Sunday, March 6, 2016

1st Week of March Update

This first week has been tough. I tried a couple of low-carb, gluten free bread recipes. One I can work with, but the coconut bread I cannot.

I did wake up early everyday during the week. I cooked breakfast M-Th, but Friday morning I had a horrible headache and ate Special K Nourish cereal instead. I did measure and eat only a serving size.

Thursday night was a bad night. I had planned on cooking eggplant pizza but I was feeling blah and ended up eating ritz crackers and cream cheese along with snacking on marshmallows. Bad bad night. That could be why I woke up with such a horrible headache on Friday. Too much carbs and sugar.

My workouts suffered from Thursday on. I wonder why....yeah I know why. It takes one day of over consumption of carbs and sugar to ruin the rest of my week. At least it was by Thursday and not sooner or my week of workouts would have been zero!

The breakdown for Feb 28th - Mar 5th:

I was able to stay under my calories everyday except Thursday. With this I had a one pound loss. Of course if I had worked out the days planned I would have loss 2 pounds. The numbers do not lie. But all and all with how I was feeling towards the end of the week, I am pleased to have lost one pound instead of maintaining or gaining.

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