multivitamins during the day I wake up with a horrible headache. I missed taking my second dosage at lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday morning was horrible. I still woke up and had my breakfast prior to leaving for work. I stuck with my planned lunch and snacks for the day as well.

Speaking of planned meals, my daughter and I began a 7 day flush the fat away meal plan. We started today and it is a week of clean whole foods. There is no meat for 7 days!! This will be tougher for us towards the last few days. I love my meat as well as my daughter. One thing that will get us through these next 5 days is the planned grilled ribeye on Saturday!! The meal plan is by SkinnyMs. and is very detailed with printable recipes. Plus there are substitute meals you can do instead of the ones outlined in the plan. I printed out each days' meal plan and went shopping for all the items on Friday. Be ready to spend a lot of time in the produce area of your grocery store because that is where majority of the meal items are located. My poor husband is bumming this week. He went and bought his own groceries and meals for this week because he is way too active to go without meat as his protein. If you are interested in this 7 day meal plan, just click on the above link and see whatcha think.

My workouts suffered towards the end of the week. Thursday my energy levels were non-existent. Work drained the hell out of me and I just couldn't get motivated. Friday I did my grocery shopping after work and by the time 4 came around I was spent. Saturday I did go skiing, but it was a hard push to get me out the door. I have to look at what I might have changed in my diet these days and see if that is why I am drained. I did change my coffee to Dark Roast Folgers instead of Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla. Maybe today will be better since it is chopped full of veggies, fruits and whole grains.

No number breakdown for this week since I could not keep up with my food yesterday. I'm sure it was way over. I'm hoping for a better week this week.

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